Earth blessings 旺五方

eng Shui Earth Blessing  拜五方

Earth blessing (旺五方) is a Chinese ritual to perform before renovation or after moving in to seek heavenly blessings. The practice is like a “house warming” party to usher Yang energy 阳气 into your house. One note of caution, you have to believe for it to work. It is not a substitute for auspicious renovation date & time. The procedure is optional.

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The ritual is believed to “clean bad energies 秽气 (hui qi) left behind from previous occupants OR a house unoccupied over a long period of time. Sometime it is used to neutralize renovators from doing something “fishy” to your house. Others believed to purge “dark unnatural forces”.

The rationale is that wealth energy comes from 5 earth directions 財運是來自五方五土. The burning of candles, joss sticks and offerings strengthen yang energy thereby bringing good fortune. I ching state that anything in motion create positive or negative energy 易曰:“吉凶悔咎生乎动. It is like today’s Newton’s third law is: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

What you should know
The center & 4 corners is based on the entire house not living hall. If unluckily one of the corner or center is the toilet or unusable then you have to place the items nearest to the corner. You don’t have to be super precise. Direction is taken from inside the house facing outwards see illustrated arrow. The 4 corners and center is illustrated as positions “a” to “e”.

5 pairs of red candles 五对红烛
3 long joss sticks 三支大(长)贡香
15 short joss sticks 十五支贡香
15 pairs of chopstick 十五双筷子
15 cups for Chinese tea 十五杯茶
15 cups for wine 十五杯白酒
5 sets of 元宝衣纸 (let the incense shop know is for the purpose of 拜四角/旺五方)
5 small portions of raw pork with skin 五份连皮猪肉
5 pieces of bean curd 五份豆腐
5 small portions of bean sprout 五份豆芽
5 red apples 萍果
5 bunch of banana 香蕉
5 pineapples 凤梨
5 oranges 橙
5 mandarin orange 桔
5 plates of groundnut 花生 (1 plate consist of 25 groundnut) so total 125 groundnuts
1 焚化用的金属桶

Prepare red disposable plates to place the items. Joss sticks and red candles can be inserted onto fruits or portable cans in the absence of incense burner.

The simple version for this earth blessing feng shui is to choose an auspicious date and time from the Chinese Almanac that is suitable for 祈福祭祀 and not in conflict with any of your family members zodiac signs. One can also use other calculation models such as Xuan Kong Da Gua 玄空大卦 日课 or Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 时盘  time chart for faster results.

Step 1 – Entire house Center
Go to the center of your entire house position (A) place:
• 3 pairs of chopstick
• 3 cups for tea
• 3 cups for wine
• 1 set of 元宝衣纸
• 1 portion of raw pork with skin连皮生猪肉
• 1 portion of bean sprout
• 1 piece of bean curd 一块豆腐
• 1 set of fruit consist of 1 red apple, 1 bunch of banana, 1 pineapple, 1 orange, 1 mandarin orange
• 1 plate of 25 groundnuts

Step 2 – Follow by 4 corners of your house

Then place the same portion of items as the center, in sequence from (b) to (e) anti clockwise direction.

Step 3 – Seeking Earth’s blessings

4. Red candles – Light up 5 pairs of red candles first.
Place the the first pair at (a) center of the house, follow in sequence 1 pair each for the 4 corners “b-c-d-e”. In the absence of incense burner, you can insert the red candle into any of the fruit, to your convenience.

5. Incense stick – Burn 3 long & 15 short incense sticks together. Same procedure. Place 3 long joss sticks & 3 short joss sticks at the center follow by 3 short joss sticks at the 4 corners of the house.

6. Standing at the center, bowing 合掌 鞠躬 三拜 3 times, pray for something auspicious mentioning the address, occupants name to seek blessing from the house.  Some examples are “家宅平安” “学习进步” “家庭和睦” “金玉满堂”…For those with religion, you can also recite “sutras” or “scriptures”.

7. Wait till the joss sticks burned by half, starting from the center take the 1st set of 元宝衣纸 to burn, follow by the 4 corners 元宝衣纸.

8. Finally when all the 元宝衣纸 are burned, go back to the center and mentioned some appreciation for the house or recite sutras/scriptures. The ritual is complete.

9. After the joss sticks are burned, clean up and disposed all stuff, edibles are not to be consume.


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