A deep understanding on the attributes of the external environment 峦头 surrounding your home is equally important to managing the 理气 invisible energies.  One have to consider whether the external geographical “forms” encourages or discourages the destiny of your home or office feng shui. Take for instance a modern structure like ïon Orchard as compared to Chinatown. The energies are definitely different.

feng shui bad energies

Feng shui bad vibes – construction sites

In Singapore everyday you see constructions going on. If your door or windows faces an on-going construction site, this is your worst nightmare. Depending on the sector of concern affecting who the most e.g. male or female, elderly or younger, which part of your body but the first thing that happens are usually sicknesses and accidents. Then comes other harmful effects like disharmony, financial loss, divorce, retrenchment. How it affects you and who is more affected depends on which sector the construction is going on …for example if the construction is in the North direction / sector of chances are sicknesses relating to kidney, urinary system, flu, and North sector being the 2nd son or Male age between 20 and 40.

Interestingly Bad “forms” energies can be transported

i have recently seen a house and does not find anything wrong with the feng shui nor their birth profile. What i meant was there are no “negative” energies so strong to affect the female head of household going for surgeries 3 times because of her ovaries complications. From feng shui perspective these are the key areas to look into concerning the female reproduction system:

a. Form school “water” element related e.g. the position of the toilet bowl, basin, bath tub, water feature

b. Xuan kong Flying star “1” 一白胎神 positioning on which sector

c. Eight mansions 六煞 and 廉贞 position

d. The North sector

e. Kitchen

f. South-West sector

g. Impact of annual or house destiny flying star 2 二黑病符 二主宅母多病患 which represents sickness/ abdomen OR disaster 5  represent pregnant woman 孕妇受灾, poison为毒索,cancer 易忠肿瘤 natural disaster / accidents 天灾横祸

h. Flying star 5 & 1 or 1 & 5 combo 一白 reproduction 胎神受五黄克制,不利人丁,不孕,绝嗣之忧

Notice the number of variables that all these are possibilities that can caused this “bad luck” to happen; so as a Feng Shui master you have to do a “calculated guess”  as to where and how this went wrong.

i have check and double checked there are absolutely nothing wrong with the house feng shui. Being curious i begin checking with her about her office…she told me there are construction going on in the neighbourhood. As her office is pretty near to her house she needs to walk past the construction site before reaching her home. After making a trip down to her office and doing some cures the problem was solved. Her last medical checkup was fine and you may call it a coincidence. However personally i believed that the bad energies were transported from the construction site somehow, but don’t ask me why because i don’t have the reasons to explain too. i have to acknowledge that not all feng shui issues can be explained by science or logic. So if you are experiencing some problems with your body or relationships it may not be caused by your home feng shui but office feng shui.

External landscape changes the energies

The position and the structure of the surrounding buildings that embrace your house fengshui or office feng shui affects the “qi” or energies that are driving into your house. See picture below just for illustration purpose a taller building very close to your building feng shui term it as “qiao xing 峤星 “. If this tall building is at the North side of your office, then the energies show as yellow arrows are having a “boomerang” effect and deflected as having “south” – fire energies.

The above example demonstrate that North energies are prevented from accessing into your office building because of the taller neighbouring tower situated in the North orientation. Instead your office are absorbing the “south” or “fire” feng shui energies instead of “north” “water” energies. Hence a vast difference in interpretation of the energies that are affecting your office feng shui or house feng shui. So if we overlook the external environment, the interpretations of the feng shui energies are incorrect.

The environment attributes of your surroundings supports or undermine the luck of your unit. The impact will become more pronounce to the invisible energies inside your house by external physical features like roads, lifts, escalators, junctions, reservoir, swimming pool, river, buildings etc. For e.g. your main door is where the “water star 8” lands and your main door directly faces a lift. This wealth energies will be amplified! However if you door has a bad combo say sickness “2” flying star than chances are your staff or family members will fall sick easily.

Forms are different from Qi or Energies. Forms are stuff that we can see and make us feel disturbed e.g overlooking a cemetry or hospital door or 45 degree sharp angular buildings or fire station or expressways. Some forms carries energies, some don’t. E.g. Expressways are forms and energies. Seeing a “cross” symbol from a neighbourhood church is just form and does not carry any energies by itself.

Feng Shui is common sense

How would you like to stay near a rubbish-collection centre where your home is filled with foul smell everyday. Hence is not surprise to find people staying around rubbish areas , dirty canals fall sick easily. It does not take any feng shui theory to tell you that this is definitely not hygiene. Some feng shui master uses commercial feng shui figurines like unicorn, dragon etc to defend your house… i have also seen some feng shui master sold my clients expensive crystal sphere to deflect the energies. All these does not work. Why? Because the fengshui problem is with the smell and germs hovering in the air like the SARS outbreak in Year 2003 so even traditional figurines like dragon in the past have not met with SARs.

What you need to do is to improve the air ventilation system and light of your home feng shui by filtration, freshener, diffuser…wear masks at home…make sense right? not by introducing feng shui products? Feng shui cures depends on the problem area not by inventing more feng shui products as a counter measure. LOL. So actually feng shui is common sense not rocket science.

