Celebrity Birth Profile

Celebrity Birth Profile (Bazi)

This article is written out of interest about Celebrity Birth Profile (Bazi) that in my opinion seem to be to coincide with her Bazi configuration structure and luck pillars.

celebrity birth profileTaylor Swift, singer songwriter, she is one person that i admired a lot for her talents.

DOB assumption  from internet search: 13 December 1989 08:36 hours

Birth Chart

Taylor swift birth chart

Weak Ding Fire Profile

ding fire in winterDing Fire ( yin 阴干) is symbolic to “candle light flame”. She is born in the Zodiac sign of the Rat, Winter (water) season. It is cold and water is excessive. Based on her Birth month,  子水 (rat which is water element) represents her “inner” ambitious/competitive nature, never-say-die attitude. It also reveals her “inner” commanding (demanding), courage to insist on what she does. Being a “fire” it brings “light” to darkness so there is this uncanny attraction that draws people towards her talents and charisma. To use a stronger term to bring across the message, one can even say she is tenancious to follow her passion and her own style of music.

Her Day Master 丁未(食比偏印) Ding Fire contain 3 sub-roots. The main energy being 食神 with 比 which reveal her nature that she like making and helping friends. There is always the air of warmness surrounding her and her friends felt that too. It also demonstrate her “determination”, “decisiveness” and “persistence”. Based on her Day Master if meet with “wood 甲乙寅卯” element luck pillars it will encourage her “creative” and “out-of-box” thinking.

Her best element is found in the time stem 甲木 well supported by the month-water. Luckily for her 子 month 辰  time roots 半合水局 does not form the strong combo of water presence on the stem. In other words  癸 Gui  or 壬 Ren water was not found in any of the 天干 stem in her birth configuration structure. However when the 10-Year Luck Pillars or Annual Luck Pillars happened to have these 2 element 天干 (stem) Ren or Gui water it will pose some challenges for her for instance health issues. Past examples are years of 1992 申 Ren Water Monkey, 1993 酉 Gui Water Rooster…etc Luckily for her the day root “earth未土” element helps to control the excessive water. Her unfortunate timing i foresee if 10-year luck pillar or annual luck pillar meets “壬 ocean water 申 zodiac monkey” in combination, the reason 巳 Year root and 申 zodiac monkey form water 化水 +  申 and her month root 子 time root 辰 form trilogy of strong water combo 三合水 局.  Although water does nourish the wood element in her time stem 丁壬合木 but one have to stay vigilant that it does not result in being overly excessive, just for illustration purposes e.g. 壬子if appears in 10-year luck pillar & Annual Luck pillar. An analogy will be like the coastal flood destroying the wood and set it adrift. Day Principal Ding-Fire. Earth element which are her talents is also considered as a detrimental element as it “drains” off her generic Weak Ding-Fire profile.

All in all her generic Birth Configuration is pretty good because of the presence of “negative elements” there are also “counter-elements” within her structure that work in her favour  to defend.

In conclusion her lucky elements are Wood and Fire

Lucky colours: Wood is green, Fire is orange, red, pink and purple. i recalled she has one album entitle “Red” which is lucky for her. But colour is just one minor aspect in bazi reading.

She started off as a country singer , coincidence her lucky element is “wood”?

Health wise when the 10-Year luck period is not favorable there are high chance of having problem with heart, blood, liver and circulatory system. Some of the symptoms are numbness, cold feet, anaemia, tingling sensation, giddiness etc. Another related health issue are breathing, lungs, throat and respiratory system due to the absence of Metal element in her birth configuration. Bazi structural configuration exhibits strong artistic flair not necessary only to music. Love and appreciates aesthetics, beauty, fine things in life. Gourmet lover. Intelligent, classy, refined.

Taylor swift1


This 10-Year luck period is extremely good for her due the “strong root wood-element 寅木” like the oak tree which represents benefactors support. The stem presence 戊土 wu earth exhibits her out-of-the box creativity, non-conform to the main stream music.

She did very well for herself but you may call this a coincidence, depending on how much you believed in bazi reading…Like i reiterated many times on my web one may have generic talents and all that but it must go together with determination, will power, attitude and lots of hard work.


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