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Auspicious baby name overrides parents bazi compatibility

Some parents were surprised that baby name supersede the importance of parents birth profile compatibility. Selection of an auspicious chinese baby name is unconditional act of love from parents.

The best way why this is necessary to show you a real life example. Baby was born this year 2014 and his birth configuration as follow.

 Bazi Name selection Child

Colour code: red-fire, yellow-earth, blue-water, white-metal and green-wood

His day master is Ding Fire element. Born in summer season. His day master is well supported by year/month/time root – all fire elements. In order to improve the child’s life, his birth configuration is desperately in need of “water” 用神 follow by “metal” 喜神 element. This will tip the scale of intense fire found.

Some examples of “water” element Chinese characters particularly those with 水字旁部首”氵” are beneficial and meaningful

治 沅 汪 河 泳 亨 沸 倍 候 洁 傅 冰 况 冷 凊 水 永 汉 江 池 沾 津

or “metal” element Chinese characters with added “钅” 字旁 even better

钟 铭 仁 锡 宣 铨 悦 成 金 宗 任 众 伸 佐 俞 信 修 先 兑 入 刚 创 双 商 善

Besides that he will would also need to balance the 三才 auspicious numbers and chinese eunication.

Let’s look at both parents birth configuration. Dad’s profile below.

Bazi Name selection Dad

Dad is a Yi Wood person born in autumn. His month 申 and year root 子 form 半合水局 “water” surface on the month stem 壬水 like the ocean. His day root possess the latent potential to form the trilogy of “water” element once 丑 ox annual year of 10 years luck pillar surface i.e. 亥子丑三会水局. So Dad is a strong wood person, “cold 寒” and “drifting水多木漂”. One can visualise as plant drifting aimlessly in an ocean.

He needs sunshine and earth to stay warm in order to grow. The imagery is to help you understand better. So dad ‘s favourable elements are earth and fire elements. Earth to control the water and fire to keep him warm.

His Mum birth profile below.

Bazi Name selection Mum

Day master is Geng Metal born in late winter. She is well supported by month, day and time. The result is a very strong metal person and her strucutre is cold. Her bazi favourable elements are water, wood and fire ( 调候 tiao hou to counteract the coldness)

Let’s look at the numerous conflicts between child and both parents

子午冲 Child year root Vs Dad year root.

丑午害 Child year root Vs Mum month root.

巳亥冲 Child month root clashes with dad’s day root.

寅申冲 Child time root clashes with dad’s month root and Mum’s day & time root.

寅刑巳,巳刑申,申刑寅 the list can go on and on. You see  the birth configuration without adding the Chinese name into the equation already have “relationships” issues. What we need in our society today is tolerance.

So now the contradiction, how to find a Chinese name for the child and make it “compatible” with parents. The child needs water and metal which is fortunate because both his parents are rich in these 2 elements. So why do we want to select a child’s “name based on compatibility with parents” that contain fire element and not based on “suitability to the child’s birth configuration” which are water and metal? If the master recommends the name selection based on compatibility then i feel that it is doing injustice to the child’s life. To choose a Chinese auspicious name that contains “fire” element which is favourable to the parent’s means that we are hurting the child by having the most unfavourable element for him.

What Feng Shui Master Singapore will do is to choose those chinese characters that contain “water” or “metal” which is child’s most favourable elements so as to subdue his 5 elements disharmony of excessive heat. This will in turn assist his health, studies and cool down the child’s impulsive nature, stubbornness thereby enabling him to have a healthy relationship with his parents. On the other hand to make it “compatible” with his parents by introducing “fire” element is going to make the child rash, unhealthy, hot temper, opinionated and rude to his parents. The focus is on the child, hence to calculate the bazi configuration of both parents is unnecessary.

This is just my own suspicion for you to verify. When you search the internet you will realised that some masters claimed that their baby name service includes parents’ compatibility.   After submitting the form (where you need to fill in the birth details of both parents), you are under the “impression” that the master has read both your bazi and give you the false sense of peace of mind that “compatibility” issue is taken care. You actually have no idea when he provides you with the list of chinese characters to choose, what makes the list of chinese characters “harmonious” to both your birth configuration. The best way to resolve this uncertainty is that next time when you intend to engage their Chinese baby name service, check with them how does the chinese characters provided compatible with both of you parents? Don’t get me wrong this is not to test their abilities but to find out what they mean by “favourable” to both parents birth profile?

Prepare these 2 questions before committing.

Q1. How do they come up with Chinese characters that will  make your child’s name “compatible” to both of you?

Q2. Check with him what are both your (parents) bazi favourable elements and your child’s bazi favourable elements. All in all 3 bazi configurations to calculate. If the findings are 2 conflicting elements like the example given above, how does he solve the problem, to give priority to the child or to you parents?

From the law of averages it is virtually impossible that a child’s bazi configuration having 8 variables (year, month, day and time) compare with both parents 2 x 8 variables that merely 2 chinese characters can enhance “compatibility”.

How about parents with more than one child? Then the compatibility reading how? follow the parents may not suit the child’s sister or brother.  No end to this compatibility test.

So bottom line is to each run his or her own life, if you are referring to child’s auspicious name selection, love your child enough to give this unconditional “gift of love” to your child not because it must suit your compatibility.

You child is your Number 1 priority! He or she would have another 80 to 90 years to live!

In conclusion we need to focus on the task on hand which is to find out the “cures” for your child’s imbalance of the elements configuration. Read more about bazi configuration.


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