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2017 Home Feng Shui forecast

2017 Annual Flying Star

The arabic numbers in black are the bad flying stars. The WORST SECTOR IS SOUTH – Misfortune 5 follow by Northwest – Sickness 2, West – Quarrelsome 3 and Southwest – Burglary/gossip 7. One have to pay special attention where family health is concern is the “South sector” of your home especially during the month 07 Sept to 08 Oct 2017. It happened that during this stated period there is a double overlapped of “五黄廉贞煞星Misfortune 5”. The year and month flying star are both 5 in the South zone. If your Home destiny south zone is already bad e.g. there is a 5 or 2 or 3 or 97 combo and your main door happened to be within the South zone chances of “serious sickness” is high! See illustration of a house Destiny that is Sitting Northwest 300 degree facing Southeast 120 degree which the Home Destiny itself is bad 损丁破财 Negative impact on Health/Wealth.

East sector although 三杀位 is the most auspicious because numeral “8” is the most “current” i.e. Wealth flying star in 玄空飞星八运 Period 8: 2004 to 2023!Some clients are worried and asked me about  三杀 issues in fact if there is no internal renovation or external construction in that direction one need not place any remedies at all.

This year flying star “1” (一白贪狼桃花星) water element residing at the center sector is the “ruling number”! It represent increased mobility like travelling, 桃花 Peach blossom  and status. One can forsee in 2017 there will be an increased in these activites mentioned, for example gossip or news on love/romance/marriage/LGBTQ affairs…etc especially celebrities and leaders. For those who are single and wish to start dating, one can consider activating the “center” sector of your house to increase social dating/networking. The remaining numbers in chinese are the lucky ones. Wealth sector is in the East. Southeast sector is “9” which represent any 喜庆 worthwhile celebrations for instance “promotion”, “summa cum laude honors”, “new born babies”, “weddings” etc.

Flying star 6 in the North sector represent authority and status basically more beneficial for the “blue collar” e.g. engineer, military

Flying star “1” or “6” 虛聯奎壁,啟八代之文章 文武雙全 when activated correctly /simultaneously to improve Career luck!

Flying star “1” and “4” 一四同宮,必發科名之显 凤池身贵 can be activated together for good study results or mental clarity. This you have to consult with your regular feng shui master to enhance it for you.

Southwest flying star “7” the aggressor-破军肃杀剑锋 (obsolete energy currently is period 8 from 2004 onwards) if not handle properly causes lawsuit, grievances, financial loss, burglary, conflicts,  extramarital affairs and gossip.

Every year one will notice that the flying star numerals represent the same thing so i do not want to sound like a broken record to repeat it over and over again…Most of my attentive existing clients will know what to do (DIY) for the bad ones so it will not be covered here.

2017 Year of Rooster prediction 

year-2017-feng-shui2017 is the year of Fire 丁火 Rooster 酉 (metal) . One of the 4 zodiac signs that represent 桃花(peach blossom). This year there will be an increase number of marriage and divorce. News related to 桃色非闻regular or irregular love/romance affairs will increase. Another key characteristics of Rooster is aloofness & vigilant. Therefore one can envisage that individuals are more cautious and conservative in their dealings such as investment, purchases etc.

Another worthwhile mentioning issue are there will be escalation in bad-mouthing, gossip, slandering, lying, accusation, libel, blacken one’s reputation or back-stabbing or misrepresentation, discredit and insult  through various channels such as blogging, forum, youtube and internet/social media platform. Individuals or country leaders or community are more “vocal” in their opinions and this may lead to increased tension in communication/information.

Health wise one should be aware of mouth-related & throat sickness e.g. food poisoning, ulcer etc. My advice 病从口入 祸从口出 one should be mindful of our interaction skills and watchful of our diet in year 2017.

At home and place of work you can consider placing a rose  crystal quartz (pink in colour) sphere about 6 cm in diameter within the West zone and a glass of tap water in the Southwest zone. This will help to reduce chances of saying the wrong things or eating the wrong food. Overall the mood of the economy is somewhat “overly cautious, depressed & pessimistic”.


Above is the Birth Chart for Year of the Rooster 2017. Notice that the bazi structure contain excessive water…which is generally good for the stock market; technically speaking Year 2017 does show mild progression but not in an aggressive manner due to the conservative market sentiment under the shadow of Year 2016 depressed economy. Economy will only rebound after 08 August 2019.  In short one should look at long-term investment than speculation. The bazi profile also shows inadequate fire and earth elements which represent the lack of politeness and trustworthiness. Hence one can forsee that people are more suspicious or skeptical and having less tolerance over one another. This reinforces the above forecast of increased disharmony, conflict and quarreling. Another likely trend is the rise in “female” power in business and political environment.

2017 Chinese Horoscope Predictions take these with a pinch of salt

Every year i was invited for this Chinese Horoscope 2017 forecast for the 12 Animal Signs where i politely turned down. The reason is simple because it is “pure generalisation” than the truth. Asked yourself in one year how many babies are born into this world? How can their fate be the same? Even the bazi reading (the entire birth structure which is year, month, day and time of birth) i do i only dare say is about 70% accurate…. Solely using Yearly Zodiac Sign to forecast 2017 fortune is really stretching it!

*last year i predicted that there will be “serious” accidents which come to past for 2016



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