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Auspicious Chinese baby name overrides parents bazi compatibility

baby name and parentFinding an auspicious Chinese baby name to be compatible with parents make no sense. We are trying to find the most auspicious chinese name to suit baby’s bazi profile not parents. 

Do not even believe that a Chinese name have the power to  bring misfortune to parents or siblings.

The stringent criteria to find an auspicious chinese name is already challenging. Having it to match parents bazi makes it nearly impossible. But this is not what i can’t wrap around with. The rationale behind. Is the child’s name? why and what does it got to do with parents birth profile improvement.

Feudalism thinking – a “self fulfilling prophecy”

If we still believed in the 封建社会 制度思想 cultural traditions more than 2000 years then we are sowing discord to our own family ties. Those days they believed that if the child clashes with parents, sent him far far away before he hurts the family …Do you think that is “love” in today’s context? And will the child after spending 20 years abroad still love his parents? Don’t you think this problem is a self fulfilling prophecy? created even before it starts.

Best to show you a live case. Baby was born this year 2014 and his birth configuration as follow: Bazi Name selection Child

Colour code: red-fire, yellow-earth, blue-water, white-metal and green-wood

A real life case why auspicious chinese name not supposed to match parents bazi

Day master Ding Fire. Born in summer season 羊刃格. Excessive fire presence is found in year/month/time root. In order to improve the child’s life, his birth configuration is desperately in need of “water” 用神 and “metal” 喜神 element. This will tip the scale of intense fire found. Thus having a “water” name will be good.

Some examples of “water” element Chinese characters particularly those with 水部首”氵” are beneficial and meaningful

治 沅 汪 河 泳 亨 沸 倍 候 洁 傅 冰 况 冷 凊 水 永 汉 江 池 沾 津

or “metal” element Chinese characters with “钅” 部首 

钟 铭 仁 锡 宣 铨 悦 成 金 宗 任 众 伸 佐 俞 信 修 先 兑 入 刚 创 双 商 善

Let’s look at both parents birth configuration. Dad’s profile below.

Bazi Name selection Dad

Dad is a Yi Wood born in autumn. 壬水 appears on month and supported by combo of 申子 (半合水局). Birth structure 正印格 Direct Input. He will enjoy a better life if Earth element is present. Wood requires sunshine to grow – fire element. So dad ‘s favourable elements are earth and fire elements. 

Mum birth profile below.

Bazi Name selection Mum

Geng Metal born in late winter. She is well supported by month, day and time. The result is a very strong metal person and her strucutre is cold. Her bazi favourable elements are water, wood and fire ( 调候 mediating element to counter coldness)

Birth structure Conflict between child and parent

Let’s look at the numerous conflicts between child and both parents

子午冲 Child year root Vs Dad year root.
丑午害 Child year root Vs Mum month root.
巳亥冲 Child month root clashes with dad’s day root.
寅申冲 Child time root clashes with dad’s month root and Mum’s day & time root.

The list goes on. Now the contradiction. Child needs water and metal which is fortunate because both parents are rich in these 2 elements. So do we select favourable elements that are lucky for parents i.e. fire element or good for the child which is water element?

If commons sense prevails, then helping the child is the Number 1 prority not parents. It is the child’s name we are talking about not the parents. As parents if something happens to our kids it will be stressful or even more stressful. 

If parents need improvement they too can edit their name into a strong fire balance. If other masters (not sure who) recommends based on parents “compatibility” (not sure how) then the child will lead a miserable life. Look at it from practical perspective if the child is sick, who gets worried? Parents of course. 


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