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Feng shui water position

Feng shui water activation is one of the fastest way to attract wealth but one need to neutralise any negative energy first by checking your “office destiny fengshui” and other feng shui formulas.

To quote feng shui Burial Classic 葬书 emphaise the importance of water 得水为上,藏风次之. Water first then energy accumulation

San Yuan Cycle feng shui water method

office feng shui waterOne popular feng shui method for water placement is San Yuan Formula 三元九运. San Yuan divides time into 3 eras and 9 luck pillars.  Each era represent 60 years. Thus per luck pillar is 20 years. For any given period of 20 years there is an auspicious “mountain” position and 2 prosperous “water positions”.

Today we are in Period 8 luck pillar from 2004 to 2023. Northeast艮卦 is 正神位 the True God (literal translation) position. One should see high landform such as tall building in this direction. The 2 water positions are Southwest零神 and East照神. Southwest is for wealth activation and East for career or status enhancement.

Chinese fengshui classic quote 天玉經: “明得零神与正神,指日入青云” Good health & prosperity will follow if you meet the requirements of mountain & water positions.

However this is a generalisation than feng shui water positioning method. Other formulas of feng shui need to be integrated before we jump to conclusion.

Singapore urban development coincidentally matches San Yuan feng shui cycle

In Singapore NE is Punggol area. The Punggol initiative originates in 1996. Due to Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the financial troubles within the construction industry the 2003 plan was delayed.  It was revive in 2007 matching San Yuan cycle for period 8.

Using Annual feng shui star 8 as water position can be dangerous

Many readers and even my corporate clients the first thing they talk about Feng Shui assessment is locating the “wealth 财位” sector. My advise, you should neutralise the bad energies or “sha qi” first. While others used the online annual flying star 8 as water position to improve wealth without understanding your home destiny feng shui energy chart. This is risky because the sector can be your home destiny sick zone or conflicting area. By doing so it does more harm than good. Latent bad energy in the office is like a ticking time bomb, activating it ignorantly using water is unwise.

左青龙 Green dragon water feng shui

Roads or pathway can be classify in feng shui as “artificial water”. In feng shui we do not prefer water to come at you in a straight but meanders. In other words if your office faces a busy highway then getting sales can be challenging.

One generalisation on water location is that it should be on the left hand side of the door i.e. the “green dragon” position. Direction is  taken from “inside” the house looking outwards, on your left hand side. i would not advise doing that.

General tips on feng shui water location

1. It should be at Office Destiny Wealth sector.
2. Maintain the water as clean as possible, it indicates vitality
3. As a fail-sale the CEO birth profile should be taken into consideration
4. Do not forcely place the water feature opposite to toilet door
5. The fish tank motor should not be too noisy
6. Should not conflict with the 5 elements & destiny energy of the sector.
7. Number of fishes is unimportant, don’t be overly concern with trivial in feng shui

Wrong use of 5 devils ushering wealth using water activation

The above are general guidelines. True water applications (水法) is more complicated than that. i have seen one of my client wrongly advised by his feng shui master by putting a giant fish tank inside the Five Devils 五鬼 sector. He was told the concept is “5 devils are ushering wealth 五鬼运财”. My goodness 3 of his staff ended up with freak accidents within 2 months of placement.

In conclusion try not to use “water feng shui” unless advised by your feng shui master. The reason for this article is i have seen too many fsm placed water wrongly and things got backfired!


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