External Feng Shui landscape is a Fixed variable

It is obvious that the external feng shui landscape attributes are fixed unless our government decided to tear down some old buildings, widen the roads or lay more cables. Therefore you have to choose your house carefully before purchase.. From track records try not to choose a unit that faces a big open space that is equivalent in size with your current building. The reason is because in due time, somehow you will see a similar building right smack in front of you; similar in height and size. This will result in undue work stress and luck. Not forgetting that you have to bear 2 years of construction “noise”, “dust” “inconvenience”.

Feng Shui Bad energies Updated

With the rapid evolving technology and sophistication in our lifestyle, sha qi 煞气 or bad vibes have totally taken a New form and shape. In olden days chinese feng shui do not have to cater fengshui cures for construction, Mass Rapid Transit, expressways, subways, flyovers, highways, underpass, high rise buildings, odd shaped buildings…etc ? All these high speed, modern transport infrastructure that makes our lives convenient comes with side-effects such as  amplified noise, congestion, pollution and impatient; The roads in the 21st century are interpreted as “water”. In olden days “water” or chinese word “Shui” (水) in feng shui takes care of wealth conditions of the building and the “mountains” take care of the health of the residents. The importance of Water in feng shui plays an important role because of the wealth associations. The wise saying goes like this: 山管人丁水管财

In Singapore fengshui context, there are lots of highways for such a small tiny country. We have ECP, CTE, PIE, KJE and many others. So are expressways good for Singapore feng shui?

Expressways are “express” ways to lose your wealth which means your fortune may come in very fast but go off just as fast! Therefore It is difficult for you to accumulate wealth if your home overlook these structures although it may be convenient. However if yours is a business, feng shui intepretations is different. Business feng shui thrives on bad feng shui energies and enjoys it! But the catch is you have to completely absorb the “sha qi” solve and use it to enjoy business profits and sales.

In feng shui classical wisdom to enhance your wealth, your home or office needs to have the conducive environmental ingredients to 藏风聚气 trap the positive energies or “chi” (air) from the outside. With the current high-speed expressways …it is difficult to trap wealth and keep it in your house.

“气乘风则散界水则止” Qi or energies is trapped by water

Watch out for odd shape buildings too. These buildings may have awarded with accolades of architecture finesse and perfections…but odd shaped buildings are no place in the world of feng shui. Buildings in today’s modern feng shui are symbolic to “mountains” ; The role of “mountains” in fengshui means “health” “mentoring” and “support”. So if you are staying in an irregular building, your support may become unstable, this is more severe if you have building that is diamond shape, pigeon holes, low centre of gravity.

“Whatever that is external to the house, you are unable to change, but whatever that is internal of the house you can”. Getting the right external environment actually saves you alot of time and money if you do it right the first time. What is the point of getting a $10 million dollar beautifully renovated furbished house and the main door is facing a drain or rubbish chute or the house is located at the end of road. Relocation is not only expensive but a very time consuming affair. Not forgetting if you own a bad feng shui house, is going cost you and your family members’ health and wealth.

One very important point to note is that most of the remedies of fengshui cannot eliminate the bad energies 100% but only to dilute/deflect the impact.

Common Bad fengshui that we see everyday

Feng Shui Sha Qi  穿心煞

business feng shuiLook at the Singapore office towers from the picture on the left just for illustration. A narrow passageway in between two buildings driving the “qi” ( air energies ) squeeze between 2 very close building structures. The “yang energies” are very intense because it is force to pass through these 2 very close buildings at a very concentrated point. This sight is pretty common in Shenton Way Singapore.

The ill effects are accidents such as car accidents, surgery, lawsuits, declining business, sickness, financial loss. It cost you both health and wealth if your home windows or main door overlook this buildings. However if in between the gap there is a building filling up the space than there is no danger.  

But please do not frighten yourself if the sha qi is very far away it does not affect you.

In addition bad energies is not something that you look to your left and right to find but it must be very near and faces your squarely in front. So don’t get frighten if you see it.

Feng Shui Sha Qi – 尖角煞 Razor sharp pointed buildings feng shui bad vibes bad effects: accidents, surgery, depending on which sector is facing this feng shui sha qi it causes bad luck and ill health to the symbolic person that the sector represents. For instance if it is South-East it is the elderest daughter. check out Ba Gua (eight trigrams) and what it represents. Remedies: simply if your line of sight is through windows, use curtain or tainted glass to dilute the effect if are prepare to spend some money, do a partition to block out the view entirely Feng Shui Shai Qi – 光煞 Intense, Blinding Light reflections onto your house This happens perhaps a neighbouring building that is very glass-like facing your windows or it could be the result of very intense west sun shinning into your room or balcony. It is more severe if your floor tiles are white very polished marble

Bad effects: Bad accidents, fiery tempers, quarrels, hypertension


To counteract the bad effects are quite similar to the example above, but for light you can cleverly diffuse it by growing some tall shrubs, plants to block the view.

割脚水 Houses or shops too near to the road

Retail shops or buildings or apartments are build too close and submerged below the road generally have problem with the lower limbs

Not only health of the occupants are affected but wealth as well.

If the road happen to be the expressway e.g. Singapore PIE, ECP, CTE, KJE , the bad impact is accentuated.


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