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There’s a wise Chinese saying that goes like this, “Instead of giving your child gold, teach him a skill. Instead of teaching him a skill, bestow a good name upon your child.”


Choosing an auspicious chinese baby name

Selecting an an auspicious name based on your child’s Ba Zi favourable element is one of the best gifts you can give!

If things are not going your way, the problem maybe in your name choice. Perhaps you might want to undergo a name change. Do something for yourself.  Try “correcting” your name and be the master of your life! A wise Chinese saying goes, ‘Fear not a bad life; be afraid to have a bad name.’ Singapore follows western influences and most children these days are called by their Christian names (e.g. John Lim or Celeste Tan), the auspicious Chinese name sadly forgotten.

Why is having an auspicious Chinese baby name so important? Do not underestimate the importance of choosing an auspicious chinese name for your child. It is irresponsible if insufficient thought is given to this crucial chapter of your child’s life. The name stays with the child forever! The name carries the hope and aspiration of the parents in their children. Like a corporate business, it is a “brand”. It is an inspiration. It is a motivating vision, a life goal and it serves as an identification. On the contrary, if a name is not chosen properly, the child will be the target for mockery and ridicule throughout his life. Do not let your child bear the burden of unintended bullying.Having a great name is one of the 10 main ingredients of life to succeed. They are destiny (命), luck (运), Feng Shui (风水), name (姓名) and hard work (读书) and the rest read on. An auspicious baby name do influence positively a person’s career, marriage, health and relationship. Feng Shui master uses the child’s birth profile (Ba Zi) to analyse his or her favourable elements and give you a choice of multiple combinations. The criteria of the combinations are based on eunication, meaning of the word, the element of the word choice, number of strokes and match the compatibility of the profile’s element shortfall or rectify the imbalance of the five elements.The intensity to compete for good career and other opportunities has become more aggressive as companies are more international and global in an open market economy and the pressure to succeed is spurring young people, to seek the “extras” to give them the edge in their career resume. Local Singaporeans have to compete with foreign talents for the same job. How keen the competition it is.

Information we need to provide an auspicious chinese name:

  • The exact date and time of birth
  • Any middle name that you want (because of Chinese family history)
  • Any Chinese character preference for name
  • Your Chinese surname
  • The recommended Chinese names will be sent to you via email



一命,  二运,  三风水, 四积德,  五读书 , 六名, 七相, 八敬神, 九交贵人 and 十养生.A person’s name ranks no.6 in importance of the Chinese astrology and has a supplementary effect on the person’s luck cycle, unlike Ba Zi Analytics, Geomancy, Feng Shui audit which has a more direct impact. In the selection of names, there are certain constraints such as surname, gender in addition to certain genealogical practice, preferred Chinese middle names / characters that can or cannot be used, poor-sounding names, meaning of each character, choice of the single characters etc.


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