2019 feng shui tips

Year 2019 feng shui tips – an unstable year

On 04 Feb 2019 11.15 am marks the beginning of a turbulent pig year. This year is bad for businesses & politically edgy. According to Zi Bai annual flying star 紫白飞星 forecast, Wealth star 8 is imprisoned财星入囚!  The daunting task is to prison break “wealth star”.

First we should adopt a more conservative approach on major money decisions such as career, business start-up or investments. If the decision can be deferred best to do so.

Secondly do not rely on traditional wealth activation methods using the annual flying star chart. Uniquely, traditional lucky stars like 1, 6, 8 & 9 does not exude 100% positive energy unless you tweak your home feng shui further. Take for example NW sector is flying star 9 which represents celebrations 喜庆 i.e. promotions, marriage BUT 太岁 tai sui resides &  impede by岁煞 sui sha. In addition 9-fire element & NW metal sector clashes.  “West star 1″ represents likability, status, career 桃花,文贵, 名气” is handicap by 三煞 San Sha negative energies i.e. 申(SW) 劫煞, 酉(W) 灾煞, 戌(NW)岁煞 . Annual flying star 6 is metal destroying East sector-wood element. In order to enjoy the positive benefits, one will have mitigate conflict first. This year is filled with these clashes, so one will have to keep your house clean and unclutter to prevent any negative energy from being generated.

Main Afflicted sectors SW, W, NW, SE, S

Good housekeeping is necessary in view of the positive stars’ deficiency.  Find out from your house floor plan and study the locations of the afflicted sectors. They are SW “misfortune 5 五黄灾星”, NE “Sickness 2 二黑病符星” SE “Warmonger 7 七赤破军 口舌 gossip, 刀光剑影violence , 战争war , 火险 fire, 官非 lawsuit, W “三煞 accidents, disasters” S “quarrelsome 3 三碧 争吵是非星” and NW 岁煞太岁. Most of the flying star solutions are found in the report for existing clients and on my previous forecasts.

2019 Forecast based on “Spring-commencement Bazi 己亥年立春八字”

  1. 1. This year is going to be a volatile, turbulent, unpredictable and choppy year. Stay vigilant & make Plan B & C if you are making a big move with your life.
  2. 2. Stock market is fickle in the opening months of 2019, where prices will rise first before falling. In this unsettling business climate, keep an eye on your investment cost and control the risk of your financial portfolio. Stay liquid and go for shorter-term than long-term investments. Newly launch IPOs maybe overvalued, so don’t followed the herd instinct. Investing in Gold is a good option in 2019. In fact solely my personal opinion gains from stock market in 2019 is marginal. 
  3. 3. This year Wealth Star 8 is “jailed” for 1 year in the center zone. Traditional businesses such as retailing, restaurants, consultancy, interior design, fast-food, MNCs…etc will find 2019 exceptionally challenging. One needed to unstuck Wealth star 8 from being “imprisoned 囚禁”. Either stay conservative OR doing something out of the box to woe back your customers.
  4. 4. Favourable industry are those related to the fire-element e.g. oil and gas and the worst industry is metal-element e.g. banks, financial institutions, 五金  machinery,  mechanical engineering, hardware.
  5. 5. Property prices remained soft this year, due to overpricing & lack of liquidity in the market. Investors are not keen to borrow money due to market sentiment.
  6. 6. The political situation among nations shows instability, with increased tension, dissension, conflicts leading to economic sanctions against each other. This will lead to increased public demonstations, protest marches, picketing etc.
  7. 7. Tension continue to heat up between USA and China, where trade war goes beyond tariffs. USA-West with flying star “1” (一白贪狼星) would like to exhibit it’s leadership by flexing it’s muscles. But with negative repercussions because West is 三煞 (san sha). Hopefully for the sake of World benefits these 2 superpowers will resolve this amicably and quickly.
  8. 8. Increase of “transportation” troubles such as planes, trains, ship and cars. The increased travelling/tourism industry come together with increased travel disasters consequences. Buy travel insurance and be extremely cautious, do your homework if you need to travel.
  9. 9. Southeast resided by “warmonger 7 七赤破军星, 萧杀之气” with likely consequences of violence. SE Asia countries are Hongkong, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam,  Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. Prone to effects such as robberies, riots, violent crimes, terrorism and  unpredictable government military decisions/policies. Stay vigilant if you plan to visit these countries during holidays.

If possible try not to make any major career decisions this year unless you are being advised by your bazi master who understand your birth profile, 10-year and annual luck pillars.


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