Why Birth Profiling

Why birth profile reading

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories” by Sun Tzu.

How true it is that we should learn to rediscover/redefine ourselves. It may sound simple but do we really understand ourselves? When was the last time you spent some time in solitude to identify who you really are? What makes you tick? What is your passion? What motivates you … money? power? meaning? independence? feelings? respect? fame? competitive? prestige?

Birth reading feng shui master sg

Sun Tzu mentioned, if we understand ourselves and our enemies we will be victorious in every battle. Although we are not at war, we are actually battling everyday… mentally. Every day you go through life pursuing your dreams and passions and polishing your abilities so that you can enjoy a better life for now and for your future generations.

Who are you? Your persona (swagger), attitude, effort, discipline, determination, education, confidence, faith, passion

Chinese Bazi algorithm seek to understand an individual Day’s Stem (not the common thinking of Yearly Zodiac signs) known as the Day Master or Day Principal and it’s interaction with the year, month and time. i term it as 6Cs for easy remembrance,  where the configuration of the stem and root can be complementary 喜, conflicting 忌, contrasting 冲, contradictory 刑, controlling 克 or cooperative 合(日主八字用神分析).

Then we examine the relationship through the 10 stars or 10 Gods 八字十神,比肩、劫财、正官、七杀(偏官)、正印(印绶)、偏印(枭神、枭印、倒食)、正财、偏财、伤官、食神。

Add 10-Years luck pillar 十年大运 luck and 流年 Annual Luck into the melting pot and “voila” you got the dynamics of your entire Life!

Bazi reading service

What is going on with your Life and When are the transition points?

The result = Bazi configuration expose WHO YOU ARE?  What is your career path? e.g. to work for somebody or on your own. How much wealth? not in specific quantifiable terms but rich, mediocre or poor. Is your marriage sustainable? Your relationships? etc.

10 Years Luck pillar and annual luck pillar predicts WHEN IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN. When is your Golden period of your life? Or is there any? Every 10-Years cycle is one Luck Pillar and everyone of us differ in the transition point see illustration above. Some may think that the timeline is like “science” where the event happen on the precise year forecasted, this may or may not giving an allowance of +/- 2 years based on my experiences. Why? Let’s use a simple illustration about me for instance, i used to have gastric pain but i do not seek medical help, the condition can drag on for years before something eventful is going to happen to me? right?  Thus Bazi Reading is not science but i would say it come close to having 75% accuracy to some form of insight into the future. Sometimes in life we are in the cross roads where we do not know which path to take…you can take the leap of faith (hopefully not blindly) or you can have some clues to help you with your decisions. Bazi reading do just that. Most of my clients usually request me to do the Annual reading after consulting the Bazi reading with me; chances are i reject most of them. The main reason is those who requested this service is because their 10-years luck is bad…so am i going to be so cruel to let them know month-by-month how bad it is? Obviously not because psychologically they will be carrying the Bad Luck attitude in their mind. To me having a macro perspective is good enough one cannot be driven by “fate” in our day-to-day life; one have to maintain a positive attitude, develop a great personality and put in 100% disciplinary effort and try to make the best out of a negative situation.

Let’s take a simplistic model for instance Birth Profiling reveal that Mr. Lim is born with the right ingredients to be a rich entrepreneur and when this is going to happen depends on the 10 Years luck pillar and the Annual Luck Pillar. Through his own effort, attitude, environment, cultural factors he may speed it up or delay. Well if Mr. Lim is not going to take any risks, educate himself and put the effort then perpetually this rich man dream will not be realised. The interaction of Birth Configuration, 10 years luck pillar and annual luck pillar is time dynamic hence number of variations could occur at the same time.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What makes you tick?

What are your likes and dislikes?

What is your attitude to life?

You may be born in a very rich family, have a PhD in Harvard and grew up showered with opportunities by your parents or grandparents but if you attitude to life is sloppy, lazy, irresponsible then how far can you go?Thorough understanding of all the above will help us in most aspects of life such as personality, family, career, relationships, wealth, marriage, and others.

What is your birth configuration personality?

How is our wealth? is life a struggle to make a living or smooth sailing?

Are you suitable to work for a Company or do it on your own? Are you a team-person? Can you take criticism? Are you the conventional corporate animal or the unorthodox individual? What are your expectations with people around you? Are you the aggressive type or the carefree type? How much do we know about our shortcomings? When was the last time you spend some time in solitude to really understand who you really are and follow your dreams.

The earlier you start knowing about yourself and the reality of it; the better is your ability to deal with life’s curve balls

Feng Shui Master is advocating a positive mental attitude to embrace your personality and improve your life. Not caught with your pants down, making preparations for stormy weather.

Bazi Classification Special or Normal

The 10 stars and Day Master will reveal our day element profile where we can identify our personality, strengths, weaknesses and cure. This will benefit us in our career choice, colour, numbers, choosing an auspicious name, feng shui house audit, marriage partner, education etc. The 10 years luck pillar will show our life’s “macro directions” about our future like a weather forecast for the next 40 years.

