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Feng Shui 2018 tips – get the best home energy

04 feb 2018 卯时 05.28am marks the commencement of “Earth Dog 戊戌年”. Both the stem and root are Yang Earth干支同气. This year will benefit the most to those Birth profile lucky element八字用神 is “Earth土”. Follow by “fire” because the Year’s root element Xu 戌 (dog-阳土earth) if combine with one’s birth structure having “午” (horse-fire) root and 丙丁(stem), the fire presence will form with the exception of those born in water months November 亥月 & December 子月. So chances are those born during the months of August 申月 and September 酉月 needing fire element in their life will also benefit from this year. If you want to be 100% sure you should check your own bazi lucky and unlucky elements. As for those of my clients who have engaged me to do feng shui audit over the years, you can check back on your feng shui report to confirm.

Tip No. 1 – Rectify the NEGATIVE energy particularly NORTH sector

According to the principles of 三元玄空 流年飞星 Annual rotation of the flying star the worst sectors are in grey i.e. North is the Worst, West and Northeast.

Before you even think of activating the wealth sector for example “8” or “9” one have to dilute the “negative energies” mentioned above.  Diluting the negative influence of misfortune 5 (五黄土 廉贞灾星) and sickness 2 (二黑巨门病星) are relatively simple just by placing 6 items of “铜 bronze” substance items e.g. bronze keys, wind chime with 6 bronze rods, bronze coins Qing Dynasty or any foreign currency that is made of bronze etc. As for “quarrelsome 3” using a pink colour object that is symbolic to “fire” will minimise the bad energy.

Besides flying star principles one should also resolve the bad energies of 太岁 a 15 degree segment within Northwest, 岁破 within Southeast and North sector 亥子丑 三煞 namely 劫 災 岁 煞particularly when there is renovation work. See picture. The overlap of misfortune 5 and 三煞 in NORTH SECTOR sector make this sector the WORST in year 2018! The situation is aggravated if your Main Door or stove or bed position is located within the North zone, this applies whether or not you do renovations. The negativities will cause critical illness, disharmony and challenges in your career. All the remedies mentioned above you should dilute it early, around mid jan 2018 before the new year set in.

Tip 2 – Ensure your “宅命 Home Destiny” feng shui negative energies are taken care

Every individual home is “born” with certain energy consisting of positive and negative energy within a given sector (space) 空间 and time 时间 dimension. i will not repeat myself here because it is covered in my post under “home destiny feng shui”.

Tip 3 – Activate the Positive energy ONLY after curing the Negative 

Positive energy enhancement will only succeed if you diminish the negative ones. One will have to be realistic that feng shui enhancement for Career, Relationship and Wealth also depend on one’s individual bazi (birth profile/structure) and Luck Pillar (10-year & annual luck pillar). Every year annual flying star is the same “8” is the rotating wealth sector, “9” auspicious celebrations (no. 2 wealth sector) , “1” for 桃花,人缘 networking/white collar, “6” authority/promotion particularly “blue collar” professionals and lastly “4” for education/academic/knowledge enrichment.

Tip 4 – Buying  a House in 2018

if you are planning to buy a house in 2018, do not start renovating from the “North三杀五黄” “Northwest太岁” and “Southeast岁破” sector. Well start from any other sectors than these 3.

Tip 5 – 5 Zodiac Signs to take heed – General tips (because year prediction is not as accurate as bazi analysis)

Dog – Be mindful of inner emotions and feelings. Consider stress-relief activities.

Dragon – Changes in relationships, career movements, relocations. Prepare, adapt and adjust.

Ox & Goat – Gossips, backstabing, think before you speak

Rooster – Minor gossips and human relationship challenges. Consider having water-growing plant or flowers place in Northwest sector to improve networking.


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