Covid Survival

Covid Survival feng shui tool

Since the covid pandemic was declared in Jan 2020, it affects our society, economy, lifestyle, relationships etc. This are trying times. In my opinion we are only in the first phase people falling sick and global doctors hunting for cures. The aftermath is going to be unpleasant even when covid-19 is over with the global business economy falling sick next.

It is no surprise that some of my clients are affected and new enquiries asking me for help. The consensus is lack of money. The result of retrenchment. Marriage relationship another side-issue because couples are spending more time together working from home. The social stress that comes with the pandemic disruption makes it difficult for people to breath fresh air without wearing a mask and chill. Let’s face it nobody like changes. 

Covid Survival feng shui tool

Tactical feng shui survival tool by Month

To reduce some anxieties i came up with this covid survival feng shui tool. In view of desperate times i purposely integrate formulas that can generate short term rapid results. E.g. finding a new job. Due to it’s intensity it only last for 1 month. For some, now is not the time for big dreams but to put food on the table.

How to use this Covid Survival Feng shui tool 

First you must know all the sectors of your home. Feng shui master clients should not have this problem. For those who need help you can send me your floor plan with the direction of your house so that i can help you. The service is FOC, no questions asked.

As i reiterated many times in my web posts, feng shui is “actively engaging” the positive areas of your house and not placing items all over the shop.

This monthly chart from 05 Jun to 06 July 2020 i incorporated San Xuan, Qi Men and Zi Bai flying star into a condensed form. 

Focus on 1 Activity 1 Objective in 1 sector per month

Either using your own room or the entire house as the center, locate Northeast, North and Southwest sector. Result from the entire house is better than a small room. NE will be the sector for you to look for a new job if you are being retrenched. Bring your laptop or mobile and get into NE sector this month to make calls to job agency or friends in similar industry or type a fresh resume for career openings. Southwest will be the area for mental clarity, soul-searching, coming up with new ideas or solutions to tackle your business problems or any current challenges maybe. It is also a useful sector to pick up a new skill. North area of your home is good for relationship such as talking to your spouse or improving your status in society or job market.

My advice is to do whatever necessary to achieve one objective at a time, by focusing on one sector that solve your immediate problem. For e.g. if you are seeking a new job use only NE sector. Don’t get greedy and try to achieve other things by using the other 2 sectors.


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