Earth blessings 拜四角 旺五方

Chinese Ritual – Earth Blessings before move in

First of all this is not one of the many classical feng shui principles. It is a Chinese custom or ritual passed down many many years ago. You can choose to follow or not to follow to seek Earth Blessing for your home.

Since most people rather believed (kiasu) “宁可信其有,不可信其无 than not, this is a Chinese ritual to perform for good fortune before shifting into a new house. During those days it is also use to “cleanse the bad/negative energies ” 秽气 (hui qi)” from previous occupant or house that is left emptied over a period. Other use it purge “unseen dark supernatural forces”.

Chinese tradition consider “luck” is derived from the 5 earth energies 財運是來自五方五土. Personally i believed this ritual works better than choosing a good day to collect keys and bowling of pineapples.

拜四角 旺五方 Praying to the 4 corners & center zone of the house to seek blessing is one of the unrevealed ritual practised by some grand feng shui masters many years ago. Sometimes when a house is unoccupied for too long or if you find that your luck is going downhill, you can try this out for yourself but it does carry some strong religious overtones. Conventional Chinese custom believed that burning of red candles, food offerings create a certain ” bonding energy ” between occupiers and home.

What you should know

Center sector refers to the center of the entire house. The four corners as shown by the above illustration. Using the Main door as the facing, B is at the top left hand corner, C bottom left corner and so forth in anti-clockwise direction.


1. 5 units of 5 type of fruits e.g. apple, orange, banana, plum, pineapple, blue berries, pear total 25 OR 5 type of fruit – 1 each and 4 type of fruit – 1 each (type of fruit can be repeated) total 9. It depends on the space of your house. It is up to you to have 5 type of fruits for the center and 4 corners, total 25 fruits OR 5 types of fruit (1 each for the center) and 1 each for the 4 corners total 9 fruits. E.g. 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 pineapple 1 grape place at enter & 4 corners totalling 5×5=25. OR 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 pineapple 1 grape at the center and 1 orange at one  corner, 1 apple at another corner, 1 pear another corner and so forth. 5 units at the center and 1 each at 4 corners totalling 9 fruits.

2. 5 small portions of raw bean sprout 五份豆芽

3. 5 pieces tofu 五份豆腐

4. 25 groundnut 花生 and / or 25 sweets

5. 5 pieces of “fa gao” 发糕

6. 5 portion of raw or cooked pork meat with skin 五份连皮猪肉

7. 5 pairs of red candles 红烛

8. 5 x 3 joss sticks (can consider 3 of them longer ones)

9. 5 cups of wine/liquor (酒)

10. 5 cups of tea

11. 5 sets of 五份元宝衣纸 easily available from any incense stores.


1. Very important to choose an auspicious date and time to do this ritual. One can choose a date that is suitable for 祈福祭祀 AND MOST IMPORTANT not CONFLICTING to any of your family 八字 Birth profiles and Home Destiny 宅命.

2. Place 3 pairs of chopstick, 3 cups for tea, 3 cups for wine, 1 set of 元宝衣纸, one portion of pork, one portion of bean sprout, 1 slice of “fa cake”, 1 piece of tofu 豆腐, 1 set of 5 different fruit, 1 set of 25 pieces of groundnut and/or 25 sweet, 1 piece of fa gao and 1 slice of  tofu at the center of the Entire House.

3. Then at the 4 corners of the Entire House, placing exacting the same items starting from B, C, D and E. Place 1 pair of chopstick, 1 cup of tea, 1 cup of wine, 1 set of 元宝衣纸, 1 portion of pork, 1 portion of bean sprout, 1 or 5 different fruit, 1 set of 25 groundnut and/or 25 sweets and 1 slice of tofu.

4. First light up 5 pairs of red candles (10 candles). Place the the first pair at the center of the house, follow by 1 pair each at the 4 corners of the house.

5. 2nd light up 5 x 3 joss stick. Same procedure. Place the 3 joss sticks at the center follow by the 4 corners of the house. Some may choose to have longer 3 joss sticks for the center, this is personal preference.

6. Standing at the center, bowing合掌鞠躬 三拜3 times, say something “lucky” and “positive” mentioning the “correct” address, occupants’ name to seek “blessing from the house”. Some examples of positive blessings such as “家宅平安” “学习进步” “家庭和睦” “金玉满堂”…For those who have religious beliefs can also recite some “sutras” or “scriptures”.

7. Wait till the joss sticks burned by half, starting from the center take the 1st set of 元宝衣纸 to burn, follow by the 4 corners 元宝衣纸.

8. Finally when all the 元宝衣纸 are burned, go back to the center and mentioned some appreciation for the house or recite sutras/scriptures. The ritual is completed.

After 1-2 days one can disposed the stuff.

Please take note that this is not compulsory for those who have confidence in themselves and believed that luck will be attracted to those who possess positive mental attitude in life and hard work.

 Success is 99% Perspiration and 1% Inspiration

Read any successful biographies of successful man and woman, no one can likely become successful  without exerting any effort. “Luck only favors the prepared mind”. And there is no so-called luck in success, which you don’t even need to do anything in order to get something that you desire. Remember, “No pain, no gain.”
Ordinary people usually surrender their goals or dreams when face with challenges in life. But those who are loyal to their dream believe that “tough time never last but tough people do” do the impossible by constantly improving themselves through challenges – and that’s what makes us special. I have clients when asked them to activate “wealth” by putting a fish tank and they told me is “troublesome to maintain the fish”. Omg.


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