2020 feng shui

2020 feng shui predictions

Year 2020 feng shui commences with the year of metal rat on 04 feb at 05.03pm. 2020 is a year of intense power-play of political and military manipulation between nations for the first half of the year. This is due to the aggression of warmonger flying star 7 ruling the year. Luckily 7 is imprisoned in the center zone. Thus in the 2nd half is all smoke without fire. Economy will continue to be bad due to the ripple effects of recession 2019. It takes time to heal the wound.

2020 feng shui


The spring commencement bazi also indicate widespread gossips, disagreements, tense situations among and within nations in feng shui year 2020. Compromise, tolerance, communication and understanding are necessary between government and citizens. There are signs of weak political leaderships.

Year of rat also comes with unorthodox, non-traditional views from younger generations leading cultural revolutions. Therefore it will be a year of controversial & radical views found in various media. In business to capitalise on the opportunites companies have to rebrand or reposition their products or services in order to keep up with rising trends.

Auspicious Dates to reopen office

2020 30 Jan 7am-8.59am or 11am-12.59pm 初六 壬申日 (zodiac year of tiger avoid)
2020 31 Jan same time as above 初七 癸酉日 (zodiac year of rabbit avoid)

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