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Auspicious Wedding Dates Selection by Master Chan

auspicious wedding dates master chanChoosing an auspicious date and time for wedding is not a superstitious belief. But it is also not some feng shui masters claimed that getting the perfect date and time will improve chances of a life-long marriage filled with love, harmony, peace and live happily ever after. That only happens in fairy tale.

Living happily ever after requires more than auspicious dates. It requires open communication, tolerance, forgiving spirit, making time for each other and many others. So what good does auspicious wedding date and time selection do?

First it ensures the day to go through smoothly. Most seniors are able to select good dates solely based on Yearly zodiac signs through traditional Chinese almanac. However this is insufficient because one have to go beyond and look into the bazi profile of the bride. For weddings purpose, priority is given to the bride.

The Chinese saying : “子靠出生时, 女靠行嫁年”

Then one have to look into the bazi profile of the groom to ensure harmony of the timing for the intended wedding couples.

There are many formulas to choose an auspicious wedding date these are the common ones:

太乙神数, 三元择日, 奇门遁甲, 七政四余, 紫白, 八字 and others

For weddings i normally used the integration of the highlighted ones besides 董公择吉 which is the Chinese Almanac 通书 tong shu.

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