2021 feng shui

2021 feng shui – Year of Metal Ox 辛丑年

Based on Singapore longitude *true solar time 真太阳时 Spring commencement for metal ox year 辛丑 is 03 Feb 2021 壬午日 10.19 pm (辛亥时). Babies born after this date & time belongs to Metal Ox Zodiac not 12 Feb CNY 农历新年初一. Beware of another economic stagnation year paying attention to trouble sectors SE, N, NW and SW.
**2021 Metal Ox Gua symbolism is 地火明夷

Methodology & Auspicious Dates for Office re-opening in year 2021

15 Feb 初四 甲午日 not suitable for those born in the year of the rat.
18 Feb 初七 丁酉日 not suitiable for Chinese zodiac rabbit year
24 Feb 十三 癸卯日 not suitable for those born in the year of the rooster.

2021 fire hazard
奇门遁甲 QMDJ fire hazard 火灾 in Singapore (中原-南部)

Singapore is located southern part 南部 of China (using China as 太极点) so one can forecast events based on Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 South sector energy chart. From the chart one can forecast that South i.e. Singapore is a positive sector but fire intense due to energies caused by 天英, 丁丁, 离卦. Therefore for Singaporeans, one have to be mindful of fire induced hazard in 2021 such as fire explosion, short-ciruit, smoking, car explosion, electrical fire, cooking, bbq etc.

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2021 feng shui qi men dun jia

feng shui 2021


三元 流年紫白 Xuan Kong Annual Feng Shui Star summarise effect

“8” – opportunities to increase revenue (obviously with your effort NOT gambling)

“1” – improve popularity/networking/connections particularly beneficial for celebrities, politician, sales

“6”- useful for blue collar professionals for career advancement

“9” – any auspicious events that you wanted to speed up to happen e.g. getting married, child bearing

“5” – any misfortune and critical illness to avoid

“2” – sicknesses

“3” – disharmony, lawsuit, quarrel, conflict, burglary

“7” – money loss, rumours, slander, gossip

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*there is confusion this year due to different country Chinese almanac publication of Spring commencement timing

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