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Period 8 Home/Office feng shui 宅命 Destiny

Interestingly not many Singaporeans are aware there is such thing as “宅命” and i attempt to translate in English “Home/Office Destiny”. Most understand 人命 but not the House or Office Feng Shui fate which is similar, permanent and generic. The first step to buy a house or office is to assess whether the “Destiny” is good or bad. The importance of Office/Home Destiny feng shui cannot be understated as it affects “all occupants” or “employees” of the premise. Extracted from the Great grand master of feng shui  蒋大鸿 Year 1616-1714


人生 最重 是 阳基,  却与坟莹福力齐. 宅气不宁招祸咎,骨埋真穴贵难期. In a nutshell it is of paramount importance to choose the Right Home 阳基 because it interacts with our “人生life”. YOLO!

The calculation of the “Feng Shui House Destiny” is based on the principles of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star school 三元玄空 八运飞星格局. This can only be measure using a luo pan to ascertain the orientation & sitting “degree” of the house. Unlike 8 Mansions theory which is broadly classify a house destiny by 8 sectors, Period 8 Xuan Kong Flying star utilise 24 “mountains” consisting of 48 combinations 八运廿四山四十八局. It subdivided per gua refining into 3 segments. Within this 15 degree segment only 9 degrees is use as 下卦. Anything out of the 9 degree precision we use an alternative method call 兼向替星訣.

luo-pan-feng-shui-masterDistinction : 旺山旺向 Best of both worlds – positive influence on health and wealth
坐未向丑,坐丑向未,坐亥向巳,坐巳向亥,坐巽向乾,坐乾向巽。NE/SW & NW & SE but it must fall ideally within the “9” degree segment. So one can’t use the iPhone or android compass to measure the degree etc. Generally great for family with kids. Orientations circle in red.

The Worst: 上山下水 Negative influence on health and wealth OR “ICU (intensive care unit)” home

坐戌向辰,坐辰向戌,坐申向寅,坐寅向申,坐坤向艮,坐艮向坤。Found in Northeast/Southwest & Northwest/Southeast orientations. The sub-segment shaded in grey are the bad ones. Does not matter who stay, not advisable for anybody to reside even if bazi (birth profile compatibility) maybe suitable. Negative rating. Detrimental on Health and Wealth aspects.

双星到山 Good health but negative help on wealth. Average units.
坐壬向丙,坐甲向庚,坐丁向癸,坐酉向卯,坐午向子,坐辛向乙。Excellent for retirees.

双星到向 Good wealth and negative help on health. Average units.
坐丙向壬,坐庚向甲,坐癸向丁,坐乙向辛,坐卯向酉,坐子向午。Good wealth, amazing for young, single professionals and business feng shui.

Feng Shui Master Singapore HOME Tips

  1. One fundamental requisite is that the external and internal “form” attributes of your home must match the destiny too. Hence for a home destiny that possess good health and wealth; the wealth star must land at the roads (external) leading towards the house and main door (internal). The mountain star must reside at high rise buildings (external) OR bed position/high cabinets (internal). On the other hand where the apartment destiny is bad health and wealth it may not be entirely bad if the external attributes support the contrary.

  2. It is WRONG PERCEPTION to choose a house based on occupants birth profile or Bazi favourable elements. One should choose a home with  Great 宅命 Destiny and all the important functions of a home are within workable sectors e.g. Main Door should be ideally at Home Destiny Wealth sector 财位.  In other words if your house wealth sector is missing or within the toilet then making a living is going to be “challenging”. For singles one might ensure that that the 桃花 “peach blossom” sector is not missing. For those who uses their homes as SOHO for business, this missing sector will handicap your networking circles, popularity and getting customers to recommend your services. For certain professions like free-lance sales job (e.g. property agents, insurance agents) TV stars, lawyers and so forth,  where reputation is deem essential to succeed this sector definitely should not be missing!

