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Why it is important to choose an auspicious Chinese name for your child?

The main reason is to compensate the imbalance or deficiency in the element chain of your child’s birth configuration 八字喜忌用神. Life is not perfect so are we. Nobody can claim that he or she is perfect. During bazi reading and feng shui i always tell my client “an excess of a strength is a weakness itself”. Take for example,  thinking and analysing before making a decision is great but over-thinking, leads you into a state of inertia, risk-averse and ultimately becomes a road block for you to succeed in life. The key is to find the right balance between thinking and doing.

Bazi classification 八字格局 身弱、身旺、从弱、从旺 and more

Basic Chinese bazi reading classify a person’s birth profile as a “normal” category of strong/weak profile or even under a “special” category. This is just one of the many methods used to interpret a person’s birth profile.

Sometimes it is not to interpret the bazi profile  as strong or weak but checking the “temperature” of a person’s configuration. Some bazi can be “cold ” those born in harsh winter season or born in summer experiencing drought. It is not easy to understand but let me try to illustrate, a “metal” person born in summer will melt and born in winter is too cold to be of any use. Hence we are trying to achieve a “balance” here in name reading by slotting in the elements that are necessary but it may not be the “missing” elements.

Sometimes is a matter of having an “intermediary” between the clash of 2 conflicting elements. E.g. Fire and Water needs “wood” to act as a middleman for the person’s bazi.

Why we need to correct the element/s imbalance or deficiency?

The favourable elements for a person that falls short or weak are penalise by what the element represents. It can be “wealth” or “authority” or “talents” and bazi reading term it as the 10 stars 八字十神 or 10 Gods whichever you like to call it. If you analyse the birth chart below, you will notice that the person’s “water” element 正印/偏印星 are missing from his configuration  which represents subordinate support, blessings, academic achievements,  self-study, benefactors, etc.

Birth reading feng shui master sgThere is a chinese saying that goes like this, “Instead of giving your child gold, teach him a skill. Instead of teaching him a skill, bestow a good name upon your child.”

There are some Chinese Name reading masters that provide you with a list of names churn out from computer software. This is based on a set of algorithm and basic formula on the number of strokes to match the surname. However the computer software is not intelligent enough to analyse the child’s favourable “elements”. Why? because it is not like the binary code that goes 1+1=2.

It is easier to illustrate by example. Chart above shows the Day Master is Jia Wood person. He is born in the earth month of late winter. His earth which is wealth is strong notice the 3 yellow boxes. There are only 2 supporting elements day and time root both wood. Absence of water element. 1 Metal on the year stem and 1 fire on the time stem. So if you download the app from android or iphone you will end up with “Jia Wood” weak profile because out of the 7 boxes ( excluding the Day master which is yourself ) only 2 supports and 5 draining away the wood energies.

The problem is the software failed to recognised the year, day and time 寅卯辰 root form the trilogy of “wood” element. Hence this weak wood profile is transform into a strong wood profile. Birth reading is interesting because combination of certain elements make an element stronger or weaker. This is considered a simple version, there are more complicated ones.

The accuracy of using the birth profile analysis is 0.000 000 07 of someone sharing the same fate. Getting an auspicious chinese baby name without doing this analysis is very risky because the name follow the child for a whole lifetime, unlike feng shui audit where you can re-arrange the furniture if you are wrong. All of us are born different and we have different needs. Whether you are the richest man in the world or the greatest living pop idol of the century you are still born with certain favourable and unfavourable elements.

The concept behind in getting an auspicious baby’s name or modify it is the theory of “balance”. The yin yang theory and adjustment to suit our your birth profile element’ requirements.

An Auspicious name lends a helping hand to your child’s dream to pursue his goals.

“Getting an auspicious name is one of the 10 main aspects to give your child a competitively edge to succeed in life. Don’t deprive him from this lifetime gift. He will appreciate your unconditional love when he grow up.”

Here are the main aspects affecting an individual’s life

Destiny 一命,Luck 二运,Feng Shui 三风水,Charity 四积德,Education 五读书,Name六名,Facial 七相,Respect God 八敬神,Networking 九交贵人,Self-preservation 十养生,Career choice 十一择业与 Marriage partner 择偶,Avoid bad stuff 十二趋吉及避凶

There is a famous chinese saying written by Confucius’ Analects

“名不正,则言不顺;言不顺,则事不成” (míng bù zhèng,yán bù shùn)

A person’s name is like a brand. Choosing an auspicious Chinese name is a very personal thing, if your name is not done accurately, first it does not sound good and it makes things difficult for your child to have a smooth journey in life.

One’s destiny depends on the birthday and the name. The name represents one’s vitality. A good name is able to get praises and good feeling from others. Therefore one’s good name is able to supplement one’s bad destiny. It will cut down some troubles, unhappiness, calamity, and further increase one’s safety, stable and prosperous living.

The list of Chinese characters selection given by Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd are manually done and pre-filtered to fit the following criteria:

1. Most important it must balance with the child’s 八字用神 Birth profile (Bazi) requirements of the 5 elements. Hence the child’s bazi configuration will be analysed.

2. Matches the Yin and Yang Principle of the Name algorithm

3. Name that is meaningful and easy to pronounce

4. Matches with 81 strokes basic principles

5. Avoid bad connotations in a Chinese name.

6. Compatible with the concept of the five elements 三才. (The Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth), the five notes of traditional Chinese music. (Gong, Shang, Jiao, Zheng, Yu), the classifications of lip, teeth, tongue, throat.

7. Meets the structure of the nomenclature, Tian Ge 天格 (not important see below for further explanations about 熊崎氏姓名學), 人格 Ren Ge (most important), Di Ge 地格, Wai Ge 外格 Zong Ge 总格 i.e. Heaven, Human, Earth, Networking and Total score.

One common misnomer is to use the algorithm written by a Japanese  熊崎氏姓名學 which is generally cater to 4 Chinese character name. Since most local Chinese name consist of 3 Chinese characters, this formula add 1 stroke to the Chinese surname to form Tian Ge to suit the 4 Characters style. As for names that consist of “2 Chinese character” e.g. 成 龍 based on this principle will be considered bad because it forcefully add 1 stroke of Chinese character to the first name.

Express your love and give a good name for your baby that is favourable to your child’s birth configuration while young.  Let him or her enjoy a great head start in life!


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