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Feng Shui Singapore 2015 forecast

On 04 Feb 2015 11:58 hour we usher in the Year of Goat 乙未 年 which is the day of Spring commencement 立春. Year 2015 stem 天干 is 乙木 (阴 Yin Wood) and root  地支 未土 Goat itself is “dry earth” element which comprises sub-root elements of wood, earth and fire.

2015 feng shui Spring commencement

Above is the Spring commencement, Day Principal 日主 or Day Master is Xin Metal, see chart. So those born on or after 04 Feb 2015 11:58 hour belongs to the Zodiac sign of the Goat and before are Horse babies. From this Birth Configuration you will notice that the wood, fire and earth elements are pretty strong; metal and water elements are weak.

Feng Shui World Predictions in year 2015 

a. Economy Instability – One can envisage that the imbalance of the five elements represents instability of the World economy and changes are drastic. One of the noteworthy symbolism of Astrology sign “Goat” is the cohesiveness and team spirit.

b. Rising dissensions, Strikes, Military & Diplomatic-Economic Hostile actions across various economies

This year there is a high probability of mass insubordinate behaviour towards the Government or politicians or rulers e.g. group strikes, riots, dissensions, disapproval. There lies the confrontation and conflict between the Government and citizens where the feelings towards the Government as weak, indecisive or incapable. There is high chance of using military or police force to control the unrest. It is a “hostile”, “non compliant” world environment filled with dissension. Added on to the belligerence of the Year Bazi Profile is the influence of flying star quarrelsome 3 三碧 禄存 凶星 (in period 8) 主口舌 是非 lands in the centre sector. It sow discord, create tension, conflicts, disagreement that may result in riots, war, lawsuits. It can also be non-military diplomatic-economic hostile actions like trade sanctions, blocking communications, boycotts, embargoing goods, manipulating trade or currency, stone walled economic agreements, expressions to display hostility in interaction or political-military hostile actions like breaking diplomatic relations etc.

c. Upsurging Environmental issues

Increased concern over agriculture problems like viral diseases from vegetable crops, deforestation, forest fires and so forth

d. Sicknesses in South East Asia countries

Rampant Viral sicknesses e.g. hand, foot, mouth disease, intestine disorders or food poisoning in South-East Asia countries e.g. Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. High chances of happening in the months of April, June, October and January 2016.

e. Water-related natural disasters like flooding, landslide and earthquakes  in Western countries

Western countries include Central Asia, Western Europe e.g. Germany, UK, Holland, Africa and North America

Year 2015 Singapore Home Feng Shui Tips 04 Feb 15 – 03 Feb 16

 2015 feng shui singapore

Singapore 2015 Annual feng shui cures without shopping for Feng Shui items & attending seminar

Every year based on San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star principle,  there are 3 major stars and 1 minor star to resolve for better Health, Harmony, Family preservation, Wealth and Career. The positions of the star are illustrated above for easy reference.  The Quarrelsome flying star 3 Centre sector, Disaster/ Critical illnesses flying star 5 West sector, Sickness flying star 2 in South-East sector and burglary flying star 7 in the South sector.

Don’t be unduly worried, it is not the end of the World. The relevance is to check whether these flying stars lands within the Critical sectors of Home Feng Shui 阳宅三要 大门,主房,灶位 i.e. Main Door, Master Room Bed position and Stove position in kitchen. Before doing this Annual feng shui remedy or activation’s, you should do a proper job with Destiny Home Feng Shui audit. You do not need to spend a bomb and decorate your entire house with feng shui items! LOL.

chinese new year 2015 door

don’t hang anything red at West, South-East and South sector

West sector – Very Bad flying star 5 五黄灾星 + 三煞 Catastrophic, higher incidence rates with Male, Dry Earth element

One should be very familiar with flying star 5 五黄灾星 (some masters called it five yellow direct translation omg), basically it represents any bad things that you could possibly imagine e.g. cancer, poison, surgery, accidents etc. This star affects the Male head of household more. This year “5” lands in the West Sector. The harmful effects is reduce because West sector is “Metal element” which is the cure to dilute the harmful effects of disaster 5. If you are a non-believer of feng shui, this is one cure that you have to do every year! It gets extremely hazardous if your home west sector is within one of the three critical areas mentioned. The cure is simple you need any 6 units of “Metal” element objects e.g. bronze/copper that produces sound e.g. coins, keys, bell, salt water (feng shui master clients can get this unique formula from me). Avoid red especially some people just like to hang something red during CNY on their door, please ensure it is not West or South or South-East sector if not you will be ushering negative energy into your house when the Year commences! So either you want to follow tradition or good luck is up to you.

South-East sector – Bad flying star 2 二黑病符 Sicknesses higher incidence rates with Female, Dry Earth element

The other flying star 2 二黑病符 one should be mindful because it affects the health of family members. It represents any form of sickness or illnesses but usually related to intestine, digestive system e.g. gastric, diarrhea etc. The remedy is similar to flying star disaster 5. This illness star is particular detrimental to Female head of household follow by children.

Centre sector – Bad flying star 3 禄存星 小人星,口舌是非 Quarrelsome / Disharmony / Lawsuit 

Quarrelsome flying star 3 invites gossip, back-stabbing, divorce and sow discord in your family relationships It may even lead to “lawsuits” and scandal. The feng shui cure is simple just put something “pink” in the centre. However one have to check your House Feng Shui Destiny sometimes “metal” element is use to control the flying star 3.

