Q. Hi, we are moving into a new apartment later this summer. May I know how Master Chan charges for a feng shui audit? What is the type of fengshui that u will be practicing?

Charges of feng shui depends on size of the apartment or hdb or landed.

There are more than 100 feng shui formulas in the market. i used mainly the integration of strengths from the following ones. They are 三元 Xuan Kong flying star 玄空飞星,  八宅命卦 ,玄空大卦,  易理, 峦头,  San He 三合水法,紫白  and supplement by other non-feng shui formulas such as Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 predictions,   八字  bazi bonus tips,  etc

Q. I am in a rush to renovate my condo asap. i am meeting my ID next week. Can you advise on feng shui regarding furniture, placement, colour scheme before our proposed onsite visit? I am prepared to pay you in full. 

Sorry to say i cannot provide professional and useful advice based on floor plan. To do a proper feng shui consultation a “precise degree” of the house facing is necessary to define Home Destiny. This is to establish positive, negative and neutral individual energy sectors. Without the degree, any advice is only based on the physical structure which is only 20% of a proper feng shui audit. Kindly visit the link below for further information.

Home Destiny 宅命

Q. Name change. Just checking with you as I heard that when doing name change master will also talk about Bazi at the same time since is link. * What is the charges? * Duration * Actual location for face to face consultation

for name change and charges this is the web link. the name provide is based on analysis of your bazi which is found in the report so it is not necessary for a face to face discussion.

Q. How many characters for me to choose for baby auspicious name.

i cannot quantify the number of characters for you to choose but you should have more than 100 name combinations  from the given list.


auspicious chinese name

Q. bazi useful elements 用神  commonly known as lucky or unlucky elements application in feng shui

I have been looking at lucky and unlucky elements. How does it relate to the position of the door of our house?What is best direction for our front door to face for example for my husband since he is the head of the house? His lucky element is metal so best direction is West / Northwest? And also lucky element water so best is also north? Does it matter which way the house facing as well? Or more important the door facing?

Most are misinformed that the environment i.e. house feng shui or office have to suit a person’s bazi useful elements. Shouldn’t one have to adapt to the environment instead of the other way round. Take an example if the person requires Metal element then the misnormer is to have the main door at West or North west location. What will happen if  the West/NorthWest Main door Home Feng shui Destiny  energy combo is bad e.g. “25” or “52” or “54” or “45” etc which means misfortune, disaster, cancer, money loss ? This will bring unfavourable effects to the Entire Family!

Therefore house feng shui audit is NOT matching an individual bazi lucky elements.

Feng Shui and Bazi are 2 Very different formulas for different purposes.

For feng shui consultation is the analysis of the physical structure of the house, the external environment and the Destiny’s Energy of Individual sectors NOT using occupants’ bazi to find a favourable house or sectors or directions.

The FACT is Bazi Reading is Not about lucky location or lucky directions or lucky colours, the essence of bazi reading is self-awareness, make changes to your character, understand your 10-years luck pillars, make intelligent decisions … and so forth

If bazi is so “easily” improve by lucky location/directions/colours 😆 … then there are no misfortunate people in the world.



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