5 Element ehancement

Feng shui 5 element enhancement

Five element cycle is the foundation study of feng shui and bazi. Understanding how it works will help us in many ways. An authentic chinese script 青囊经 mentioned the importance of five element feng shui principle “顺五兆”. 兆 connotes 征兆、兆头、卜兆,sign or omen that is going to happen 开始之意 signs of  prediction,so “五兆” 是 五行 的开始.

Almost all feng shui remedies are derive from the 5 element formula. Here are some representations or symbolism that you can use to enhance your house or office feng shui. instead of feng shui commercial products.

feng shui 5 elements principle

The principles of five elements theory is basically “constructive” or “destructive”. the blue arrow represents constructive i.e. fire grows earth. The blue arrow represent destruction e.g. wood conquer earth. In a figurative sense, forest ( wood ) needed water to grow, wood produces fire, fire makes the soil ( earth ) fertile and gold ( metal ) mining from the earth. As for destructive cycle, fire melts metal, metal like axe can take down trees ( wood ), roots of trees can break the earth.

Put feng shui aside, we are concern about “balanced” between work vs play, family vs social… Similar analogy of feng shui principles are guided by order, yin-yang, brightness vs darkness. 

Five Element applied in feng shui 

Yi Jing, the feng shui element principle can be expanded into body parts, characteristics, colors, shapes and tastes. Ideally for home or office feng shui all these five elements are present. Assume your larger areas in your office or home are North-water element.  Water represent intelligence & mobility. The excess of North sector means that your employees are confused or overthink. In body parts it represent issues with kidney and urinary system. 

One can also reverse-engineer 5 element feng shui. If kidney or bladder or urinary is the common problem in the family, then we could evaluate the North sector. Check whether there are pipe leakage, crack walls, broken tiles, rusty items, decomposed stuff, broken items…well you got the idea. 

Five elements applied in bazi

The five elements in fengshui home can also be applied to a person’s bazi configuration or birth profile. Hence if you are the boss and you wanted to find someone that is exceptionally trustworthy and reliable, get someone that his bazi / eight characters of fate is filled with “earth” heavenly stem and earthly roots, like below; because earth represents “trustworthiness”.

Imbalance of the feng shui 5 elements cycle causes disruption
Excess of fire – bad temper, hypocrite
Excess of metal – overly obsessed with justice lead to impulsion and misdirection
Wood – over compassion lead to gullible
Earth – mistrust
Water – over-think, inaction

Earth element

Dry earth: 1 – 3 pm and 7 – 9pm ( where there is fire element inside )
Wet earth 1 – 3 am and 7- 9am ( where there is water element inside )
Sickness related to earth element are intestinal issues, bowels, ulcer,
lucky stuff that are symbolic to the earth are the actual earth i.e. soil, rocks, granite, pebbles, natural crystals.
Centre, North-East, South-West
Strengths: Honest, Integrity, Trustworthy, reliable, benevolent, quiet
Weaknesses: slow to respond, overly relax

Feng Shui element Fire

time: 9am to 1pm
Sector: South
sickness tendency: heart, blood, circulatory problems
color : shades of red, pink, purple, orange
lucky stuff: mobile phones, personal computers, electronic gadgets e.g. ipad, android tablet etc, smoking, hard liquor
Strengths: Polite, Positive, open-minded, passionate
Weaknesses: Impulsive, impatient

Feng Shui element Wood

3 am to 7 am…get up early at this hour and walk or run towards the East before going to work
East, South-East
an individual who is short of wood tends to have illnesses relating to bones e.g. arthritis
Colour: various shades of green
lucky stuff: be a greenie, grow plants in your office and home
Strengths: Cherish friendship/relationship, compassionate, honest, rational
Weaknesses: Stubborn, sometimes bias

Feng Shui element Water

9pm to 1 am
Illnesses related to water are kidney, nose and ear
Color : shades of black, blue and grey
Lucky stuff are fish tank, wavy structures, fountain, bathtub.
Strengths: Intelligent, hyper-active, multi-talented, agile
Weaknesses: opportunistic, sometimes unable to withdraw when something goes bad

Feng Shui element Metal

3 – 7 pm
Illnesses related to metal are lungs and respiratory organs
Color : white, silver and metallic shades
Lucky stuff are silver or gold accessories, chains.
Strengths: Sharp, energetic, brave, decisive
Weaknesses: Overly strict, overly aggressive



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