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Bad feng shui energy – ongoing construction

Construction is very popular in Singapore. Everyday, literally every day i go out and bound to see some construction going on. Be it road works or construction sites. Facing a construction is the worst feng shui negative energy. It is difficult to solve due to it’s magnitude and duration.

At home if our window faces an ongoing construction, family members fall sick. At work, sales plummeted. It is Singapore feng shui nightmare.

Feng Shui constitute 2 main aspects (a) physical environment 峦头 and (b) invisible energy 理气. Construction is the physical landform of feng shui which is very important because one cannot change the external environment. To quote landform is the framework 峦头为体 and energy 理气为用 is how we harness, optimise and harmonise with the environment.  This applies to business and home feng shui.

Health suffers when construction commences 

Based on I Ching formula and five elements, one can calculate which part of the body is the most affected. It depends on the sector or direction where the construction is going on. Below are generalisation for a given sector, one can further refine into 24 segments 二十四山.

North – affects our kidney, bladder, ears, ovary and urinary system
South – affects our heart, eyes, blood and cardiovascular system
West – affects our breathing, lungs and respiratory system
East – affects our liver, lower limbs, muscle/joints, right shoulder
Northeast – nose, fingers, back, chest
Southwest – stomach, intestine, digestive system
Northwest – head, brain, big intestine
Southeast – gall, neuro, breathing, wind

If these afflicted areas coincide with the negative zones of the year, the negative energy will be intensified. Examples for this year are tai sui 太岁 NW, misfortune  5 at SE, sickness 2 at N overlap with 三煞. Even if these sectors are positive,  they are still bad.


Besides construction, renovation is just as bad. If you are one of the early bird to shift into your new office chances are there will be ongoing renovations surrounding you. The worst impact is same unit, one floor above you, follow by the office opposite to your office. The least effect is the unit one floor below but still it is bad business.

“construction negative energies” can be transported

i was invited by a female owner to do home feng shui because she went through 3 ovary-related operations. From feng shui perspective key areas to look out for the source of such problem are:

Form school “water” element – positioning of toilet, basin, bath tub, water feature.
Home destiny flying star chart “1” (一白胎神) position
Eight mansions 六煞 and 廉贞 positions
North – reproductive system & Southwest sector – female owner
Kitchen – female owner
Annual and Home destiny flying star 2 and 5 locations

feng shui bad energiesi have check and double checked, find nothing wrong with home feng shui nor her birth profile / luck pillars. Being curious i checked on her working place. She told me there are construction going on. As her office is pretty near to her house she needs to walk past the construction site before reaching her home. After making a trip down to her office and doing some cures the problem was finally resolved after 1 month. Her last medical checkup was fine and you may call it a coincidence.

Personally i believed that the bad energies were transported from the construction site somehow, but don’t ask me why because i can’t find any scientific proof. Feng shui masters are humans too, there are things that we don’t know. The moral of this incident is to look into all aspects of home & office feng shui besides birth profile.

Feng Shui is common sense

How would you like to stay near a rubbish-collection centre where your home is filled with foul smell everyday. Hence is no surprise to find people staying close to rubbish areas, dirty canals fall sick easily. It does not take any feng shui theory to tell us so. Some feng shui master uses commercial feng shui figurines like unicorn, dragon etc to defend it, others sold my clients expensive crystal sphere to deflect these. All these will not work. The root of this problem is unsanitary. What we need to do is good old air ventilation system, not introducing feng shui products. Sometimes feng shui is just that simple.


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