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Feng Shui products – Don’t waste your money

Some of the houses and offices i audited over the years are really Feng Shui fans. They spent 5 figure on items like 琉璃, pagoda, jade horse, jade mountain, dragon, 3 legged toad, Pi Xiu 貔貅 and many others. Is that necessary? If these feng shui products are that efficient as countermeasures or attracting wealth i bet the feng shui masters should be keeping them for their own use but not used it as a revenue earner. A feng shui master job is to provide their “expertise” not salesman trying to sell products!

If you follow the Originals of the Chinese scripts about Feng Shui there were no mentioned of these products and some even have strong religious overtones. To me this is addition commission for some Feng Shui masters in Singapore that sell them OR they can’t find other suitable solutions to fix the feng shui problems. I must admit that when i started doing feng shui audit professionally in Year 1998 i am guilty of using some of these items as well (although i don’t sell them); however i stopped using feng shui items more than a decade now. Why did i stop? First it is costly, secondly it does not work well, it does not blend with today’s ID design and more importantly it can be replaced by better and more efficient ordinary, modern day-to-day household items as substitutes.

say no to feng shui products

i believed clients that have seen Feng shui with these masters do feel psychologically good about having so many Feng shui items at home if not they would not have purchased it OR they are left with no options. Some of these “precious items” costs thousands of dollars and as someone who wanted to consider doing feng shui audit for your house, you are in a dilemma..you feel that if you do not buy them…then the feng shui audit will not work? but if you spend a bomb on these items and if it really does not work then you feel cheated! The truth is the deeper your knowledge about feng shui the simpler are the applications. It is quite similar to testing of a good chef, it is much harder to cook a “simple ingredients” meal e.g. an egg and make it super delicious than to cook a “complex ingredients” metal filled with lobsters and shark fin. So if your house is still filled with lots of feng shui items advised by your ex-masters then they are still living in the 80s and 90s. We are in the 21st century, let’s move forward towards a more harmonious feng shui environment by updating the classical feng shui principles.

Today my focus is on the broader and more influential principles of feng shui like

Destiny n Bazi 天人合一”,”yin yang 动静阴阳 principles”, “Invisible Energy flow 黄白二气”,  “5 elements 五行生克制化”,  “natural” cures, “Forms” etc. Less is More!

五轮塔 Five Element Pagoda to cure flying star 5 

5 element pagoda with seed

Why make life so difficult by inventing feng shui cures every year? Take for instant we wanted to cure the flying star numeric 5 五黄廉贞星,  some Feng Shui Masters use a direct translation and call it “Five Yellow Star” to me i really feel embarrass for the master because it sounded like a westerner who does not understand Chinese feng shui wisdom. Feng Shui originates from China and by such translation, the English reader will lose the true meaning what this flying star actually represents! It is actually not difficult to interpret, first we must understand what does this numeric 5 represent in the Xuan Kong flying star theory in Period 8 (2004 to 2023). Different period the numeric of the flying star attributes alter!

Five Yellow meaning “5 shades of yellow”? 

Five yellow seriously? water colour or poster colour or 5 shades of yellow colour?

The Chinese meaning of flying star 5 is 五黄廉贞星灾星,疾病、灾祸 which represents disaster, poison, accidents, sicknesses any bad things you could possibly think. It is “Earth” element star but is fiery too so if i am going to use some visual images to help you to understand it is like “hot lava” spit out from volcano eruptions. The main feng shui cure for this flying star is “Metal element” 铜. Since it is blazing hot sometimes water is use in conjunction in dire situations. So why do you want to use an old fashioned “5 Element Pagoda” where simply any “Metal” Element object/s that are made of copper / brass / bronze will do the same job. Examples are bronze bell that jingles, keys, pendulum clock with brass, coins etc.

Feng shui Pi Xiu 貔貅 / 天禄  偏财 只进不出 to attract wealth? seriously?

This is by far one of the most mis-informed and dangerous feng shui item that is supposedly to be “wealth-driven”! Their unique signature is to absorb but not release anything out. Hence people paid thousand of dollars to own it, thinking that they drive money into their pockets without giving any pennies out. How greedy we were as human beings. They are commonly used in casinos to prevent customers to gain windfall wealth. Pay attention to the phrase “absorb and never give out”…sounds great isn’t it. Think again. Based on this characteristic they are not even supposed to be suitable to wear it because it drains off the person’s energies or aura whatever you wanted to call it. You are not even supposed to place at your door way.

feng shui FACING CONSTRUCTIONI have some clients that have this misguided experience of using pi xiu and it causes accidents at home. Let me share with you just one real-life case some years ago, after putting this item at the window aisle overlooking a wide spacious empty space, nothing happens during the first year. Nothing good nor bad. The trouble started on the 2nd year where occupants fall sick very easily and the client of mine met with a car accident. He consulted me thinking that there is something wrong with his home feng shui.

The obvious reason is that this client have been staying in this apartment for the last 3 years and if something bad were to happen it would have happened after one month of shifting in. After assessing the house feng shui i realised that their window is overlooking an on-going construction which “coincidentally” started when his family members start to fall sick one by one. The last straw was his car accident. The truth is facing a construction does have this problem in feng shui home but what amplify the problem is the pair of pi xiu that was placed at the window aisle enjoying the view of the construction site. omg. I presume the feng shui product was having so much fun enjoying and absorbing the bad energies from the development and transfer it to the house thinking that these are good energies that supposed to bring good luck to the family. i believed you know what i did.

