Bazi Lucky Element

How to find your Bazi Lucky Element 八字用神

Finding your Bazi (birth profile) lucky element 八字用神 is one of the most challenging task in Chinese birth reading.

Sometime the lucky element is not even found in the birth structure and one have to wait for future 10-year cycle or annual year to get lucky. 

Below are 3 standard calculations to find out bazi lucky elements:

a. birth structure lucky element 格局用神 (most important)
b. day master 八字体用神
c. season mediator 调候用神

The first 2 methods is complex without bazi foundation. It will take easily 5-10 years of bazi learning in order to achieve any breakthrough. Some give up along the way due to the difficulties. 

Take method (a) as an example it would required at least 5 years to really understand  格局用神 and it’s applications. It is not surprising to find that some masters have not of this term, let alone using it.

Below utilise method (c) the birth month as season mediator 调候 to cushion birth structure imbalance. E.g. a person born in summer requires water and born in winter requires fire.  

Unless your Birth profile falls under a Non-Standard Birth classification 特别格局 such as 专旺格, 从格 etc, this bazi lucky element chart could be helpful to you.

Bazi mediating element for STANDARD birth charts

Why it is important to know your bazi lucky elements?

All our Birth Charts 5-element composition is IMBALANCE. Therefore it is imperative to harmonise the elements before they kill each other.  The 5 Elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water 木火土金水. Birth structure disharmony will hurt our health, career, wealth and relationships.

How to use the chart to improve your bazi lucky element

The guide uses birth month 月令 to determine our lucky element. With so many bazi mobile app today, it is not difficult to find out your bazi day master & month of birth. Your Day Master is found in the day column and one of these 10 天干 stems 甲乙 wood 丙丁fire 戊己earth 庚辛metal or 壬癸 water.



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