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Ushering 2019 the year of Earth Pig Astrological Sign 己亥年

04 Feb 2019 11.15 am marks the commencement of Pig Zodiac Year. Babies born before this date belongs to the year of the Dog & babies born on/after this date are “astrological sign-pigs”. This is unlike common belief that 1st day of Lunar New year 正月初一 (05 Feb 2019) is when the zodiac sign changed.

*black numerals are the bad sectors from worst to bad i.e. 5, 2, 3, 7

2019 BAD annual flying stars are “misfortune 5 五黄灾星” in Southwest sector, “Sickness 2 二黑病符星” in Northeast, “Quarrelsome 3 三碧争吵是非星” in South sector and “Lawsuit 7 七赤破军官飞盗贼破财” in Southeast sector. The remedies are found in my report for my existing clients and on my previous yearly forecasts.

One sector to take note is Northwest, although flying star “celebrations 9” represents “happy喜庆” events such as marriage, child-bearing, promotions etc. However one should be mindful when comes to renovation because this is also the “太岁方 tai sui” segment.

General Forecast for Year 2019 – based on the commencement date of “Spring-Bazi”

  1. 1. This year is going to be a volatile, turbulent, unpredictable and choppy year. Watch out & make Plan B & C in any career move or starting your own business.
  1. 2. Stock market is volatile in the opening months of 2019 where prices will rise before fall. Best guestimate low points will be in February (wood-element) and May (fire-element) and the slightly higher points are August (metal-element) and October (moist-earth element) 2019. Through this unsettling fluctuating “roller-coaster” business environment there are some lucky ones who will make some fortune out of this stormy economy (not limited to stock market) 有危才有机 and obviously others who will lose their savings. So do be mindful about investment and speculation risks! In fact in my personal opinion gains from stock market in 2019 is marginal. 
  1. 3. On the other hand traditional businesses (regular income) e.g. retail, restaurant, MNCs…etc will find 2019 exceptionally challenging because “annual 玄空飞星 flying star wealth 8 八白” is “囚禁 imprisoned” in the center zone. Stay conservative to expand your existing business and watch your “cash-flow”. The more favourable industry are those related to the fire-element e.g. oil and gas and the worst industry is metal-element e.g. 五金  machinery,  mechanical engineering, hardware
  1. 4. The political situation among nations also shows instability, with increased tension, dissension, conflicts leading to economic sanctions against each other. This will lead to increased public demonstations, protest marches, picketing etc.
  1. 5. However the saving grace among these tensions will improve next year particularly West sector i.e. countries like USA/western europe with flying star “1人缘桃花” resulting in amicable diplomatic relationships and China in the North zone with flying star “4 文昌” rationalising their political-decisions. Next year China is also likely to gain breakthrough in educational, cultural and research activities. No doubt currently these 2 countries (USA & China) are at loggerheads but in the end they will compromise for the sake of “mutual benefits”.
  1. 6. Regarding natural disasters, tendency towards “transportation” issues such as planes, trains, ship and cars. The increased travelling/tourism industry come together with increased travel disasters consequences. Buy lots of travel insurance and be extremely cautious, do your homework if you need to travel.
  1. 7. The negative effects of Annual flying star “7 七赤破军星, 萧杀之气” such as increased in military tension/awareness, conflicts, robberies, violent crimes, terrorism and  unpredictable military decisions/policies. which will affect Southeast asia countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam,  Thailand, Singapore, Philippines etc. Stay vigilant and do plan your holidays if you are visiting these countries.
  2. 8. Annual flying star “1” in West sector, likely that girls of tender age  get a better shot to stardom than male. If your 14 year old niece has got the talent encourage her to participate in American idol or the voice.


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