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Unconventional 2019 feng shui tips

2019 feng shui wealth star imprisoned 2019 feng shui is bad. Here are survival tips to help you with the forthcoming global recession.

04 Feb 11.15 am marks the beginning of pig year. Not only business is bad but politically edgy as well.

Wealth star 8 is imprisoned 财星入囚 , likely consequences are global retrenchment,  plummeted stocks, closing down of companies. The daunting task is to prison break the “wealth star 8”.

feng shui 2019 signs of global recession

First of all,  take a conservative approach on decisions that affect long term. Best to postpone major life decisions such as career, business or investment if there is a choice. Any major decisions that can wait, best to do so.

annual flying stars 1, 6, 8 & 9 are not that lucky

Secondly do not use standard enhancements for Annual flying star positive sectors. Annual lucky stars such as 1, 6, 8 & 9 are handicap. Take for example joyous star 9 喜庆at NW sector is  impeded by 太岁 tai sui 亥 &  岁煞-戌 sui sha. Moreover star 9 fire element clashes with NW metal element.

Networking star 1 人缘 桃花 at West sector handicap by 三煞 3 killings negative energies.

Positive 2019 flying stars injured

East sector symbolic to wood element conflict with flying star 6 metal element. West sector is metal and flying star 9. In order to enjoy positive benefits, one will have to mitigate these element conflicts first. Most sectors are filled with incompatible element clashes for this year.

Go for unconventional means to invite good fortune in 2019 

Due to bad 2019 feng shui, here i introduce a different technique for luck improvement. This is through qi men dun jia 行大运  formula for direction on 1st day of lunar new year i.e. 05 Feb and Xuan Kong Da Gua formula for auspicious timings.

2019 feng shui

Housekeeping to contain afflicted sectors SW, W, NW, SE, S

Good housekeeping is necessary in view of the positive stars’ deficiency.  Feng Shui Master’s privilege clients can locate afflicted sectors from the report. The bad ones are SW misfortune 5 灾星,  NE Sickness 2 病符,  SE Warmonger 7 破军 口舌 gossip, 刀光剑影violence , 战争 war , 火险 fire, 官非 lawsuit, W 三煞 accidents,  S quarrelsome 3 争吵是非星” and NW 岁煞太岁. Notice that most sectors are bad if not rectified. The solutions are found in the report for existing clients and on my previous years forecasts.

2019 feng shui forecast based on “Spring-commencement Bazi 立春八字”

  1. 1. A volatile, turbulent, unpredictable and choppy year. Stay vigilant & make back up plans before making big moves.
  1. 2. Fickle stock market in 2019. Market index will rise in the first 6 months before falling in July. In this unsettling climate, keep a close eye on your investment and control the risk of your financial portfolios. Stay liquid and go for short-term than long term gains. Likewise new IPOs maybe overvalued, so don’t followed the herd instinct. Investing in Gold is a good option in 2019.  
  1. 3. Mainstream businesses such as retailing, restaurants, manufacturing…etc will find 2019 exceptionally challenging. Try something out of the box to woe your customers.
  1. 4. Fire element business like oil and gas stand to benefit the most. The worst is metal-element related e.g. banks, financial institutions, 五金  machinery,  mechanical engineering, hardware.
  1. 5. 2019 property market is sluggish quarter-to-quarter with last year.  This is because of overpricing, negative outlook and lack of liquidity.
  1. 6. The political situation among nations shows continual instability. There are rising tension, dissension, conflicts leading to economic sanctions against each other. This will result in public demonstrations, violence, protest marches, picketing etc.
  1. 7. Tense episodes continue between USA and China in 2019, where trade war goes beyond tariffs. USA represented by flying star “1” (一白贪狼星) to exhibit it’s leadership presence by flexing it’s muscles. But with negative repercussions because West is 三煞 (san sha) position.
  1. 8. The collision of spring commencement day roots cause transportation issues.  This will affect airlines, travelling and tourism industry. Try to avoid travelling to Southeast and West regions.

feng shui 2019

  1. 9. Unrest, riots, fighting in Southeast Asian countries because of “warmonger flying star 7 萧杀之气. If you plan to visit SE countries such as Thailand, HK, Philippines, Myanmar do take extra precautions. Chances of unpredictable violence are high.


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