FAQ about Singapore Feng Shui

Q1. Does Feng Shui Audit guarantee to see results in x month time?

Answer is yes and no! First of all it is easier to see results when i audit a house that has been stayed by residents for more than 3 months. The reason is simple because then there would be comparisons of past records and what was done after the feng shui audit,

Whereas if it is a “brand new” house like BTO there are no comparisons! Human being human they expect more, so although feng shui countermeasures are done and life is “normal” most of us would take it for granted that it is supposedly “normal” without realizing that without the remedies family members might fall sick for example.

Q2. How much can feng shui help you?

Just as a figurative of speech i would say it ranges between 20-25% nothing more. The logical way to see this we are also influence by:

  1. Birth Profile/structure
  2. 10-Year Luck Pillar
  3. Annual Luck Pillar
  4. Our talents, attitude and strengths
  5. Environment, take for instance there is a worldwide recession even a very lucky person will make less money than he usually does?

Let’s take an example of a person that is having a hard time because of his 10-Years Luck Pillar is very bad; Even with feng shui help he will still be having a hard time except that he or she will be suffer lesser “bad luck” but not converted into “good luck”.

To look at it another way round, a person who is enjoying a good streak of luck no matter where he stayed will still be enjoying good luck but without feng shui he or she may not fully optimised his or her luck, that’s all. An individual that is having a 10-Year lucky spell should start his own business (provided his birth structure supports it) so he can reap the fruits of his own labour. If one do not have some insight into his future (through bazi reading) then he is “under-utilizing his luck” to  make his boss wealthier, which may still not a bad thing because not all of us are risk-takers!

It is similar to an individual that is born with certain talents. For example, a person may be blessed with talent in art or gifted in science. One can work very hard but certain things like talent cannot be changed. During the early years i used to teach, there are students that are quick to learn and apply while others are slow and inflexible. Both take notes and listen conscientiously, the results are different obviously.

Q3. Can i install ceiling fan?

Of course you can, in Singapore which is so warm you need to keep yourself airy.

Q4. How do i choose a good house or office? Is it based on bazi lucky elements?

Choosing a good house or office is based on various Form and Energy factors, never about fitting one’s bazi. Energy wise, there is a fixed formula based on certain orientations that are good in period 8 (2004-2023), period 9 and so forth. All you need to do is to follow these fixed formula.

Form wise one have to look at the physical environment attributes that surrounds the premise to gauge whether it supports or detrimental to the House Destiny. As for energy one have to take into consideration the HOUSE DESTINY OR OFFICE DESTINY, the various sectors and critical areas like the Main Door, Stove position and the Master Room. Still it does not depends on your Birth configuration to select the house based on site-plan or resale house where one can go onsite to determine whether the house is good or bad. It does not mean that an individual lucky element is “water” he have to find a house or office near to the beach. If this is the case a person lucky element is fire, he will have to relocate to a volcano site. An individual who needs “earth” will still near to a farm house? A person who needs “metal” will stay next to a “gold mine”, a person who needs wood will stay in a forest? does not make any sense does it?

Q5. Which location should i choose to buy a house in Singapore?

If you intend to buy a house for stay choose one that is convenient to you. If you intend to buy a house for investment consider future investment for a north-south house in Period 9. In period 9 the main door should be located in the south sector and the water orientation in the north direction. So it does not matter very much which part of Singapore but more importantly does the house environment matches it’s Destiny.

Q6. Do i need to match my furniture to my bazi (birth profile)?

Of course not. Same rationale, a person lucky elements is metal so he have to buy metal furniture? Steel table and chairs? Omg.

Q7. What do you mean by having “good luck”

Good luck encompass objective tangible growth e.g. promotion in your job, good results during exam, increase wealth BUT it does necessary means “good health”. One may even fall sick or end up in hospital even if the 10 year luck pillar is above average.


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