Feng shui for Singapore family bonding

As a local born Singaporean, i have seen much progress in technology advancement in Singapore but not on human relations. The world is fast paced with internet, smart phones and people do not communicate as much. i am sure you have notice that over the last decade you see busy Singaporeans either talking on their smartphones or texting or watching online videos. i am not surprise that in 10 years time there will be good business for ophthalmologist or osteopathic doctor for eyes or chiropractor or orthopedist for stiff neck.  Quite frankly i am amused, those days we don’t have phones yet people have closer ties?

Most family instead of spending quality time bonding together end up on facebooks, texting, video games and other techno toys. Here are some feng shui tips to improve family bonding. Amazing things happen when a family comes together. A family that can bond together will be a family that is united forever to withstand the hard knocks in life. Work, school, extracurricular activities; these daily activities that make our lives so busy create difficulties for parents to foster a bond with their children.

1. Watch out for unwanted doors, doors that faces each other, the more doors you create the higher chances of  “disagreement”,  “conflict” and “tension”.

2. Check out your home orientation, does it sits North faces South or sits South faces North. This cardinal points are prone to “quarrel”.

3. Watch out for your feng shui home destiny quarrelsome and gossip mountain and water star “3”. 三碧禄存星 口舌是非. Engage a good feng shui master to neutralise the conflicts. In addition do keep an eye on annual flying star quarrelsome 3, this year 2014 the quarrelsome star lands in the South-East sector. The characteristic of flying star “3” is “wood” element and this year the quarrelsome star is amplify because South-East is a “wood” element sector. Year 2015 is in the centre. Year 2016 in the North-West sector.

4. Activate the your home destiny “9” water flying star to encourage love, compassion and to dilute the bad effects of flying star “3”.

5. Have some water-growing plants in the East sector of your house to enhance compassion and tolerance among your family members.

feng shui water growing plants

6. Choose a colour theme that is compatible to your family members favourable bazi elements. It should be balance so that all your family members can benefit. For instance if “wood” is the common denominator based on birth profile reading, then introduce more “live” plants at home or paint the entire house with pastel green colour. Artificial plants does not work in home feng shui because they do not possess energy by itself.

7. Avoid excessive flowers at home, this increase the chances of extramarital affairs if place in the wrong sector. Obviously for singles this works differently.

8. Using the common 8 mansions feng shui theory, find out the 廉貞 star position to reduce bad temper and conflicts.

9. Try to create a harmonious environment by balancing the “阴阳 静动 yin and yang” principles of your house, not too bright or too dark. This includes colour scheme that only uses white or only black. I have seen a house that the lady owner refuse to accept any other colours then black. Well different strokes i guess.

10. Ensure that the feng shui five elements are not broken. It should consist of the five elements which are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  Any excess or shortfall of a certain element can pose trouble. Any excess of a certain element weakens another element. For instance if the house majority of the windows faces south which are fire energies and the home is filled with electronic toys. The bad effects of excessive fire diminishes the element of metal and wood causing your family members to be impatient and less tolerant with each other.

11. Take a look at your home main door, is it facing anything bad vibes that may endanger relationships for e.g. sharp 45 degree corners or constructions.

bad feng shui door

12. Do the same for your windows as well, is it facing an on-going construction, MRT tracks, expressways, T-junctions etc.

Open bookshelf – Killing energy omg

feng shui book shelves

There is this common misconception that bookshelves must be covered, because of poisonous arrows! Some feng shui experts say “open”  bookcase with right angle shelves and the edges exposed sends off killing energy, which is indeed a big joke! Please allow me to relate my own experience i have a few huge and tall open book case (full of feng shui books) that is behind where i am seated for the last 20 years and i do not feel any poison arrows shooting at my back. In fact i feel great with a “mountain” of books behind me. LOL. If you go back in time 3000 years ago do you think the book shelves are open or close? make a guess? In feng shui, poison arrows are bad energies that are symbolic to sharp angular objects. They are NOT 90 degrees. If 90 degree perpendicular is consider as poison arrows then i think most Singapore houses are filled with poison. Why? Tables, coffee table, wardrobe, windows, doors,  walls all have right angles at the joints.

Number of Light bulbs 

Some feng shui masters also consider 3 light bulbs are quarrelsome because it is symbolic to the flying star. Let me ask you this question, what happen you have 4 light bulbs but one light bulb blown? So do you consider 3 or 4 ? If you happen to stay in a good class bungalow are you going to count the lights on your ceiling every day to see how lights are working and how many are not?

Kids study desk, back stabbing no such thing!

Another funny concept is that kids study table should not sitting with their back against the door because this will result in back-stabbing. Back-stabbing applies to kids too? huh? If this is an office layout i would concur but who is going to backstab your kid; you parents? his brothers or sisters? Some even go to the extremities of the right angle corners of tables and chairs…omg. Wow if that is feng shui i am not buying it and you can’t live to enjoy your life. To me this is having a myopia perspective of feng shui.

One thing that is true though, the study table should not be in line with the doorway. This only result in the kid being restless but not because of “back stabbing”. At home who is going to back stab your child? This only apply in business feng shui and not home. i have seen so many houses and i dare say that most kids today in the 21st century are hyperactive; they can’t just sit still and focus. Not sure this is due to the hectic life of Singaporeans or our diet or the stress from schools.

Don’t sweat over small things in feng shui

One feng shui master also say that too bright a colour causes too much yang energy. The colour of walls for your kids bedroom and study should be based on his or her bazi favourable elements and not base on yin or yang. For instance if he needs “earth” element, the walls should be painted light pastel yellow color “yang energies” so long as you do not overdo it.

In feng shui we do not sweat over the little things, as long as the “Destiny” of your home is great, the external and internal attributes supports it, you already scored almost 80 marks in feng shui. Feng shui is suppose to make our life easier not harder! Items like round or square table does not matter. Open or closed book shelves, having storage below the bed etc have no influence in feng shui home. These are all very very trivial in the eyes of feng shui positive energy.

i have recently seen an you tube video and the feng shui master keep mentioning about clearing the clutter at home, bedroom or study because the house is not a storeroom. You do not need to engage a feng shui master to tell you to keep your house clean, it is common sense because it is definitely more hygienic. We are lucky that we are born in Singapore where we have the luxury of space even for HDB, how about those shoe box apartments or Hong Kong houses when every square metre equates mortgage loan or rent. How to clear the clutter? It is good practice to keep it neat and tidy but this is not the critical issue to help the child in study.

Interestingly if you visit my working area, you will find that my room is very messy yet that does not bring me any bad luck. Why? because i am sitting at the best position of my home destiny. i still can focus and get things done!


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