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Have you ever wonder given the same job, with the same qualifications and experiences why your peers got promoted and you are not? Do you feel that you are undervalued and under-appreciated? This page is dedicated to those who are focus, talented, work hard yet continuously missing their promotions.

Matching your Bazi Profile & Lucky element is important for career enhancement

An individual tends to do better in the profession that his bazi configuration assets possess.

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bazi and career successPlease allow me to illustrate by using a real life example of my client. The chart shows the Bazi profile of a “Gui water” person born in Summer. Gui is “yin” water like rain drops or morning dew. His root configuration are 巳month 午 year 未 day 三会火局 forms the trilogy of intense fire.

His Birth profile most favourable element is “Metal” found in the time root call the “偏 pian 印 yin star”. The star offers indirect support.

Reading his bazi, one can understand that he is exceptionally talented in new discoveries, research, creativity and innovations. Hence this profile is more suited in jobs that involves autonomous skill or craft e.g. religious leaders, high tech specialist, psychologist, forensic scientist etc. Unique skill set such as design, performance arts, advertising, model, celebrity, literary arts would fit his personality like a glove. If the job fits his personality it will be easier for him to succeed in that craft.

Work Smart and Only Half of Your effort is needed for Promotion

Using the same example where the Day Master requires “Metal”, he can work in a Banking and Finance industry as an IT specialist or an Investment Manager something that is specialise and unique in nature. From this example it matches his strengths and the type of business industry. The benefit is he will only need half the effort to achieve the same promotion compared to a person’s that is unsuitable.

Using Annual Home Feng Shui Luck to boost your Career

Every year look out for the annual flying star “1”, “6” and “8”. Flying star 1 represents “networking” and people-skills 桃花 (flower as in picture) more suited for white collar and 6 武曲 blue collar jobs and 8 左輔 for promotion and wealth. This year SW is 1 and W is 6 and Wealth is in the South sector. However this energies only lasts for one year. It will disappear by end Jan 2015. Use the chart on the right for feng shui 2015 enhancement.

Gua Symbolism North represent Career and South is Fame is WRONG

Do not believe that North represents career and South represent fame. Feng shui is not a static platform. Feng shui is time dynamic, like our luck that goes up and down. You also do not need feng shui products for career boost, just use the sector often and your career is enhanced.

Imagine if you just place one item on every sector in your office; you will end up with 9 items? Lamp, Plant, Crystal, Phoenix, flowers, wind chimes etc? Does that make any sense?

Is your office desk situated back against the door without having a partition?

Does your office desk located where the angle of the pillar is 45 degrees towards you and as if cutting you into 2 pieces?

Which sector are you located in your office? Find out for yourself using the iphone and check it against this year 2014 feng shui forecast.

Check out your home feng shui audit and look for flying star combo with the combination of 1,4 1,6 6,1 and your gua “sheng qi” sector, better still have your bazi analyse to look at what you are really suitable in.

Choosing your bazi lucky element make a difference in your career pursue. If you are in your favourable element then gaining promotions and opportunities seem effortless.

Business, Industry type classified by “5 elements in feng shui”

In chinese astrology, a “weak” wood person will be suitable to be in the water business because water generate wood. On the other hand a “strong wood” profile will need “earth” because this is his wealth.

Fire element industry

Art and craft related, psychologist, artist, graphic designer, computer and computer related industries, electronics, mobile phones, beautician, cosmetics, fuel, singer, dancer, movie celebrities, aromatherapy, plastic, hot beverages cafe, cooking, electric engineering, energy, firework, food processing, gas or oil company, petroleum, chemistry, therma, multimedia, printing, liquor, laser, lighting, movie production, photography, semi-conductor and anything that utilises light or heat, or uses objects to create light or heat.

Metal element industry

Financial, banks, insurance, gold, machining, mining, car maker, key, hardware, glass, accountancy, auditor, military, police, security, debt collector, pawn shop, engineering, moulding, hardware shops, mechanical engineering, hardware stalls, metal, military, army personnel, work that depends on metal or related to financial accounting.

Wood element industry

Cultural profession, novelist, writer ( but not blog cos blog is more to fire related via internet ), teacher, professor, relating to the educational business, publisher, carpentry, botanist, florist, plantation, greeneries, paper, doctor, timber, wood furniture, textile, stationery, cultural publications, writer, civil servant, health care products, nurse, doctor, library, fabric, curtains, cloth, bookshop, gardening, office supplies.

Water element industry

Highly mobile business  that involve changes and travelling. Some examples are tour guides, flight attendant, pilot, shipping etc. Products or services related to retail, sailing, yacht, spa, fire fighting, aquarium, ice cream, fish, aircondition, tourism, water, cold beverages, stocks. Occupations such as sportsman, magician, outdoor journalist, outdoor newscaster, swimming coach, sales & marketing personnel.

Earth element industry – the 8th luck cycle till 2023 the most trending industry today

Real estate and property related, architecture, building, construction, pet shop, storage & warehousing, pawn shop, antiques, building materials, renovator, ceramics, demolition, marble, pottery, real estate agent, landfill, recycle, sculpture, stone masonry, and any job that involves earth, soil, land, or rock e.g. carpark, mining.

Some of the five elements jobs of chinese astrology are not mutually exclusive, they are mixed take for instance a fast-food restaurant is a “water” business, the chef is “fire”, sales operators are “water”.


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