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Why it is important to choose an auspicious Chinese name for your child?

In order to compensate for  inadequacy in a child’s 5-Element configuration 八字喜忌用神. Life is not perfect so are we. One’s birth chart is never flawless. Over so many years i have witnessed these common Birth Chart weaknesses:

a. birth profile too hot or too cold
b. missing 1 or more of the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal & water)
c. lucky element not found in birth chart
d. conflict or clashes found in chart
e. others

Auspicious Chinese Name is to find a Bazi solution

Basic Chinese bazi reading broadly classify a person’s birth profile as “Standard” or “Special” category. Standard bazi classification follows the norm to reduce when Birth profile is strong and strengthen when Birth profile is weak to achieve balance. Special bazi classification is direct opposite to standard correction formula.

Sometimes it is not about evaluating a strong or weak day master but checking the “temperature 调候” of a person’s birth configuration. For instance a Fire day master born in summer is too hot and Water born in winter is too cold. Imagine a “metal” person born in summer, it melts in summer and freezes in winter. Hence the calculation of an auspicious baby name is to find a solution to prevent such happening.

Sometimes the character selection for chinese name is to find a “mediator” between 2 conflicting elements. E.g. the clash of Fire and Water needs “wood” to correct the conflict.

Certain aspects in life falling short

In any birth structure all important aspects of life are represented e.g. health, relationship, career, wealth, parents etc. Sometimes a favourable element may fall short or destroyed entirely by another element.

Take for instance a strong “water” day master birth chart below, does not have sufficient wood which are his “talents” OR fire represented as “wealth”. This will impede the child’s life.

Another example of a birth chart where “water” element is totally missing. It is call the 正印/偏印星 supporting stars. This will hinder the child’s education development, self-cultivation, subordinate support, parental relationship particularly his mother and  benefactors.

A well known chinese saying goes like this, “Instead of giving your child gold, teach him a skill. Instead of teaching him a skill, bestow a good name upon your child.”

An Auspicious Chinese Name improve his chances in life

There are some Chinese Name reading service that provide you with a list of names churn out from computer software. This is based on a fixed algorithm and computation to match the auspicious number of strokes for the surname without considering the birth chart’s favourable elements.

Getting an auspicious name is one of the great Chinese wisdom to give your child a headstart and increase his opportunities to succeed in life. Don’t deprive him from this lifetime gift. He will appreciate your unconditional love when he grow up.

Here are main aspects affecting an individual’s life:

Destiny 一命,Luck 二运,Feng Shui 三风水,Charity 四积德,Education 五读书,Name六名,Facial 七相,Respect God 八敬神,Networking 九交贵人,Self-preservation 十养生,Career choice 十一择业与 Marriage partner 择偶,Avoid bad stuff 十二趋吉及避凶

A famous chinese saying written by Confucius’ Analects

“名不正,则言不顺;言不顺,则事不成” (míng bù zhèng,yán bù shùn)

Auspicious chinese name – a blessed life time investment

A person’s name is like a brand. Choosing an auspicious Chinese name is a very personal thing. If your name is not done accurately, it does not sound good and it makes things difficult for your child to have a smooth journey in life.

One’s destiny depends on the birthday and the name represents one’s vitality. A good name invites praises and good feeling from others. It will cut down some unnecessary troubles, unhappiness, calamity and further improve your baby’s health and stability.

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