2017 SG Feng Shui

Singapore feng shui 2017

One can view 三元玄空飞星风水 at micro level as in office or home feng shui consultation or from a macro perspective as the entire world. Here using the Goggle satellite imagery taking Singapore as an example to analyse the “2017 annual rotation of the flying stars” effects on satellite towns. First we have to divide the entire Singapore into 9 various sectors.

singapore 2017 feng shui

If you are one of my regular client you will realised the bad ones are 5, 2, 3 & 7. 五黄灾星 happened to be in the southern district the downtown core business district, financial centre, Sentosa etc. Does it mean the entire southern zone is bad…one can zoom in further to see how it looks

Singapore feng shui business district

Zone showing the Flying star 6 & 8 is single out because this is the “natural countermeasure” against “disaster 5”. 八白星 is the most current and ruling star from 2004 to 2023 hence in feng shui there is this saying that 一贵当权群凶慑服 so this star is the “boss” now controlling it’s subordinates!

六白武曲金星 is strong metal symbolic to “乾卦 heaven”,  which in the 5-element balance cycle naturally dilutes the bad energy of flying star “5” which is fiery earth element. In the five element harmony, earth produces metal.

to be continue


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