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Feng shui 4 main methods to find your child’s most favourable 文昌 study area

Most parents indulge in self-blame if their kids do not perform well in schools. Here are 4 effective  feng shui  methods   to enhance your child’s abilities to focus on study by re-creating a conducive area. i have seen a lot of other feng shui master that place pagodas, chinese calligraphy brushes, bamboo shoots, crystals etc in the study room; these will only enhance your child’s focus provided the location is the correct education wen chang segment. In fact if the position of his study desk is chosen accurately, you don’t even need to put any enhancements! However understand Singapore kiasu parents most of them would request me to put something there to help their child’s education. 

In Feng Shui, Wen chang 文昌 (文曲星) is the academic star that dominates the fate of literature. Therefore, there is a strong relationship between the Wen chang study position and orientation related to your child’s studies aptitude.

Due to Earth’s magnetic field and celestial stars, different rooms in the same housing, and even different locations in the same room, reading and studying pattern, the effect on the child are completely different. Therefore, many parents are hopeful look into the correct position for their children. Here you go the 4 main methods.

1. Using the Destiny of your Home  

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Every home there is a predestined position for the education star-wen chang 文昌.

  • Sitting Position North 坎宅 is at Northeast sector 艮卦
  • Sitting position Northeast 艮宅 is at North sector 坎卦
  • Sitting position East 震宅 is at Northwest sector 乾卦
  • Sitting position Southeast  巽宅  is at centre sector 中宮
  • Sitting position South 离宅  is at South sector 离卦
  • Sitting position Southwest 坤宅 is at West sector 兑卦
  • Sitting position West 兑宅  is at Southwest sector 坤卦
  • Sitting position Northwest 乾宅  is at the East sector 震卦

See illustration, this is a Northwest house 乾宅  and the study sector in the East 震卦

2. Location where the annual flying star “1” or “4” lands…

This is one of the easiest method to calculate based on the yearly feng shui flying star principles. Take for instance this year 2014, numeric “4” lands in the centre sector and “1” lands in the South-West sector.

Centre sector annual flying star “4” use “4” water-growing bamboo shoot or 1 glass of water.

South-west sector annual flying star “1” use “4” water-growing bamboo shoots to encourage it. By doing so, it also encourages 桃花 which is good for single males and females.

The impact of annual flying star is fast and yield positive results for quick short term fix like having the critical year of education PSLE, GCE O Level, GCE A Level. But in life there is always pros and cons. The impact only last for one year. So you have change the water-growing bamboo shoot every year. Just one word of caution as i mentioned earlier in other articles, it is best for your interest to check your Home destiny feng shui before activating this. 

3. Using your child birth day master or year stem 

This is one of the most reliable method for the calculation of scholarly pursue and great for studies. Using your child’s birth profile to compute the wen chang segment which benefits him throughout his life. Some geomancers use the day heavenly stem to calculate and some uses the year heavenly stem. i personally use the day stem to calculate plus incorporating his lucky elements finding it more accurate. If the study sector is chosen accurately, it is not necessary to place anything to make it better. However some kiasu parents still like to place the pagodas, crystals on the desk. You can follow this Chinese script to find out your child’s wen chang 15 degree segment. Feng shui master (FSM) clients should not have problem using this chart because our audit includes bazi bonus.

甲岁亥巳曲与昌,乙逢马鼠焕文章,丙戊申寅庚亥巳,六丁鸡兔贵十分,壬遇虎猴癸兔西,辛宜子下马名扬 or

It means Day master Jia wood 甲日 person his/her study segment is at 巳 in the south-east sector.


4. Using your home destiny feng shui flying star combo 

This method you have to engage a feng shui master to calculate your home destiny feng shui to find out which sector out of  the 9 is the best education sector. The following flying star combos that meet this criteria are:

一四 同宫,此宫为发科之地,文昌旺,所谓四一同宫科发之名, sorry to use this word sounded rude but easy to understand, this is more beneficial for white collar


6 & 1 combo 虛聯奎壁,啟八代之文章, 文武雙全 this is more suited to blue collar like military and engineers

9 & 4 combo 木见火而生聪明之士 suitable for anybody but more for the arts inclined

On the other hand these are the sectors that you should avoid using as study because it dulls the mind and make us more retarded.