  3. It is not necessary to choose a Singapore feng shui home that matches your Gua Number. A family of 4 or even 2 chances of having a East family and a West family member is very high and in this case it is impossible even to find a home to stay. Simply East family had 4 good and 4 bad sectors and what is good for the East is bad for the West so you probably end up with no house to stay.
  4. If you wanted a short-cut generalisation (which is risky) choose the main door that is located (not orientation) in the North-East Sector, this is the Best choice in the 8th period (Year 2004-Year 2023) xuan kong feng shui theory. In chinese feng shui is call the True God 正神方 收山= 正神 ( non-religious just a term ) position. If the main door is located in the South-West and enjoys the view of the sea or reservoir then South-West sector 零神方 出煞 for wealth energies; if you are the CEO of the company and wanted to enjoy corporate leadership then an East door location call the illuminate God or 照 神方
  5. Getting an auspicious fengshui orientation of the house where the sitting and facing direction is “current” within the the 8th period (辅星纯清) or 9th period ( 弼星纯清)based on xuankong feng shui flying star. Some of these auspicious degree that belongs to the 8th period are 八运, 困, 节(102.5/105 degree), 贲, 旅, 复, 豫, 小畜(153/156 degree), 姤 that is within the red dot of the luopan 辅星 纯清 within the 64 trigram. Then you have to match this degree with the rest of your home feng shui furnishings positioning e.g. bed placement.
  6. The internal home invisible energies should match the external feng shui environment of the house. The destiny of your home should have water star “8” or “9” land at your main door and possess good combo i.e. compatible with the mountain star. This is the most “current” and “quickest” wealth sector before 2024. Like i have mentioned above, it must be supported by external form attributes e.g. swimming pool, roads, MRT stations etc.
  7. Solely based on “Forms” school, having a broad spacious open space 明堂 朱雀 Fiery Pheonix (just a symbolic term) in front of your house is good fengshui provided there is a lower building 案山 in front to lock in the “air energies” which is feng shui wealth. Your left hand (with you standing at your door facing outwards) should have a building similar in size and height 左有青龙 Green Dragon which is good for feng shui benefactors / mentors luck. Your right hand side 右有白虎 White Tiger should also have a another builder slightly smaller in size or height “to balance” to the 2 sides like “bodyguards” of your home. At the back of your home there should be a taller building 靠山玄武 Snake Tortise which acts as a feng shui mountain behind you. The back signify the superior help in your business. This layout is like the China forbidden city. The mystical animals are just symbols.
  8. A lot of people paid a huge price just to look at the sea (like those East cost and Marina bay) houses thinking that “water” in chinese 水 means wealth. That again have to match with the flying star combo, yin yang and 5 elements. Observe carefully the external landscape of your environment using your unit as the central focal point. Do you see hospitals, fire station, police stations, roads, bridges, temples, in-coming roads and the out-going roads. In business feng shui incoming and outgoing roads are extremely important. Presently overlooking South-West or East direction are auspicious water positions. Check out Singapore Feng Shui for details about water (wealth) directions.
  9. Interior design of your house is just as important to match with the Destiny, Birth Profile favourable elements, gua etc. A lot of feng shui masters in Singapore is overly concern with the “water” (wealth) aspects of feng shui but overlook the “mountain” aspects which concerns health use it correctly 收山出煞 it enables good health. “No health No wealth principle”. Wealth here refers to income and not windfall.
  • The location of your main door (not orientation) on which sector should match the Destiny of your house feng shui. 在阳宅风水中,大门是至关重要的。在<<阳宅三要: 将“门”, Main Door not back door or window “主” Bed position not the entire bedroom,“灶” Stove position not the entire kitchen  称为三要 the 3 Critical necessities of home feng shui. 《八宅明镜》中有云:“阳宅首重大门,the most important component of a house is the Main Door 以大门为气口,纳气旺则吉,衰气则凶”。又云:“宅以门为吉凶,路为助,门向辨”.
  • The layout of your home should be regular in shape ideally a square, no unwanted sharp corners, beams hovering, missing sectors. Please do not get a very longish house meaning the breath is less than 1/3 of the length.
  • Check out the bad vibes such as T-Junction, Rotten trees, temples, police station, hospitals, mortuary, expressways, blinding reflection of light from neighbourhood building 反光煞, very high decibel environment such as airplane, MRT 声音煞, smelly 气味煞 such as clogged drains, rubbish chutes, 割脚煞 buildings that is submerged below the roads or too near to the roads 镰刀煞 bridges or roads that is convex to you, 白虎煞 right handside of the building under construction, long narrow corridors 穿剑煞, doorway leading towards a staircase downwards 梯冲煞 or facing the Lift door (depends on your invisible flying star combo). Business feng shui thrives on negative energies but with catches.
  • A balance of illumination. If the house feng shui is too bright, it is difficult to accumulate wealth, if it is too dim then you will attracted “unwanted visitors” and sicknesses To quote feng shui principle: 经云:”孤阴不生,独阳不长” The chinese feng shui classic means a balance of yin and yang energies are necessary for all things to grow and develop. As an illustration you need the Sun and the Moon, Day and Night, Male and Female etc
  • Water e.g. toilet and Fire e.g. the stove position or kitchen should not land on the intersection lines at the centre of your house 水火忌十字. Some of the common bad effects are unstable income, prone to falling sick, extra marital affairs, quarrel, tension, discord, heart, blood, circulatory system health issues; If the toilet lands in the center of the whole house, bad effects are kidney, urinary, intestines  and for ladies it may affect pregnancy etc.
  • The size of the home should be in ratio with the number of your family occupants, this is to balance the “yin and yang” energies.
  • The storey or floor level of your house that you choose is of no significance to match the home owner’s bazi birth profile or gua number. Some feng shui master in Singapore will tell you this 1 and 6th floor is water, 2,7 fire, 3,8 wood, 4,9 metal and 5,10 earth. The unit number is of no consequence.
  • The colour scheme of your house should be balance between warm and cold colours. Bold colours like black and bright red to use with proper feng shui guidance.
  • Avoid facing sharp corners that is less than 90 degree from the edges of neighbourhood blocks. A lot of my clients misunderstood between sharp corners and perpendicular edges.
  • In the 21st century we look at skyscrapers, tall buildings as mountains and roads, MRT tracks, overhead bridges, as “water”. In Chinese astrology feng shui wisdom 高一寸为山低一寸为水 the physical roads leading towards and away from your house is very important because it affects your “connection with wealth”.”古人云:山管人丁水管财” whereas mountains affects the health aspects of your family.
  • “山环水抱,气聚有情” please do not misinterpret this as facing an open ocean or sea means auspicious, The sea must be trap by an island of some sort in order to contain the “qi” or the lucky energies.
  • Do not live in the basement of the house, is quite similar to having your house submerged below the road. Even base on hygiene there are lots of dust,virus and bacteria. Occupants who stayed in a home or work in shops with the roads higher commonly have joint problem especially on the legs.
  • Do not get a house with tilted or slanted door, it simply does not work.
  • These pointers are general guidelines, it is to your interest to engage a professional feng shui master to do a good job for your home. Think about this you invested $50,000 to do up your home and may not have a positive effect on your loved ones. By merely engaging a good feng shui master for say $1,000 you are assured of getting the best out your home sweet home situation. After doing a beautiful interior design on your house and suffered 3 months later with some bad happenings is not worth to chance it. One could possibly lose more.

*the above are useful guidelines many factors to consider as well


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