flying star feng shui

flying star feng shui

 The key concept behind flying star feng shui is “timing“, thereby making it one of the most popular and accurate formula. Since the concept builds on “timing”, there is no good or bad flying star number. At the right time (period) using the right flying star number is positive e.g. today’s period 8 using 8 is good but using 2 is bad but not in period 2.

office feng shui flying star destiny chartFlying star feng shui formula consist of 9 stars. Each individual star represent positives and negative depending on which era. One era in flying star concept consist of 20 years. Currently we are in Period 8 from year 2004 to 2023, so star 8 is the governing number . The flying star number is interpreted in either health or wealth aspects. In a standard flying star destiny chart of a house, the left hand number represents health also known as mountain star and the right is wealth or water star. See illustration.

A good understanding on the numbers and what they represent can improve our lives by enhancing it. Take for instance you wanted to improve your wealth, you can activate water star number 8 on the right in your home or office destiny chart. If health is what you need you can activate the mountain star on the left.

Yearly Monthly Daily Time flying star

Besides plotting the office destiny flying star chart, one can also use annual or month or day or time to create the chart. Under normal circumstances we use either the year or month because the day or time is too short a duration. The year or month flying star chart is for quick fix, if you wanted to see rapid results.

Flying Star 9 fire element 离卦本意 附丽, 文明传承, 薪火相传

After star 8 is “star 9” which is the future wealth star. Star 9 is fire element. It represents energy, celebration, creativity, fame, marriage, education and civic mindedness. Rapid breakthrough in science,  telecommunications, network, internet, information and technology because star 9 is fire element. In business context one can place your creative or R&D team where flying star 9 resides e.g. product/market innovation & new business. In home feng shui one can activate star 9 to improve reputation or encourage tying the wedding knot for children that are in long courtship.

Certain flying stars are negative because they are obsolete in period 8 era. They are flying star 2, 3, 5 and 7. One cannot treat these stars as positive because they are redundant. Based on feng shui perspective one should dilute the negative side effects that these stars bring to the table.

feng shui master flying star

Feng shui flying star origins comes from the 9 stars.


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