Auspicious dates 择 日

Some masters of feng shui in Singapore implied that choosing a date from tong shu 通书 or tong sheng 通胜 seem “low-class” or inferior. Obviously there are numerous methods to choose an auspicious date but that does not mean that choosing a date from tong sheng is inferior. Like the english proverb says “all roads lead to Rome”. Diverse methods of feng shui date selection serves different purposes, read on.

Feng shui auspicious dates selection

Alternative methods other than tong shu

Let’s start with alternative methods rather than using tong shu first. For the purpose of easy understanding let’s assume a hypothetical case that the house destiny is 寅山申向 (North-East mountain faces South-West direction). Let’s presume 寅山 is the wealth sector.

Our single minded mission is to find an auspicious date to “renovate” the house for wealth enhancement.

I will limit to 2 alternative methods following the KISS formula, Keep it simple and sweet.

a. Use the period 8 xuan kong  flying star time calculation to compute when the wealth flying star “8” will fly to the North-East sector for year, month, day and time concurrently to improve wealth energies.

Year 2014 flying star  is “7” in the North-East sector is fixed so not possible to do anything about it. We use the monthly flying star to calculate the month, day flying star to find out the day and time flying star to confirm the timing. Through calculation for this year 2014 we confirmed the result that Month is in May, Day on the 12th and time is between 1am and 3am where the flying star “8” converge in the North-East sector see picture below. So do you think your renovator will commence work at this odd hour between 1am and 3am to start renovation works from North-East sector onwards? i believed only the owner himself will take the trouble to do it if he wanted the “wealth” energies improvement.

feng shui auspicious date selection

b. Using the 24 mountains “the Sun principles” landing on mountain & directions 太阳到山, 到向. If we follow this precise principle  寅 mountain a 15 degree segment in the North-East sector only at “22th November 1738 hours 2014” precisely is when the “Sun” lands in the sector and the best time to start…renovation. However what are the chances that we busy Singaporeans have the luxury of time to wait that long?

Other alternative methods to choose a lucky date for wealth activation will include using the individual bazi configuration wealth sweet spot 祿位 or conflicting wealth sweet spot 沖祿 and select a wealth month 月 day 日 and time 時三合 that matches;  of course we can select the year too.

One can also use San He principles 三合 to assist the mountain of 寅木 NE e.g  choosing the year, month, day and timing to match 申子辰 water transformation to assist the “wood” element.

There are many more methods like 奇门遁甲 shall discuss when i have time to continue..

Choosing an auspicious date based on tong shu

You will be surprised that choosing an auspicious day or dates from tong shu is not based on the day is highlighted in red. In fact quite a vast amount of information is available within the booklet and not limited to just picking up a few “auspicious” dates.

This booklet is somewhat like an encyclopedia. It includes forecast of astronomy, geography, luck, weather, feng shui sectors, positive and negative energies etc. The chinese character “tong  通” means “通俗” “commoner” is meant for layman to understand and help themselves. We shall discuss why tong shui is still valid even today for auspicious dates selection.

What most people (mostly our grand parents) would use the tong shu for:

通胜十二建神 12 jian gods (just a chinese term)

建、除、满、平、定、执、破、危、成、收、开、闭 which signifies which day is good for what purpose. There are certain significance in these but i shall not go into it.

神煞名称 what are luck energies for the said day

天赦 岁德 岁德合 岁禄 岁马 岁支德 岁支三合 岁支六合 麒麟 凤凰
月恩 四相 天愿 天富 大明 天德 天德合 月德 月德合 月空 天贵

Take for instance 天赦日is particularly useful for altar cleaning and there are only a handful within a year! so tong shu is not so bad isn’t it?

what are the negative energies 日脚星 e.g. 往亡, 四离, 四绝, 岁破

The timing of events based on the particular day  十二个时辰吉凶

However there are certain updates necessary like some of the items mentioned in the tong shu are not valid anymore e.g. 三娘煞 and others.

Given a time frame constraint for example “office reopens” after the chinese new year celebrations, one cannot pick a particular day although it may be super auspicious but fall say 2 weeks after 大年初一 lunar 1st day. All the staff would be happy though, 2 weeks of new year break. LOL.

feng shui selection methods depends on objective 

In conclusion, no one method in feng shui date selection is best or worst or high class or low class, what is important is to identify the objective for the event and match the relevant methods accordingly. Common objectives to choose an auspicious date can be marriage, child-bearing, wealth activation as mentioned in this article, study, renovation, shift in dates, opening ceremony, selling your house quickly etc.


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