Bazi 10 years luck pillar

10 years luck forecast reveal to us the timing of life experiences unfolding to us. Given the insights to future events, we can gear our personal strategies to make wiser decisions for our career path, business investment, marriage, education etc. Decisions that are very important to us. For instance i have business client that just started a franchise business but losing money every month (for the past 6 months). He approached me thinking that there is something wrong with the shop feng shui; after going through with the audit i realised that there are no problems at all other than some minor issues. Luckily for all my clients i do provide a quick snapshot of “bazi bonus” with relevance to feng shui so i look at his birth configuration and his 10 years luck pillar.

i discovered that his in-born personality ( which is difficult to change ) is not suited to do business because he is a risk-averse person; too easy-going with his staff to the extend of being gullible…so i presume you can guess what are my advices to him.

Bazi reading by chance or by choice

Our strategies can be “aggressive”, “conservative” or “status quo” depending on how our 10 years luck pans out rather than charging forward blindly in the dark. It reminds me of a Kenny Rogers song “the gambler” to quote: “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.”

The idea of having this 10 Year Luck Pillar is to provide a general insight into our future like a weather forecast. Blue skies or stormy weather is how well we prepared ourselves to embrace our future. One common feedback that i got after the birth reading where the recommendations are already in place was “so how do i improve?” My only assumption is that perhaps they wanted something more “dramatic” like having a dragon figurine or some religious talismans. Don’t get me wrong,  i am not trying to sound pessimistic but do you think you can “change” your destiny just by having some spiritual talismans?  i know it is tough to accept one’s fate when the going is dark but …

Many times in life we are rendered powerless in the face of harsh reality. A sense of impotence overwhelms us when doing our best is just not enough to get what we want. Then we withdraw to the fact that life is unfair, that we are the victims of circumstances, that our existences lack meaning.

This the more reason we should understand where our life is heading, in which direction. This is where our personal mental attitude and positive thinking comes into play. Rather than leaving it to chance, we try to understand a little more of ourselves and our future. Personally i believed that the degree of passion we feel within ourselves can “bend” not “change” our fate; and destiny favors those who are prepared and never give up!

Hence the rest of instruments like feng shui home, office, bazi reading, name and others come to make our life easier. In any case if we know deep down that we do what could humanly possible and our best that we fought till our last breath and heartbeat.

We live by choice not by chance. There is no meaning to life if we live by chance alone. Planning plays a key role to lead a happy life. Sustained action in spite of all odds makes us to achieve the desired one. Still, in many areas of our lives chance reigns supreme like accidents, death etc. Man conquered nature by will power and collective effort. Hopefully in future, there will be breakthroughs that man can make his own destiny and the chance must give way to choice.

More than Bazi reading

Besides that bazi also reveal to us the conditions of our health, wealth position, type of career industry to go into, relationships- finding the  right marriage partner that complement our “element”, mixed around with the relevant benefactors, place – the right feng shui home, where to meet our helpers in life etc. This analysis is permanent for your entire life. It comes in handy when we need to make some critical decisions or when we are in the crossroads where the choice of decision can make or break our life.

The classical fengshui wisdom goes like this:

一命,  二运,  三风水,四积德,  五读书 , 六名, 七相, 八敬神, 九交贵人 十养生.

(1) Fate or Destiny which is the time, day, month and year that we were born, is fixed. However nowadays with modern science there are some mothers who choose certain dates to go for caesarean, instead of natural childbirth. Though the day and time maybe planned but sometimes it still doesn’t work out that way. Fated? Predestined?  i leave it to your opinion.

(2) Luck, circumstances, opportunities the journey of our life; if birthday is the vehicle than luck is the road

(3) Feng shui, the place we were born, your current living environment, the culture, the economy, and relates to our current home, office, environment

(4) Karma, merit, charitable there is a song by Justin Timberlake “what goes around, comes around” Not sure why this is 4th on the list, in fact personally i feel that this is one of the vital components to change our fate (if we wanted to change the improve the course of our birth profile and 10 years luck period) by consistently doing good. In iChing there is a wise saying that goes like this 易经开头第一章就说:经常行善的家庭,必定会有多余的福报,in a nutshell what it means is that if we sow good deeds every day, make it a committment, quantify it, no matter how small it is, we will be repay by forces of nature.

(5) Education, skills, knowledge, technology, that we learn and develop determine how successful we are today

(6) Name, having an auspicious name is like a source code that goes with you throughout your life.

(7) Appearance, physical features “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but people don’t do that or do they? if you are born handsome, tall, beautiful you usually have the advantage right?

(8) Worship God, whether your religion is Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism or Taoism it does not matter

(9) Benefactors, mentors, networking and friends, there are 7 traits of friends u need to network with

  • integrity, high moral values
  • wise men
  • authority figure
  • wealthy
  • wholesome healthy lifestyle
  • inner beauty e.g. patient, trustworthiness, compassionate, humility
  • well-informed, networker lots of updated information

(10) Self-develop health and fitness longevity program, this is quite obvious, we need to love yourself enough to have a balance diet,   exercise, enough rest, etc



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