9 & 2 combo or 9 & 5 combo 生愚钝顽夫 meets getting stupid ,无家室之相依

More tips to help your child in study

Most of your child’s learning and studying takes place outside of the classroom, so creating the right environment is a MUST. If you have any bad study habits, the wrong work space will magnify them.

Some tips to make sure you set up the right home study ambience.

1. Identify your child wen chang position based on any of the above 4 methods and install the study table. This is the most conducive atmosphere for him to study, even better if you can match up with your child’s bazi favourable element direction.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Find out what distract your child and keep it away. This could be anything from a iPhone to his game console.

3. Clean Up & Organize Your Space

Organize your area  but not necessary super tidy. Make sure everything he needs are within reach, so he don’t have to get up in the midst of studying for a pencil or highlighter.

4. Work Out, stay healthy

Your child also needs rest. A tired body does not work well in studies.

5. Try to work out a schedule with him for both work and play.

6. Unplug online distractions from social networking like facebook.

7. Ensure that your child adopt the right posture to sit and study at a young age. Posture is important, especially when spending long hours studying. You don’t need to find him an OSIM chair, but a comfortable one.

8. Schedule regular breaks in his time-table. Our brain needs regular breaks to work at full capacity. A simple time management method is have him study for 30 minutes, take a 2 minute break, and resume. Use a timer, if that helps.

9. Let your child personalise his or her own study room. It makes him or her feel responsible too. Place his or her bazi lucky element to improve her concentration if need be. It can be plants, water etc. Choose your child’s lucky colour to bring up the positive energies.

10. Open bookshelves are alright in a kid’s study room. No such thing as poison arrows.

11. Use pastel colors for the kid’s study room that is conducive to his bazi birth profile favourable elements.

12. Ensure that the kid’s room door is not facing the toilet door or his study desk.

13. Ensure there are windows in the study room and the brightness of the room is balance, not too dark nor too bright.

14. Please do not place creepy stuff inside the kid’s room like headless monsters, vampires, etc or even warriors that may influence his aggressive attitude. This is purely psychology than feng shui.

15. The kid’s study desk ideally should not be beside the room door or in line with the door.

16. The study table should not be too near to toilet. It pollutes the study area and discourages the wen chang 文昌 star vibes.

17. In the absence of birth reading, pastel green or pastel blue color is the most suitable for studies because 四绿为文昌之神,职司禄位 wood star ; 一白为官星之应,主宰文章 water star; however please ensure that “wood” or “water” are not his unfavourable elements.

18. Do not punish your child by letting him sit under an overhead beam, a right angle beam at the side of the wall is not an overhead beam. Even if the study table is under the overhead beam is alright so long is not on top of his head.

Study Quick Fix base on 2014 feng shui forecast

In feng shui the two key sectors that impacts children’s welfare, North-East for boys below 20 years old and girls the West sector. In chinese astrology bagua Gen Gua 艮卦 and Dui Gua 兑卦. The other sector to look into is South-East sector which is the Wen Chang GENERALLY for all the houses.  The best is to use Xuan Kong Flying Star or ba zi to calculate his wen chang sector.

However if you cannot afford to look into your destiny home feng shui, a quick fix and fast results for children education’s focus is to look out for the annual flying star “1” or “4” or “6” or “9”.  However this is not advisable due to the lack of understanding of your home configuration.

For those bazi favourable element is wood, in year of the wood horse 2014 forecast “4” wen chang star is in the centre and for 2015 it is inside the North-West sector. And for those bazi favourable element is water 1, in year 2014 feng shui forecast is in South-West and 2015 in East sector.

In the light of today’s knowledge based economy, your child’s education has become of primary importance. Most parents would want their children to receive scholarship or earned a double degree in a knowledge-based economy like Singapore.

The “wen chang” position can be base on house feng shui destiny, annual flying star (varies every year), birth profile (lifetime) or Forms. Wen Chang is particularly helpful to concentrate and focus on studies. Unlike alot of websites or apps that provide you with the cardinal sector on where to find your wen chang sector of your study table, they failed to mention to you that it has to be compatible with the person’s bazi  favourable element as well.

The calculation of 文昌 wen chang is not necessary restricted to children studies, it can apply to those professionals that requires lots of brain power e.g. writer, journalist, analyst etc In geomancy getting the right wenchang sector helps us to focus and concentrate. If you want to further enhance it you can place four chinese calligraphy brushes or four bamboo shoots

There are countless methods to compute the study spot. These are the easier ones for you to do it at home.


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