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2016 fengshui commencement

The year of the zodiac sign Monkey commences on 04 February 17:47 hour (commencement of Spring season) which marks the beginning of 2016 feng shui.

Over the last 3 years 巳午未 (snake, horse, goat) it was a “fire” element cycle. For those who have endured some form of bad luck, this year might be a break-through for you. 2016 marks the beginning of “metal” element cycle for the next 3 years.


pixaccidentIn 2016 one have to be mindful of “transportation accidents” due to the conflict between Month root 寅 and Year root 申! These accidents are not restricted only to car accidents but include airline, ship, MRT or any forms of transportation mode. So do travel safe and buy the necessary insurance.

Looking at the “Birth structure” of 2016, “metal” element is the strongest with 才 surfacing on the stem it signifies a better scenario for the stock, financial and share market.

SINGAPORE 2016 feng shui

Rampant illnesses and “earth-related” natural disasters in year 2016

Notice that sickness “2” is in the center sector which means higher frequency of illnesses. You will notice that most Singapore apartments and HDB there is a common corridor in the centre which activates the sickness “2” star even more. This star affects the “female” gender more, so take heed and stay healthy. This usually involves sicknesses related to intestine, digestive system and for female it includes the reproductive system like the ovary.

feng shui 2016 sickness 2 movement

Sickness 2 at the center sector also represent earthquakes, hurricane, volcano eruptions hence natural disasters will continue and China will be one of the more seriously affected.

Misfortune 5 in the Northeast sector

Northeast sector in feng shui is call 艮卦 some of the likely sicknesses are: spleen, intestine (stomach) for female may include ovary, poor appetite, nose, hand, leg, back, numbness, joint pain etc.

Quarrelsome/disharmony 3 in the Northwest sector

If your bed is situated in the North West sector keep cool and avoid conflicts.

Singapore 2016 feng shui

Flying star “1” is in the Southeast region on the world map. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong will enjoy a more amiable environment, business industry like travelling, airline, import/export will stand to benefit but do be careful of rampant global transportation problems as mentioned above in this year’s bazi profile.

Annual Remedies and Activation are almost the same every year 

Rather than repeat year after year the same remedies and activations for the annual flying star one have to pay particular attention to misfortune “5”, sickness “2”, quarrelsome “3” and lawsuit “7”. This becomes very critical when any of these numbers fall within the Main Door sector. As for feng shui master pte ltd’s customer, it is easy one just have to refer to the report which was given to you to know where your main door is located. In other words for those who’s Main Door location inside the Northeast sector, not direction just follow the remedies that i have recommended during onsite or you can check out the previous year remedies and activation feng shui 2015.

Unless your Birth structure, 10-year luck pillar or annual luck pillar is particularly bad if not it is not necessary for you to engage me to do Annual feng shui audit (for those who have already done the Home Destiny feng shui consultation in detail) which will cost around $300 per visit. The only difference between DIY and me is that i will double check with the Home Destiny flying star to fine-tune. Basic remedies are the same, so don’t waste your money.

阳宅三要 3 Critical functions in Home feng shui

Beside the Main Door location to look out for, the other 2 critical area of your home is the stove and bed position. As for business feng shui it is the main door and the sales/revenue earners or profit centers that you have to watch out for.

The 4 negative flying star that i mentioned will also be aggravated if the Northeast, centre, Northwest and North directions are in “motion” for example construction site at your home Northeast direction or traffic junction or MRT junctions etc.

2015 Tai Sui

Try to limit “activities” in the grey sectors which are 2016 bad sectors. Zodiac signs in conflict as above, it means “changes” that happen in your life e.g. relocation, marriage, divorce, child bearing, overseas etc It is not necessary good or bad. One may notice that although NE is 2016 wealth sector there are limitations because 2 of the segments within the 45 degree sector are not good 未申 (shaded in grey).

Yearly forecast of Zodiac Signs are BS

 *Every year i received paid invitations to do zodiac sign forecast, mind you don’t believe any of this because it is all bull shit. Why? Luck does depend SOLELY ON THE YEAR ZODIAC sign but the entire 8 Character birth structure see bazi to know more.

Please refrain from sending me invitations.


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