Fengshui Period 9 (2024-2043)

Feng shui period 9 what you need to know

Based on xuan kong feng shui 玄空三元九运 formula, this period is represented by flying star 9 九紫星 fire element and IChing south sector 離卦. In the form of nature, it is the Sun, daylight and brightness. As part of our body it represents the heart, blood and eyes. In the family the 2nd daughter.

One unique characteristic of fire. It requires “support or attachment (附丽)” to burn. Take for instance candlelight requires wax, bbq requires charcoal. It indicates the concept of “cooperation” getting the right people for the right job.

Fire also represents birth of civilisation文明, where fire was a big part of Stone Age. The offsprings of civilisation are language, culture, education, ethics, morals and growing awareness of the living environment for e.g. switching to electric car to reduce pollution.

Fire radiates (丽) light, therefore businesses directly or indirectly promote or position their products or services marketing with “aesthetic value” will do well in period 9.  Some examples are facelift, plastic surgery, cosmetics, botox, fat freezing, rejuvenation etc. Other industries related to the fire element are artificial intelligence, robotics, culture, education, health care, genes, DNA, blood, heart, electronics, robotics, mobile applications.

Li gua represents middle age female 中女 20-40.

Li gua symbolic to “fame”, popularity, creativity, emotions. Professions or occupations related to beauty pageants, makeup artist, modelling, creative directors, professors, investigators, prosecutors, performance, religious leaders, artist, psychologist, beautician, cosmetic surgery, photography, explosives, eye specialist, heart specialist …etc

Healthwise there will be growing concern with organs related to heart, eyes, blood, cardiovascular system, psychological/neuro-sickness, brain and cancer.

There will be revived interest in religion such as Buddhism, Taoism, Christainity, confucianism etc to take us back to the good old honesty and truth about living.

Li Gua consist of “1 yin symbol in between 2 yang symbols 中心向外发展, 外刚内柔 which signifies developed from the core and expanding outwards. One can interpret this as growing your business by looking at organisation gravity inward first. I Ching also draws the analogy on the survival skills of living things with hard shell e.g. snail, crab, tortoise, turtle, exoskeleton, crustaceans, clam, beetle. It is like wearing the steel armour just like Iron Man to save mankind.

Due to the “fire” element, issues such as global warming, melting of Arctic and Antarctic, forest fires, volcano eruption or even war are possibilities.

A good home feng shui does not require you to relocate in period 9 

Recently some old clients of mine wanted to know whether they should relocate their homes after 2024. Unless your concern is about property returns, there is no cause for concern to move out if you are staying in a good feng shui home.

Unlike what you heard, a good home feng shui does not require you to shift house every 20 years when the earth energy changes. LOL. The shift in earth energy merely means you divert your focus to enhance flying star “9” instead of the previous “8” if yours is a Period 8 house.

However for good housekeeping, you should check your feng shui destiny energy chart 宅命  to check where flying star 9 resides. Most importantly star 9 should not be “trapped” in be the center sector 令星入囚 or in the toilet or PES (private enclosed space) or missing. The Feng Shui energy chart above shows star 9 is “imprisoned” in the center. This is one of the Period 8 short-lived chart sitting SE facing NW, which is prosperous during Period 8 but not in period 9.

why see results in 8 years time to plan for a period 9 feng shui house today

Bear in mind that one cannot change the fengshui destiny-energy map to period 9 today because the future has not arrived yet. It is also unnecessary to plan for a period 9 feng shui house for home stay today, because what works after 2024 will not work today. In today’s fast pace lifestyle where time is the essence, i don’t think you want see results in 8 years time. In any case you are able to see feng shui audited results within 3 months from the date of consultation so why plan 8 years ahead.

Unlike Period 8, in Period 9 there are no home destiny that possess positive effect on Health and Wealth 旺山旺响. However the good news is there are no “Negative” 上山下水feng shui charts. For period 9 one can still enhance the house feng shui by using xuan kong formulas such as 合十, 城门诀, 七星打劫, which are good for wealth, career and harmony.

Let’s cross that bridge when one comes to it.


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