be wary of top 5 feng shui masters

Just wanted to share this Top 5 feng shui masters ranking in Singapore…by dumblittleman.

Recently i was invited to be one of the them and discovered that you can be the No. 1 feng shui master in Singapore, by “paying $1000”. The decision is not by “merit” or “consumer votes” which can be misleading to the public.

So please do your due diligence that the web ranking is a paid advertisement platform.

this is the email correspondence for you to make a wiser decision

top 5 feng shui master

best feng shui masterIn my humble opinion, this is an insult to the professionalism of feng shui masters to stoop so low to gain popularity. Me believed that majority of feng shui masters in Singapore will reject such invitation and will not tolerate such unprofessional conduct.

Best to avoid these gimmcky websites who does the review without offering how this rankings are base upon? What are the Key criteria – knowledge? quality of service? consumers actual reviews (non-paid) ? By result? qualitative or quantitative research – how many are interviewed in the process? selection bias ? etc

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