3 legged  frog or toad  蟾蜍 to change your money luck?

Please pardon me as i am not very well versed with feng shui products or religious items because i don’t sell nor promote the use of these items. However what i try to achieve from this post is to let readers have the right perspective how these “feng shui products supposed to work” in case these items are placed wrongly at home, this does not mean that i am encouraging you to buy these items in fact on the contrary i discourage the use of feng shui items. Let’s start with the easy ones, those figurines that usually have gold and wealth significance on them are usually place in the wealth sectors of the house and face inwards.  Let me show you one of my client’s purchase below:

feng shui products toad

3 legged toad suppose to spit money 它会吐钱 so is suppose to face inwards and not wrongly outwards spilling the money out of the windows or door to your neighbours or competitors. Most clients i have seen put this wrongly, they place near the door or window and facing outwards. Best not to use is very confusing especially when they put the word 招财 seems like facing outwards.

Elephant in feng shui application

As you know the nature of elephant is to intake water through their trunk, so you have to place them towards the sea or swimming pool. If you place them towards a building it is of no use. The position of the trunk is important for elephant placement.

Feng Shui Dragon Symbol 贵人

Quite a fair number of people like to use dragon as a symbol to put on their left hand side of the table thinking that 左青龙 means benefactors.  It is a cliche to assume that placing the Dragon on the East side or anywhere in your room attracts wealth, power and abundance of opportunities. The history of placing East side is because of the China forbidden city where the Emperor palace 坐北 朝南 sits in the North and faces South, hence the East side is the left hand side and currently most people just follow blindly and place it on the East side or left hand side. As a feng shui enthusiast, you have to be careful with most western feng shui websites; most publish it without the deep understanding of the Chinese Feng Shui classics or misinterpreted. Wow feng shui if that simple, you probably don’t need feng shui masters to assess the house anymore? Seriously if you want to activate your wealth or power energy, you should check out the “DESTINY” of your home or office feng shui, not by placing a Dragon symbol and assume it will work; but as a piece of decoration and if you do not find it old fashioned then it is fine. What happen if your Bazi configuration does not possess any “benefactors”? Do you think you can create it “artificially” by placing of a “Dragon”?  As for those Bazi configuration that possess benefactors in life you can use this bazi calculation to locate your 贵人位 which is a far more accurate than putting a generic dragon figurine; You will notice i emphasize on using the word to “calculate”.


Don’t be alarm with this phrase is nothing complicated, it just that authentic chinese scripts like to use certain jargon to hide their meanings just to make it seem complex. 甲戊庚 are representations of Day master or Year stem and ox 牛 goat 羊 means 丑未 as in roots of bazi and also represent specific 15 degree segment in the 24 mountains. 甲戊庚 乙己 丙丁壬癸 庚辛 are the 10 stems only. If you have some command of chinese you will probably understand. As an example if your Day master is “Jia 甲 wood” (for those who are FSM clients will know) then you can use wei segment (female benefactor) and chou segment (male benefactor) as your work station at home, better still if that coincide with your bazi favourable element; the luck energies will amplify. No need to go and buy “dragon” figurine LOL.

Pagoda for study

Kiasu parents in Singapore goes for the study segment for their kids, i can’t blame them living in Singapore is tough to get a good job and earn a decent salary. So every year to patronise “you know who” that churns out annual feng shui products, one of the feng shui item is pagoda for study. Yes pagoda is symbolic to wen chang 文昌 but why not use this bazi algorithm to find out and place their study desk over there. Isn’t this better than having a non-active object? let me share with you, i have clients that after locating the specific study segment, they still wanted me to place “something” there? People are very psychologically incline to have an object and feeling that the “object” will help them. Who is better to activate the “study or mental clarity” energies than your son or daughter? This is the chinese verse for wen chang again dramatising adding a few verses just to look poetic to hide the meanings. Don’t let power chinese phrases lead you to think that the subject is complicated. It is not!

甲乙巳午报君知, 丙戊申宫丁己鸡。庚猪辛鼠壬逢虎,癸人见卯入云梯.


Crystal feng shuiCrystals are mined from the mother earth. They belong to the “earth” element. For those who are interested in crystals it will be useful for you to look up the USA website than China or Taiwan because their opinions are more objective. They refer the crystals based on their attributes to heal. For instance clear crystals are suppose to clean the “energies”, “amethyst” to develop your instincts/3rd eye, rose quartz for love etc If you approach a Chinese oriented crystal shop or even some geomancers in Singapore they will pitch their crystals benefits to activate wealth, guess so they are selling them. LOL

Jokes aside please do not put amethyst caves or crystal clusters on the bad energies sector it does activate the bad energies for you, just like you wanted these crystals to activate the positive energies. Best suggestion leave these crystals where they belong at their shops. Whether good or bad if you have too many crystals at home i guess your home energies are very confused and congested especially with pointed / cluster crystals. Best to avoid.

Try to understand about other misconceptions of feng shui

and what truly is feng shui?

Believing that putting these “feng shui products” will improve positive energies is really appalling where the main concern for home or office feng shui should be the Main Door, air-condition positions, bed placement, office desk placements, understanding the destiny of your home or office feng shui and many more.

*to be continue…with other feng shui items when i have more time bagua mirror, symbols,


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