Business Feng Shui Destiny

Business (office) feng shui Destiny 商业风水宅命

office feng shui serviceWhen i started doing feng shui 20 years ago, the term “office feng shui destiny energy 宅命” was unheard of.  An office feng shui destiny energy chart is like “DNA”. It is inborn with the office the day your business starts and the energies is invisible like wifi signals. The Office Destiny energy consist of positive (also call vital life energy), negative and neutral. Depending on the sector concern it either affects your staff positively or negatively. There are many feng shui formulas to determine Destiny of an office, here introduce one that is popular and efficient using San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying star. 

How do we determine Office “destiny”

Like human date of birth, destiny of an office is acquire from the date of occupancy and main door direction e.g. North 5 degree. Thus it does not matter who are the tenants or owners of the office, energy from the Destiny Chart will influence whoever working in the office. One could harness these invisible energies to improve Company’s revenue, brand strength, reputation and staff productivity.

An office feng shui destiny depends on individual era of 20 years. Currently we are in Period 8 i.e. 2004 to 2024. Thus the destiny chart of an office is permanent and do not change even in Period 9 just like human birth chart. 

4 main classifications of Office Feng Shui destiny

Business feng shui destinies are determined by San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star 三元玄空 八运飞星格局. These are the 4 main classifications for office feng shui destiny in Period 8:

A. Excellent Destiny : 旺山旺向 – positive influence on health and wealth
坐未向丑,坐丑向未,坐亥向巳,坐巳向亥,坐巽向乾,坐乾向巽。NE/SW & NW & SE orientation. These are the best Business feng shui destinies in Period 8. Health in business feng shui refers to staff productivity, morale and health. Generally great for any type of business.

B. Worst Destiny: 上山下水 Negative on health and wealth OR “ICU” 

坐戌向辰,坐辰向戌,坐申向寅,坐寅向申,坐坤向艮,坐艮向坤 found in subsegment of NE/SW/NW/SE orientations, so one have to be mindful. The ill effects of such office feng shui are negative sales & profits, bad staff morale, gossip and lack of customers support. When health is rated negative it means high turnover, disharmony, short of clients support and lack of staff loyalty.

C. 双星到山 Great for businesses dealing with upmarket, branded and luxury products or services. Revenue depend on high profit margins than volume. 

D. 双星到向 Good wealth and negative help on health. Excellent for businesses of mass-consumption goods or services particularly if the main door is at wealth sector.

Office Feng Shui Tips

  1. Study the external and internal physical environment surrounding the office, ensure that it fits the destiny. Ideally the main door should be located at wealth zone. It is good to have spacious open space leading to the office main entrance.
  2. It is wrong to choose an office solely based on owners birth profile. This is because sometimes the owners lucky element is in conflict with the product 5 element classification. Secondly for medium and long term business expansion, there maybe new partners.
  3. Another wrong concept is matching owner gua number with the premise. If you read my other post, gua number is not absolute. Another flaw to use gua number is practicality because it divides 50% as positive area and balance negative. Thus for a 10,000 sq ft office, your usable are is 50%. Thus make no sense.
  4. A short-cut generalisation but risky is having the main door at North-East Sector which is the Best choice in Period 8 Year 2004-Year 2023. In Chinese feng shui this is the True God 正神方 position to receive the most current energy. The opposite direction to NE which is South-West should overlook the sea or open space to reduce negativity 零神方 出煞. It market leadership is your corporate strategy then having the at main door at East sector illuminate God or 照 神方 is favourable.
  5. Using Da Gua formula, aligning period 8 辅星纯清 or period 9 弼星door directions are auspicious too. Some examples of period 8 lucky orientations are 困, 节(102.5/105 degree), 贲, 旅, 复, 豫, 小畜(153/156 degree) within the 64 trigram.
  6. Ideally the office main doors and room doors are within the wealth, reputation or harmony zones.
  7. Solely based on “Form” school formula, having a spacious space 明堂 朱雀 in front of your Main office door is good for wealth enhancement. The front space is symbolic to the Phoenix inviting wealth. The left hand 左青龙 (direction taken when you are standing inside the door) side of the office should be either the same or bigger/higher than the right hand side 右白虎. This will improve benefactors and mentor luck. At the back of the office should be a taller or bigger building acting as mountain 靠山玄武 Snake Tortoise that helps staff’s loyalty and general health of the employees.
  8. Evaluate carefully on the external landscape using your unit as focal point, to judge the external lift or elevators or walkways leading to your office and ensuring from auspicious directions.
  9. Lastly the most important is to locate your office main door (not orientation) at auspicious zones. 阳宅首重大门,  以大门为气口,纳气旺则吉,衰气则凶. 又云:宅以门为吉凶,路为助,门向辨.

*above are general guidelines there are other factors to consider as well


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