Character (心性与性格) a Bazi perspective

Generic traits and character is a complex subject. Why do we need to understand our generic traits心性 and性格? The reason is to understand our inner passion, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, so as to better define our career, relationships, marriage, education and other aspects of life.

Thousands who have consulted me before will know that i emphasize a lot on character-building, mental attitude and response to circumstances. You see after so many years doing feng shui and bazi consultations, one undeniable fact remain unchanged is that people look to you for “miracle solutions” to get rich, save a broken marriage, a fabled level of untouchable career success,  recover from a debilitating sickness, meet with Mr. Right or Mrs. Right and many many insatiable needs, wants, goals.


Putting Feng Shui in the Right perspective

To quote chinese classical bazi teaching: 一命, 二运, 三风水,四积阴德, 五读书, 六名, 七相,八敬神, 九交贵人 & 十养生

Let’s simplified and put some figurative percentages to it. If we stop at the 5th principle, we have 20% each. Birth structure and Luck controls 40% of our fate/destiny. The 3rd principle – Feng shui home/office/ ancestors burial another 20%, let’s say you can engage the best feng shui master in the world you hopefully can stretch it to 30% max! The other 40% are education and doing good. So from here you will understand that feng shui at 30% already max out! Unlike what you commonly hear how “feng shui” can transform people lives? In short i am saying 60% depends on you to make things happen…You can navigate your 命 birth structure (20%) by knowing yourself, through education 读书 and doing good 积德 you almost earned 60% probability of success even without feng shui.

Let’s take one example that a lot of my female clients love to ask, to save a broken marriage. i am sure you noticed that today’s divorce rates are on the rise especially in a developed economy like Singapore. If you can recall during our “grandfather or grandmother” time, the word “divorce” is little heard off or even scorn at and to add on to this irony, some of the marriage partners did not even see each other before marriage! Then why there are so little divorce during those days? what change? personality? societal values? environment? i believe you are smart enough to understand what i am getting at.

You see our society has become less forgiving, less empathy and less tolerant. You may wonder how does all these got to do with what i am doing i.e. feng shui, bazi, auspicious name, C-birth etc. The truth is it does relate. Again let’s use the same example, clients look to you for help in their marriage, so first you have to examine your own personality traits? are you tolerant to each other? have you done everything humanly possible? Then i will look into your birth configuration objectively…follow by feng shui audit to see where are the problem areas. Identifying the problem is the first step towards a solution isn’t it? In other words what i am saying is don’t every single little trivial thing that happen in your life blame bad feng shui or bad birth profile.

Bazi and Feng Shui always the patsy

Your business does not do well. Is it feng shui ? or the lack of marketing finesse? or your products or services that you offer is no longer in demand e.g. video renting, books, printed words…or the more relevant question is are you suited to do your own business? Please allow me to share with you one enterprising female client of mine who started her own business but failing. After helping her to improve her business through feng shui, i candidly told her that she is not suited to do her own business and to my surprise she admitted that she think so too. I checked her bazi configuration, she is better employed as a professional to work for a big corporation and continue to work as long as she live than even switching jobs. Again her replied was she did well in a Bank and enjoys good promotions over the years. She started her own business because of her 10-years luck pillar change which influences her to make the bad decision of starting on her own. Yes she may be highly skilled to do that business but she do not have the “risk-taking” nature and other qualities of an entrepreneur. One thing for sure is best for a person who holds a high self-esteem of themselves not to go into doing own specialise service business. Why? One can’t accept customers criticism of the service that one offer. After you have done all that soul searching about your own personality traits than we can start exploring avenues like feng shui and birth luck enhancements.


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