2017 Job Survival

Office Feng Shui – 2017 Career/Job survival

Year 2016 have been challenging times for most Singaporeans. Headlines like this is scary “Two-thirds of Singapore’s economy is already in technical recession” Here are some survival tips to ride through 2017 economy if it continues to look bad. There is no 100% guarantee but humanly we try our best as always.

Feng Shui Career self help 2017 – Retrenchment prevention

First of all one will have to stay mentally strong and optimistic. Do not be afraid of taking extra responsibilities and work harder. Do not blame circumstances or your boss. I am a strong believer that in order for feng shui to work, one will still have to put the best foot forward and not just relying on the following recommendations.

Feng shui wise one can have a “yellow” object place at the back of your seat for e.g. yellow jacket or sweater. So when seated, your back is supported by a “yellow” object which is symbolic to “mountain”.

Secondly for those who have their own room or cubicle you can place a water-growing plant or just water at the opening of door entrance. If yours is the “open concept” office you can place the water-growing plant or water nearest to your entry see the blue arrow indicating movement to your desk.


Feng Shui self-help Job stability 2017

job-survival-fengshuiWhite collar – admin, HR, PR etc

Dissect your table into 9 squares. Place a compass at the centre of the desk to find out the various directions. Place one mini water-growing bamboo at the Northeast sector. It does not matter whether the bamboo is straight or spiral in shape.

Blue collar – technical personnel e.g. engineers

Similar to the above but place one mini water-growing bamboo at the North sector.

Increase Promotion possibilities

For white collar professionals consider having 4 water-growing bamboo at the Northeast sector and non white collar professionals at North sector.


Feng shui 2017 self help career directions

White collar and professionals consider facing towards the centre of your office or Northeast direction

Career that involve meeting people e.g. salespersonnel, PR, actors/actresses consider facing Southeast direction

Blue collar and technical specialists face towards North direction

Anyone who needs “more money” consider facing “East” direction, my guess all would need some …LOL.

*above are general help, wishing you guys a successful career in year 2017

**limitations of tips in the absence of bazi structure and office feng shui layout


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