2019 Qi Men Dun Jia

2019 Qi Men Dun Jia walking towards good fortune 奇門遁甲行大运

5000 years ago Qi Men was used as a war strategy. In today’s context – an accurate forecasting tool. This date selection formula is useful when you needed guidance or good luck. Some applications of Qi Men Dun Jia are  courtship, marriage, choosing the right business partner, career move, causes of critical illnesses, lawsuit and many others.

In view of the bad fortune ahead, numerous clients requested me on “extra tools” to improve their luck.

Plotting the Qi Men chart can be based on 10 mins一刻, 2 hour一个时辰, day日, month月 or year年. For the purpose of seeking good luck for the entire year, please allow me to share with you Qi Men Dun Jia 2019 Year chart.

qi men dun jia 2019


From the Chart there are 3 choices, West, North and Northwest. West direction was chosen because 庚 in qi men is considered bad.

On the Lunar first day of Chinese new year 05 Feb 2019, there are a few auspicious timings. Here i use Xuan Kong Da Gua auspicious date selection methodology 玄空大卦择日法:

0015-0230 hr 早壬子, 癸丑时 for those who need to go temple to pray
1115-1230 hr 戊午时 visitation
1515-1630 hr 庚申时 visitation

selected are 2 workings for 0015-0045 hr and  1515-1630 hr as below.
if you happened to know your bazi lucky element, matching the correct hour even better.
please take note that for those born in the year of RABBIT DO NOT USE THE STATED DATES



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