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Just like using zodiac signs to understand our character, Chinese bazi reading uses a far more superior method to analyse our Birth traits.

The wise Chinese Ba Zi algorithm is derive from the formula of   Year 1/60 X  Month 1/12 X  Day 1/60 X Time 1/12 (1/514,800 variations) which forms the 8 Chinese characters or Ba Zi, called 八字. Unlike horoscope by month 1 out of 12 and Year Zodiac signs 1 out of 12 animal. Ba Zi uses the “Day Master” as the focus point of study. The Chinese characters in the top row are the stems 天干 and the Chinese characters in the bottom row are the primary roots 地支. Ba Zi algorithm consists of 10 variable stems and 12 variable primary roots. Hidden inside the 12 variable roots there are 10 more sub roots or  secondary stems.

Bazi reading illustration

In order to change one’s luck or fate or destiny it has to come from a deep understanding about yourself.  The change have to come from within you.  Nobody can change you except yourself. The problem is most of us (me included) are not objective when finding flaws with our own personality.

Next we examine the relationship between the Day Master and the other 7 Chinese characters where we form the Ba Zi 十神 “10 stars” or “10 Gods”. Olden Chinese like to dramatise the word “God”, however this is not the literal meaning of the word. The Ba Zi 10 Stars can be classify under 5 main categories.

  • Output / Production Elements Shang Guan 伤官 and Shi Shen 食神
  • Achievement Elements Income Vs Windfall Wealth Zheng Cai 正财 and Pian Cai  偏财
  • Input Elements Zheng Yin 正 印 and Pian Yin 偏 印
  • Collaborating Elements Brothers and Sisters Bi Jian 比 肩 and Jie Cai 劫财
  • Subordination Elements Control Zheng Guan 正 官 and Qi Sha 七杀
  • Is the analysis of your Ba Zi able to tell what your personality type is?
  • What are your Ba Zi reading dominant emotions or attributes?
  • How do they affect your living space and your life?
  • How do you interact with people? How do you relate to your loved ones?
  • What are your values and goals? Ba Zi is categorised by 2 main groups which are “Yin and Yang”.
  • For the five elements you have Yin and Yang Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood:

Bazi Day Master

Unlike common beliefs of using the 12 Chinese Zodiac animal or horoscope to calculate an individual’s character and forecast his future, Ba Zi uses the Day stem. To use one of the 12 Chinese astrology animals to calculate his or her forture is really to over simplify and generalise. Imagine there are more than 100 million born into this world every year. So is it possible that 100 million people around the world share the same fortune? I believe you know the answer.

Advanced Ba Zi Feng Shui reading uses the day of birth, heavenly stem and earthly root to do the analysis of the relationships and interactions. Feng Shui Master Singapore uses the 6Cs Ba Zi analysis tool to read the person’s day of birth as compare to his year, month and time PLUS his 10 years luck period and the Annual year.

Learn a little more about yourself, what you are good at and who you should surround yourself with to improve your chances of success in life.

The innate personality traits are divided into 10 heavenly stems and separated by Yin Yang 阴阳 dualism theory. They are jia 甲 (yang wood), yi 乙 (yin wood), bing 丙 (yang fire), ding 丁(yin fire), wu 戊(yang earth), ji 己(yin earth), kang 康(yang metal) xin 辛(yin metal), 壬 ren(yang water) and 癸 gui (yin water).

Genetic Personality tendencies based on Day Master

Wood Personality Fire Personality Earth Personality Metal Personality Water Personality
Wood character traits include leadership, good decision-making skills, idealism, imagination, compassion, and the ability to create change. Common Wood emotions are compassion, kindness, tension, criticism of self and others, discouragement, regret, and repressed anger related to thwarted affection. Do you find yourself often taking bold actions and initiating new projects? Are you riverted focused, active, driven, and competitive? Do you appreciate the feelings of growth and expansion that come from a room full of lush plants and fresh flowers? Do you have joints problems? You may be a Wood personality. Fire character traits are love, passion, leadership, spirituality, impatient, insight, dynamism, aggression, intuition, reason, and expressiveness. Common Fire emotions and qualities are excitement, joy, vanity, jealousy, frustration, regret, grief from loss of love, and disappointment in relationships. The Fire personality is direct–right out front. period. Are you funny and impulsive? Prone to becoming scattered and losing focus? Known for your eclectic tastes? Do you enjoy decorating with unique art pieces and treasures from around the world? Do you have short-sightedness at early age? You may be a Fire personality or your birth profile configuration is heavily weighted with fire elements. Earth character traits are multi-talented, trustworthiness, stability, practicality, reliability, industriousness, empathy, honesty, kindness, and prudence. Just as we take in nutrients through the stomach, we assimilate life experiences through the element of earth. Earth emotions and qualities are pensiveness, worry, thoughtfulness, instinctive awareness, and reflection. Do you value friendship and have a reputation for being kind, nurturing and grounded? Do you love a comfortable, cozy room with thick rugs, stuffed furniture, and fancy decorations? Do you tend to collect too many objects and create clutter? When you are out of balance, do you start collecting and hoarding things, trying to get a sense of security by surrounding yourself with stuff? Do you have digestion, intestine & bowels issues? You may be an Earth personality. Metal character traits include reliability, strength, independence, focus, intensity, righteousness, and fluency in speech. Common Metal emotions are gratitude, insecurity, inability to achieve parental expectations, or a lack of confidence. The Metal personality is very determined and powerful, with a tendency to be cool and reserved. Do you strive to create order in your environment, enjoying a room that is perfect and orderly? Do you prefer clean, minimalist design and dislike waste and excessive frilliness? Do you have respiration problems like asthma and lung-related issues? You may be a Metal personality. Water character traits are intelligence, creativity, wisdom, sensitivity, reflection, persuasion, effectiveness, and adaptive to life. Water types value family and social contacts and possess the ability to attract others. Are you seen as mysterious? Do you tend to internalize your feelings and think and ponder too much? Do you struggle with emotions such as fear, indecisiveness, vacillation, and uncertainty? Is your preference for a room that is dark and cool, a quiet place for rest? Do you seek ways to transform your bathroom into a nurturing environment for healing baths? Do you enjoy loud music? Do you have issues with kidney associated sicknesses? You may be a Water personality.
Also look out for the difference in the “yin and yang” of the Day Master.
There is a difference in character and working style. Take for instance a “yang” 丙火 fire person is more proactive than a “ying” 丁火 fire person? In advance stage of personality judgement we look at the classification of a person.


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