Bazi Lucky Element DIY

How to find your Bazi Lucky Element

Finding your Birth Profile lucky element 八字用神 is one of the most tricky task in Bazi Reading. Many clients requested a “generalised” method to identify their relatives or friends Birth Profile Lucky element/s.

Unless your Birth profile falls under Non-Standard Birth classification 特别格局 such as 专旺格, 从格 etc, this chart will be helpful for you.

Generalised birth profile lucky element 八字用神 for STANDARD BAZI chart

Why it is important to know your birth profile lucky elements?

All our Birth Chart 5-element composition is IMBALANCE, therefore it is important to find out your own birth lucky elements.  The 5 Elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water 木火土金水. Imbalance causes birth structure conflict which will result in poor health or career or wealth lost or broken marriage.

How to use the chart to improve your personal luck

This reference guide is based on “月令Month of Birth“. One of the critical factor to determine the strength of Day Master. With mobile app today, it is not difficult to find out your bazi day master element. It should be one of these 10: 甲乙 wood 丙丁fire 戊己earth 庚辛metal or 壬癸 water.

bazi lucky element diyTake for example a person born on 17 June 1987. Day Master is Ding Fire. Based on the chart, his favourable element is water. Thus he can improve his career by getting into the “water” industry. At home he can also consider having a water feature.

Wood element enhancement: potted plants, green colour, vegan diet, East / South East sector/direction.

Fire element enhancement: lights, red, orange, purple colour, red wine, spicy food, South sector/direction.

Earth element enhancement: porcelain, ceramic, brown, yellow, khaki, beef, Northeast/Southwest sector/direction.

Metal element enhancement: gold, silver, platinum, white, chicken, white fridge, West/Northwest sector/direction.

Water element enhancement: fish tank, black, grey, blue, fish, North sector/direction.

this is a general luck improvement chart,  for greater accuracy i would suggest you consult your regular feng shui master or bazi master


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