feng shui layout

Feng Shui Layout

Majority of people thought that the Accounts / Finance Dept is the most important function of an office because they handle the “wealth” aspects of the business. However think about it further, wealth must be generated before the Accounts department can manage it. Right? Hence the Sales & Marketing department which is the revenue earner is far more important. Others thought that the CEO room is important too, not if the CEO is just one who does the management and does not go out to visit customers.

In business feng shui, the way we place the correct business functions to match the Office feng shui Destiny is critical to the Sales and Profits of the Company concern. Below are illustrations of good and bad feng shui layouts:

bad office feng shui layout

Notice the long and narrow layout? The Main Door faces a blank wall and you can barely stand 3 persons outside the frontage. The ex-feng shui master Singapore of my client tilted the door making the situation even worse!

feng shui office

Everything is fine for the above layout except that when i inspected the office, the missing sector is the Wealth sector. Moreover my client use it for his IT department which is unproductive. Hence making profits is the fundamental challenge for this office feng shui.

Feng Shui Office Audit not necessary able to cure 100% of the problem

bad feng shui office

The problem of choosing these 2 offices. Unit 5 Main entrance faces a long, narrow constricted passage. Unless your Company is very strong financially, it is difficult to counter the rapid energies. The lack of space in the reception area also makes it difficult to do counter measures. Hence feng shui office assessment is not possible to cure 100% of the problem in the light of technical constraints.  Unit 1 faces the Lift door which could be good and bad depending on the Destiny of your office.

Choose your office feng shui carefully before renting or buying, you may stuck with it for 3 years!


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