Earth blessings 拜五方

Chinese Ritual – 拜五方 Earth Blessings (拜四角)

First of all this is not one of the feng shui principles. This is just a Chinese custom or ritual to give you peace of mind.

i have received a lot inquiries wanted something “extra” to boost the house energies and since it is difficult to change one’s perception (especially the older generations, although i am not young too) this Chinese practice will ease your mind. This is a Chinese ritual to seek good fortune before shifting into a new house so you can perform this ritual before or after renovation. Or you can use it to “clean” the “bad” 秽气 (hui qi) energies for an occupied home over a period. Some also use it for resale houses that they have purchased to prevent “unseen dark energies”.

Chinese tradition consider “luck” is derived from the 5 earth energies 財運是來自五方五土. Personally i believed this ritual works even better than choosing a good day to collect keys or rolling of pineapples into the house.

拜祭五方 “praying to the 4 corners and centre of the earth” is one of the unrevealed ritual practised by some feng shui master. Sometimes when a house is unoccupied for too long or if you find that your luck is going downhill, you can try this out for yourself but it does carry some strong religious overtones. Conventional Chinese custom believed that burning of red candles, food offerings create a certain ” bonding energy ” between the occupiers and the surroundings.


1. 5 different fruits e.g. red apple, green apple, orange, banana, plum, pineapple, blue berries, green pear ( do not use yellow pear ) you can buy either 5 of each type (25 fruits) or for convenience 1 of each type (5 fruits) up to you.

2. 5 small portions of raw bean sprout ( you can put on a red paper plate )

3. 5 pieces raw to fu or 25 raw tofu 豆腐

4. 5 small portions of groundnut

5. 5 small portions of 5 colored beans mixed together.

6. 5 pieces of “fa cake”

7. 1 piece of raw pork meat 燒肉

8. 10 red candles 红烛

9. 25 joss sticks

10. 25 sweets

11. 5 red carrots

12. 5 cups of liquor

13. 5 cups of tea

14. 1 set of praying to 5 earth 金銀衣紙 (optional if your religion does not allow) have to purchase it from incense stores.


1. Get a Singapore Feng Shui Master to choose an auspicious date and time that is not in conflict with the destiny of the apartment and key owners of the house.

2. Lay out all the stuff in 4 corners and centre of the whole house ( not the 5 corners of the living hall ). So one corner will have 1 piece of the 5 types of fruit (e.g. 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 pineapple, 1 grape) or 5 pieces of 5 types of fruit (5 oranges, 5 apples, 5 pears, 5 pineapples 5 grapes), 1 small portion of raw bean sprout, 1 piece of raw dou fu or 5 pieces of raw dou fu, 1 small portion of groundnut, 1 small portion of 5 colored beans, 1 piece of “fa cake”, 5 sweets and 1 red carrot. The only difference is that the centre have 1 piece of raw pork meat, 10 red candles (1 pair at each 4 corners & 1 pair in the centre) , 25 joss sticks (5 at each corner and 5 at the centre) , 5 cups of tea & liquor (1 at each of the 4 corners and 1 at the centre) , incense (optional) place at the centre to burn after praying whereas the 4 corners do not have to. You can use red paper plates and red paper cups to place the stuff.

3. At the centre of the entire house facing towards the main door direction, light up the 10 red candles and move from a clockwise direction starting from the left corner of the house and place the 2 red candles at each corner and the last 2 candles at the centre. You can root the red candles on one of the fruits that you purchased.

4. Light up 25 joss sticks, pray for blessings and your well wishes for your family members stating their names, address of the house and bow to the 4 corners. For those with religion you can quote some power phrases and for those that not, you can recite some auspicious blessings in your heart with belief and sincerity. In a similar fashion proceed to the 4 corners and root the joss sticks, last one being the centre of the house.

5. In the same fashion greet the 4 corners and centre with tea follow by liquor or liquor follow by tea it doesn’t matter.

6. Optional, with the incense in your hands similarly pray for wellness, bow to the 4 corners 3 times and burn these incense when the joss stick is burned to half.

7. The food and offerings are not to be consumed. You can disposed the offerings after 1 day or a few hours after the ritual. Notes: The proportion of the stuff, does not affect the impact of the ritual but it is the sincerity and faith that counts!

Please take note that this is not compulsory for those who have confidence in themselves and believed that luck will be attracted to those who possess positive mental attitude in life and hard work.

 Success is 99% Perspiration and 1% Inspiration

Read any successful biographies of successful man and woman, no one can likely become successful  without exerting any effort. “Luck only favors the prepared mind”. And there is no so-called luck in success, which you don’t even need to do anything in order to get something that you desire. Remember, “No pain, no gain.”
Ordinary people usually surrender their goals or dreams when face with challenges in life. But those who are loyal to their dream believe that “tough time never last but tough people do” do the impossible by constantly improving themselves through challenges – and that’s what makes us special. I have clients that asked them to activate “wealth” by putting a fish tank and they told me is “troublesome to maintain the fish”. Omg.


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