Bazi Exceptions

Bazi anomalies and exceptions are somewhat fuzzy concept

So far from hands-on experiences there are about 5% of the people that deviates from traditional bazi principles. Interestingly after 20 years of study i still cannot find the logic behind why sometime the principle works and sometimes it doesn’t. Luckily the exceptions to the classical wisdom are just a handful. It is somewhat similar to fuzzy logic concept. Nowadays if i bump into these 5% special cases i will verify with my client to make sure that everything is in order. To me having a 10% doubt in the analysis is not good enough for me, i need to be 100% sure to know what am i talking. There is no shame to admit the inadequacy of knowledge, being passed down 3000 years ago that fragments of the data were lost or purposely misrepresented. Time and again i have seen real live cases that the ex bazi masters has interpreted wrongly about an individual’s bazi. It is better to be safe than sorry. We are talking about a person’s life here so i cannot afford to make any mistake at all.

Bazi principles need to update with time

Take for instance the prediction of how many children needs updating because we have contraception and cesarean birth. Those days they consider female with strong bazi 克夫because they are overly aggressive and override the male. Life is much simpler in the past, today life is complicated. Those days man can have a few wives but female got no say. Today our society is less tolerant and we have rising divorce cases. Today’s woman rise up to top high commanding positions whereas in olden days they are suppress to submit to man. The objective of education in those days is to work for the Emperor 当官, today people earn a double masters may want to be an entrepreneur or just to have a decent job with a decent pay depending on the country he is living. Thriftiness is the way to go to become rich but today we talk about investment to get rich! Society norms have change and we have to adapt to the interpretations of Bazi reading.

从格 Bazi that submits to the main influence

Here are 2 real-life cases that are supposed to fall inside the “Exceptional 从 / 假从格” classification but did not. Interesting. Hence bazi reading is not something that you can learn from books or attending Degree courses. That is why there is a saying that “those can’t do teach”! Seriously bazi reading requires a lot of variables and educated guesses. To simplify for your understanding if your bazi configuration clashes with the Annual year of 10-Years luck pillar we only can specify some parameters on the “Changes” that happen but not precise and conclusive. One have to verify with the individual to know exactly what happened in his or her life. Past experiences don’t lie but books do.

bazi anomaly

Day Master extremely “Weak Yi Wood” person born in Autumn season where metal is the strongest influence. The absence of “water” ( not considering the sub-root ) element to produce wood to make this Day Master strong and healthy.

Traditional Chinese bazi classics will interpret this as “compatible exceptional category (假从格)”,  because there is only one similar 甲木 element found on the time stem helping the Day Master without any roots or foundation. Interestingly it does not. This is just a Normal bazi classification of Weak Wood profile. It was verified conclusively with my client past life events over 10-years luck pillar and annual luck pillar.

Breaking the rule of Bazi Reading

 bazi exceptional case

Ji earth (己土) Day Master born in Spring season, where wood is the most influential element. Wood conquers Earth. Notice the singular sub-root of wood in the year, month and day. Although the timing is 未earth seems like supporting Ji earth day master, but day root 卯 wood collaboration with time wei earth 未土 to form duology 半合木局 of  wood element 合木! Hence the wei 未土 earth no longer functions as “earth” but “wood” influence. Again based on classical bazi teachings this is suppose to be 假从格. On the contrary after verifying with client’s real life experiences this is under Normal category of weak earth and the biggest drawback is 用神不真 meaning even introducing earth is going to create a new set of problems.  During 10-years pillar or annual pillar of Earth element is going to clash or contradicts. The only remedy for this bazi which is not found is “fire” element.

Bazi reading case

The above is another illustration that the bazi favourable elements are misinterpreted by so many masters in Singapore. The client seek my help after realizing that it is not what they predicted.

In a nutshell bazi reading is still not facts of science but reliable working hypothesis that needs to investigate further.

Although my clients are pretty amazed about the accuracies in bazi reading and forecast, to me it is still a long way to go to “improve” on the model. Here are some unsolved questions that are  begging for fool proof explanations.

Bazi reading is still fuzzy science

Bazi reading like feng shui is still not science, but is more like a very clever “guess”. In the absence of any reliable model to forecast about our future, bazi reading come very close. From my own personal experience i would say about 80% but some of my clients who shared with me say almost 90% accuracy. Personally i always like to think that luck and destiny should be in our own hands than relying on some models of prediction; however believe it or not it is about accepting who we are and make the best out of a given situation.

There are a minority number of people who will still ask me this question after giving them all the recommendations and suggestions to improve their life.

“so how can i improve my wealth? or how can i improve my luck?”

The irony of this question is that i have suggested to them how to do their home feng shui, bed placement, certain timings, office feng shui, type of jobs that suits their personality etc Maybe they are expecting something more dramatic! or an instant recovery? You see life is “cause and effect”, take e.g. by suggesting to you to sleep in a particular direction, you will be healthier, this in turn makes you more “productive” at work and in due time you may have a nice promotion. This is like a ripple effect.

“a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or event”

Bazi reading Irony

Is is possible for major disasters that kills thousands of people sharing the same ill fate for the time of death?

Twins or triplets or quadruplets sharing the same birth profile so same destiny? possible? Or is it the influence of education, relationships and the environment set them apart? Which one is relatively more important in shaping our future?

Same birth profile born in different countries their life experiences varied differently?

These are the variables about bazi reading, so don’t take it as a “gospel truth” but more like a “light” that guide us in life than walking blind.

At the end of the day i consider myself not smart enough to adapt and apply ALL classical principles into the modern day translations. So far i am still learning and would not even dare to use the word as “Grand Master” because it carries with it the authority to know all about feng shui or bazi principles and works all the time. Do you think it works 100% of the time? I presume even Doctors cannot claim they cure 100% of the patients they see.


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