Fengshui Period 9(2024)

Feng shui period 9 三元玄空 “九运”

Recently alot of clients asked me “do we need to shift out after year 2024?” Well it is true that for another 5 more years we are into “flying star calculation of period 9 玄空飞星和大卦 下元九运” Year 2024 to 2033甲辰年至癸亥年. Here is the answer. Feng Shui period 9 merely means a shift in energies and change of “ruling party”; where flying star “9” becomes the most current , dominant energy. So for clients that i audited this year or since 1996 need not worried about re-auditing the house to Period 9 if you Home Destiny 风水宅命 evaluation for Period 8 or Period 7 is rated good.

flying star “9” should not be in the center zone of your house

However for feng shui master’ clients, you are encouraged find out where “9” is located, in which sector ? N, S, E, W, NE, SW, NW, SE or center? Simply refer to the feng shui report that i did and  check out the positions of “Health 9 and Wealth 9” and make adjustments on your own, e.g. realign or relocate your bed position. Hopefully “9” is not in the center sector 玄空飞星 入中宫星数 if not after year 2024 or even earlier you will noticed that luck has fallen because flying star 9 is “imprisoned in the center sector 令星入囚 ” which is bad and you have to “change” your Home feng shui destiny after 2024. See illustration above, sitting southeast facing northwest direction house very good during this period but after 2024 wealth star 9 is “trapped”.

As for those home destiny 宅命,where flying star “9” is not in the center zone, the recommendations remained unchanged and you don’t have to look for a new house, unless your home feng shui is rated poor by me. IF you did not undergo any major renovations to your home after year 2024, your home feng shui destiny chart that i did remained unchanged. The only concern is you have to shift your focus on flying star “9” instead of “8”. And one cannot change the home fengshui destiny to period 9 today because the future has not arrived yet and we cannot teleport into the future like the science-fiction movies. This is commonsense but not so common for one critic…who wrote bad review in Goggle Places even although he is not my client…

He goes by the name “Jason Wee” reviewed me as rude in Google places. He called me numerious times on several occasions even on a Saturday/Sunday (where i am not working) wanted to find a house that suits period 8 and 9? Although i have explained a couple of times to him over the phone that is not possible, he insisted on doing so and the conversation is drifting into no-man’s land. I did the next best thing is to politely say “sorry” and hang up the phone to end the conversation abruptly. One should respect each other’s time and he is not even my client (let’s be realistic). Before that conversation i even sent him a Home Destiny Chart FOC showing him what “directions-degree” to buy and it was not even appreciated? oh well.

Feng Shui 宅命 Destiny Difference between Period 8 and 9

What he did not understand is the complexity to explain over the phone. Unlike Period 8 (currently 2004-2023), in Period 9 there is no 宅命 destiny that is “旺山旺向” which is positive effect on Health and Wealth which is similar to Period 1 因一为数之始,九为数之终 ! Also in Period 9 there is no 父母 or 连珠 三般卦. And fortunately there is also no “Negative” feng shui destiny which is “上山下水” that has “negative” influence on health and wealth but 伏吟 is present which either affect health or wealth . Put yourself into my shoes how do i explain all these intricate stuff by teleconversation. Even if i wanted to explain i don’t think many will understand these “terms”, not so much about intelligence but these are trade technicalities analogous to medical terms.

However the good news for Period 9 is one can still enhance home feng shui through methods such as 合十, 城门诀, 七星打劫. i will not go into details because it demands some foundation knowledge about feng shui. In conclusion buying a house today cannot “suit” for both periods 8 and 9.

Effects of Period 9 (2024—2043) 九紫星 意象

Flying star “9” is 九紫星, 离卦belongs to “fire” element. Industry type like 文明culture, education, beauty/cosmetic (health care) appearances, genes, DNA, blood, heart, electronics, robotics, mobile applications etc will do well.

九紫-右弼星 symbolic to “fame”, popularity, emotions. Occupations such as lawyer, teachers, professors, investigators, prosecutors, performance, religious leaders, artist, psychologist, beautician, cosmetic surgery, photography, explosives, eye specialist, heart specialist …etc

Healthwise there will be an increase concern with issues related to psychological/neuro-sickness 精神病, heart, eyes, brain,  blood, cancer and cardiovascular system.

Increased interest in religion such as Buddhism, Taoism and confucianism, Literature文章科甲, fine arts.

Due to intense “fire” there are environmental issues, natural disasters such as global warming, increased melting of Arctic and Antarctic, forest fires, volcano eruption etc


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