8 Good Feng Shui Tips

How to recreate Good Home Feng Shui

Tip 1 Look into the Annual rotation of the Flying Star every year

Good feng shui is not static but dynamic. It is about “timing” just like one’s luck. Thus if you wanted to enjoy a “harmonious family relationship”-home feng shui every year, one should be mindful of the Annual flying star-Quarrelsome “3”. This year 2018 flying star “3” is in Northeast zone. Just having something “pink” e.g. a pink colour cardboard cut into an equilateral triangle of 6 cm each side will help to dilute the negativity of flying star 3. It is that simple. The true essence of feng shui is not about having unicorns, dragons, bagua to make your house look like a Chinese restaurant. It expands from “I Ching 易经” to propound the conception of gua symbolism 象,rationale 理,energy 气,numeric 数. You can look up annually on other areas of your concern too such as wealth, sickness, career, children’s education and many others.

Tip 2 Avoid West sun orientation 

Having cross-ventilation of window that allows sunshine and free flow of energy or “气” (chinese hanyu pinyin is “qi” not “chi” as in direct english translation) is good feng shui. Do not choose a house that is too dark. On the other hand neither choose a house that is as bright as the direct West sun. Having west-directional windows make your home feel like a “baking oven”. It agitates your temperament and is prone to accidents/sicknesses. Moreover  Period 7 (1984-2003) West direction is over and the energy is obsolete. We are currently living in Period 8 from year 2004 to 2023 and the forthcoming Period 9 2024 to 2043 where East or Southeast or South or North windows are much better choices for good quality air flow due to “timing” of the Planet Earth energies.

Tip 3 Avoid House that is Irregular or pronounced missing sectors

First of all for practical reasons, having a squarish shape house makes it easier to place your furniture and home decor. Secondly all the 8 sectors – Ba Gua i.e. North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest are present. Every “gua 卦气” represents a person in the family, part of a body and one of the five elements. Take for instance Southwest, which is symbolic to the female head of household, if missing it will affects her  well-being. Southwest represents “Earth” element which affects our digestion system. Third, what if “Earth” element is your Birth lucky element then you are placed in a disadvantage position. House that is very longish or irregular in shape i will not discussed here because it was discussed in other articles.

Tip 4  Home Bagua energy map is not fixed but depends on “Home Destiny & timing”

Unlike what you have heard about the bagua energy map of your house, North sector represents Career,  Southeast is the home Wealth sector etc are all WRONG! The bagua energy of each sector is not FIXED. It’s energy flow very much depend on the “Destiny” of your Home and the 20-Year rotation of Earth Energy calculation 三元玄空. So do not presume that Southeast is your wealth zone and activate it thinking that money will start pouring in…instead it can be your “Home Destiny” – sick zone!

Tip 5 Check your Birth Element (八字bazi) Lucky directions & locations NOT Gua Number

Gua or Kua Number (english author use this) is pretty vague and overly generalise based on 50/50 split between good and bad sectors whereas the accuracy of Birth Profiling is about 1 out of millions. Check out this simple chart and find out what is your Birth Profile Lucky element based on Birth month. Once you have identified your Lucky element you can put some feng shui enhancement yourself e.g. if you need fire, you can consider having a lamp in the South sector in your “own” room or office desk.

Tip 6 Understand your Home Feng Shui Five Elements 五行

East and Southeast represent wood, South is fire, North is water, Northwest and West is metal, Northeast, Center and Southwest is Earth. Once you understand this you are able to enhance it based on your Birth Lucky element. Just a word of caution you should only do it if you are living by yourself. The reason is the increment of one element on the sector will caused imbalance to another sector e.g. increasing the fire element (south sector) will impaired the Metal element because 火剋金 Fire destroy Metal, so if your love ones need Metal for survival it will caused respiratory issues. It is to your best interest to do it in your own room.

Tip 7 Feng Shui Home Trinity – Main Door, Stove and Bed 阳宅三要

Please be mindful of your main door which affects the entire family welfare, the kitchen-stove which affects the female head of household and the bed position/direction which affects the person sleeping on it. Ensure the energy flows smoothly without having any conflict such as the bed should not be directly opposite the toilet or besides the main door. The feng shui “trinity” 阳宅三要 is connected to your health, wealth, harmony, career, relationships and many others so keep your home healthy and more importantly happy.

Tip 8 Keep it Simple – Yin Yang Principle 阴阳平衡

A crowded or clutter house is never a good idea. A standard 3-room flat having 6 occupants is excessive Yang energy which lead to uncontrollable temper & occupants treating the house as “hotel”, on the other hand a good class bungalow with 2 occupants is the overpowering of Yin energy that results in poor health.


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