feng shui buildings

Feng Shui buildings

Structure of a building can be categorize into 1 of the 5 elements i.e. earth, metal, water, wood and fire. Certain building structures are good for business start-ups while others for established ones.

5 element Building shapes









Buildings that are tall and slender resemble the wood element. These are good for young enterprising business. Sharp pointed buildings take after the fire element. This is good for new business start-up. But it either rise rapidly or fall badly. Wave like building – water element are good for people-business, such as travelling, tourism, PR. Long established companies can go for boring earth element structures, slow and steady win the race. Brand leaders, sophiscated products can go for metal structure buildings.

Where to locate your office – earth’s favourable timing

Feng Shui form theories divides physical environment into external and internal. External environment are the shape/height of building, road/train infrastructure, directions, and sizes that influence the quality and quantity of positive or negative energy leading to your office.

We can used Xuan Kong Di Yun 地运 and Tian Yun 天运 formulas to choose locations that are favourable. Currently we are in Period 8 2004 to 2023 where North-East region like Punggol is flourishing. Wealth direction-water in this period is Southwest direction or East for leadership presence.

The next period, flying star “9” from 2024 to 2043. “South” region presents the best investment opportunities. If the building faces a river or lake or swimming pool towards North or Southeast is good for wealth and status. Therefore as an investor one can consider investing in the South.

Roads leading towards your building is important

Proper roads are convenience to your customers.  Most would consider positioning the office in prime area is the best choice if budget allows. However the choice of location is affected by the product or service that you offer. If your product or service is for mass consumption such as retail banking than it make sense to have it in the prime area. Otherwise for specialise service like feng shui one does not need to do that.


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