Daily Archives: February 5, 2023

Fate or Destiny

Bazi destiny or fate is a matter of choice These two words become interchangeable, or even synonymous. Actually there is a psychological perceived difference. Fate implies things are predetermined, without control, a natural order in Universe which cannot be altered,….

Period 9 confusion

Period 9 feng shui confusion Over the last 3 years i have received numerous enquiries regarding the confusion moving into period 9 feng shui i.e. after 4 feb 2024. Most thought that they need to shift out from the house…..

House Destiny 宅命

What is House Feng Shui Destiny 宅命风水 House “feng shui Destiny宅命” is like our birth chart. Born on the day you move in and based on the orientation of the house. It is permanent and does not change in years….


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