Annual vs Destiny fengshui

Difference between Destiny 宅命 feng shui vs Annual feng shui 流年风

Many readers are confused with Flying Star Destiny feng shui as compared to Annual feng shui. It is actually quite simple one is “long term-20 years” and the other is short term lasting only for 1 year.

Based on Flying Star principle we are currently in Period 8 where the Luck Cycle is from Year 2004 to Year 2023. Also known as Destiny feng shui or 宅命. You may wonder why the need for 宅命 feng shui where one can seek help every year. The big difference is that 宅命 is like the DNA of the house, it is inborn with certain assets and liabilities. Everyone knows there is “No Perfect” house similarly there is no perfect human being.

In any good housekeeping practice whether applies to health of a person or business company any consultant will tell you to look “internally” before going “externally”. Using an analogy of a business before launching a product or service one should ensure that the Company have enough resources such as people, capital, logistics, management to handle it. These are all internal factors.

Flying Star Destiny feng shui is obtained by the “orientation” of the house. Through destiny feng shui consultation one will know where are the positive and negative energy sectors. Therefore doing destiny feng shui is to ensure that your home is first “healthy” without any “ticking time bomb” to combat against external “virus” by doing a 100% body check. If one were to do an annual health screening without the full body check, certain embedded problems or latent bad energy may suddenly surface resulting in serious illness or other issues. 

Think this way one is only worried about annual feng shui “if” negative flying star 5, 2, 3 and 7 三煞 太岁 lands at your Main Door, any bedroom door, stove or bed which my clients are given D.I.Y. instruction on the remedies.

However if your goal is just to rent a house or office for 2 years then you are probably focus on short term goals where doing the destiny feng shui is unnecessary.

The results from Annual feng shui can be seen within 1-3 months however Destiny feng shui takes a longer time because it stretches over 20 years per period.

Most feng shui masters today do “annual feng shui” by charging a high fee without even telling the client. How do i know is because clients with past histories usually asked whether they need to shift around the items next year.

Just for your information feng shui effects are gradual and not a sudden windfall. Besides one must also work in colloboration with the feng shui master to make it work! Take for instance your goal is to activate your career to gain promotion. Once the Career sector is enhanced by feng shui you must be able to work hard and learn new skills in order to put yourself in better marketable position in your Company. Thus if the boss ask you to take on new responsibilities without a salary increase, one must do first and not shy away because there is no raise immediately. Promotion and Money will come once you have put in the effort! Make sense?

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