South – Sector  Bad flying star 7 七赤星 破军 Burglary, imprisonment, fire hazard, financial loss, Lawsuit

Some feng shui master regard this star as windfall wealth star which is incorrect. In Period 8 this is an obsolete star. The remedy for flying star is “7” in the South sector is  a glass of water. There is a high chance of fire hazard because 7 先天卦 innate gua is “fire” element and south sector itself is also “fire” element.

Safe Holiday Tours – bon voyage 

Personally i enjoy going for holidays at least 3 times a year. Using China as the focal-centre, this year if you are going for family holidays try avoid travelling to the 4 bad sectors that are mentioned which are West, Centre, South and South-East. Take for example West countries based on the direction from China is Europe and South-East is Hong Kong. Look at the World Map.

Unlock 2015 feng shui Auspicious stars 

Once you have done all the cures then we shall talk about enhancing the auspicious stars to unlock positive energies into your home.

East Sector flying star 1 一白 贪狼 水星  桃花 人缘 peach blossom star, popularity, networking

For those occupations or businesses e.g. Sales personnel, marketing, Public Relations, Celebrities, feng shui masters, where interactions with customers or fans are important for their career success, East sector is one to look out for. All you need is to place a water-growing plant or flowers in this area. Even rose with thorns are OK, don’t believe that flowers with thorns are bad. However for married couples and occupations that does not require you to meet customers on a daily basis; it is not necessary to activate.

2015 feng shui flying star 9South-West Sector flying star 9 九紫 右弼星 喜庆 火星 Joyful celebrations, Happy occasions

Attention Ladies!  for those of you who have been dating for the past 3-5 years and your boyfriend has not propose to you…you can consider activating this sector. Married couples who were married for the past 5 years and still not “productive” OR just wanted to enjoy Singapore fertility financial incentives can also activate this sector.

Please help our ailing environment by not buying feng shui items

This is easy to activate just have some soil-grown plants that bear fruits e.g berries, lemon, lime, mango, citrus, grapes, apricots, peaches etc for babies and soil-grown plants that bear vibrant color flowers to tie the wedding knot. You can even use salt lamp or a red light. You do not need to buy any Feng Shui items to activate 喜庆 star!

North Sector flying star 8 for WEALTH 八白 左輔星 旺財、功名、富貴、順利

If you desperately need an overdue promotion, consider activating the North Sector! In period 8 this is the most powerful wealth sector. Obviously the best way to activate this sector is you e.g. your working area. If impossible you can use salt lamp, any porcelain, ceramic, jade objects something that moves will be ideal. You can even use a fish tank. Keep this sector clean, bright and uncluttered; your entire year wealth generation depends upon here.

North-East sector flying star 6 六白 武曲星 武贵,  权力 动态 驿马 Technical skills, authority, relocation, migration

Activation of Flying star 6 is particularly beneficial for those professions that utilise Technical skills e.g. engineers, plumber, electricians OR Military positions e.g. police, army, naval OR professions demands a lot of travelling e.g. regional marketing director. Jazzing up this sector improves your authority and control over your staff. You can energise this star by using any earth or metal objects e.g. clear or yellow crystal sphere. Please do not buy amethyst caves.

If you are considering selling your house quickly or thinking of migration, you may want to activate this sector with a earth or metal horse figurine (no need to buy 开光 ) just get it from any gift shops. It is not necessary to pay triple price to buy so call “blessed 开光 feng shui item” from feng shui shops. It is the “SYMBOL” that counts and placing it at the right sector. Get one that you like and the horse looks alert and very much alive!

North-West sector flying star 4 四绿 文曲星 or 文昌星 Education & Mental Clarity

Most parents are probably familiar with this flying star 4 to activate for their children’s education. This star not only helps kids academic pursue but it does provide mental clarity to all occupants at home. So you have kids in schools or you may want to energise this star and the method is relatively simple just have 1 or 4 stalk of bamboo in a water vase. It does not matter whether the bamboo is straight or spiral. No need to go and pay a bomb to buy feng shui pagoda LOL. Remember i mentioned earlier “living things” works better than “non-living items; i guess the rationale is very obvious to you.

2015 feng shui renovations 

If you are shifting into your new home in year 2015 and need to do major renovations, one also have to concern yourself with 三煞 San Sha, 太岁 tai sui sector and岁破 Sui Po 方.  The West sector is 三煞 San Sha, 太岁 Tai Sui 未山 , one of the segment inside South-West sector and 岁破 Sui Po 方 丑山, one of the segment inside North-East.  Therefore renovation should not start from these sectors: West (where the flying star 5 overlaps), South-West (Tai Sui) , North-East (Sui Po) and South-East (Sickness 2).

In a nutshell if you forgot everything you read, just remember the afflicted sectors of Year 2015 i.e. West – the Worst, South-East, South and centre.

Astrology signs that are in conflict with the Goat year 2015, Singaporeans beware

If you happen to be born in the Year of Goat, Dog, Ox and Rat, check out these tips that will help you to reduce the conflict with the year of goat.


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