Baby Room Feng shui

Simple feng shui tips for your baby room

Congratulations to your new born baby! Here are some baby room feng shui tips to enhance your child’s mental and physical health development. First you need to get hold of his or her date of birth including time – bazi to determine your child’s favourable elements.

wood element theme

If you have not consulted a bazi master for your child, you can used this simplified table to find out. It is a guesstimate based on month of birth which determines 70% of your child’s 5 elements. You can used the baby’s luck element as the colour scheme of the room. For example if your baby needs “wood” element you can use a forestry theme wall paper or use green colour.

Using principles of feng shui to recreate a supportive room is an expression of your unconditional love for your baby. Done correctly it supports your baby’s health and well-being.

There are certain feng shui guidelines to place your baby’s bed:

baby cot feng shui placement

i. do not place the baby cot bed beside the door.

ii. do not place it in conflict with the bath room.

iii. do not place in the direction of the door.

iv. do not place the cot in the middle of room.

v. do have a wall behind the cot bed, if window please pull down the curtain.

vi. do keep the room well ventilated.

vii. do not use red or black as wall or curtain colour.


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