Feng Shui Frequently Asked Question

Over the years these are some of the controversial questions that usually asked by my clients.

Not advisable to install Ceiling fan in feng shui?

feng shui ceiling fani really find this absurd even up till today there are still clients who asked me about ceiling fan being bad feng shui because is on top of you and sort of “pressuring” you creating stress, sickness on the body part? If you look at the structure of air flow in fact is helping you to get “fresh air” see picture below.

A similar  misnomer is that ceiling light should not be on top of you too? Why? i don’t understand why “lights” cannot be on top of you? If you take feng shui home aside then how does office works? Most lights are on top of you in a working environment. If the lights are not on top you then where should the lights be?

Using Gua Ming or Kua Number to do feng shui

Some clients feel that 卦命 is important due to the internet exposure. Problem is if this theory were to work then 50% of the house cannot be utilised. East Gua Number got 4 good and 4 bad sectors. The 4 bad sectors leave it to rot? Moreover this theory got a number of flaws. If you read carefully the teachings it is stated that if the Main Door don’t matches with your gua number, you can use stove …if stove don’t matches you can still do the correct bed placement…wow Then in that case no matter how you do it, it will still match your Gua Ming 卦命 right? The principles are so “loose”…Mind you do not use “kua “number because this is improper hanyu pinyin and goes to show how little you know about chinese culture. We are not Europeans so we do not “enunciate” chinese character into “english” like that. LOL.

Is it necessary to do Annual Home feng shui?

For most feng shui masters in Singapore i believed the answer is a resounding “yes” but i honestly do not feel the need to do so. The thing is once you have done a PROPER HOME DESTINY ANALYSIS PLUS BAZI INCORPORATED you already dilute all the negative energies at home. All you need to do for annual feng shui you only need to look out for “5”, “2”, “3” and “7” and place the rectifications at the specific location of the flying star. You can check out the location of the feng shui yearly flying star for instance 2017.

The remedies for these negative flying stars are standard. 5 and 2 use brass/bronze/copper, 3 use “pink” objects e.g. rose crystal quartz sphere and lastly 7 use a glass of tap water is fine. It is as normal as when you got “headache” you take Panadol. Anything that deviate from normal is not authentic feng shui. A fixed problem a fixed solution, as simple as that. Feng shui only affects 25% of our life, one need not micro manage it and “patang” like how many light bulbs should i use, should i paint my door into white colour, how many fishes should put in my aquarium, can i own a pet dog, omg then we are allowing feng shui to “run or is it ruin” our life! You will be surprised to hear from me that over more than 10 years i rejected all my existing clients to do annual feng shui. Instead i provide the solutions and asked them to D.I.Y.

Do you review after the destiny feng shui evaluation? who will benefit the most from the feng shui ?

My style is do it once and do it correctly. I invested 2 to 3 hours sometimes more just to do the onsite feng shui evaluation, with pictures shown to indicate the correct location to put the remedies. After that follow by a detailed feng shui report which i spent another 2 hours at home to do it. If my client is focus and i dare say almost 95% appreciate my work, follow through my recommendations (with no questions asked, because most questions would have been answered during the audit) then nothing should go wrong. Chances are clients who does not benefit are those with fixed ideas and keep “editing” the recommendations i proposed. These are the rare few who will clarify with you even if you tell them to use a “grey colour” door mat and still asked whether can they use red, blue, green or whatever colour (by the way the proposal was mentioned to them during onsite and they agree), The answer is obviously not, if other colours can be used i would not have used the term “grey colour door mat” right? it is specific.  i seriously find these clients hilarious and really don’t understand even after so many years in business there are still the rare few that asked the same thing. The only assumption i can think of is they really hated “grey” as the colour for their home door mat. From my perspective if there are alternative remedies i would have suggested it but the unfortunately thing is this “work” and why “re-invent” the wheel?



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