House Hunting misnomer

House hunting misnomer

Misrepresentation 1 – using birth profile or Bazi

House hunting based on feng shui principles can be a mind-boggling task. Most believed it is imperative to choose a house based on Birth profile (八字). It can only make some sense if you there is only “one” occupant. However we know that for a standard family of 4 members it is impossible for the house to suit 4 varied birth profile lucky elements. If we examine based on bazi perspective usually the husband and wife lucky elements supplement each other i.e. if the wife needs fire element high chance that she will married to a strong fire element husband, so for a strong fire element person (husband) generally he needs water element which is exactly the opposite of his partner. Through my past experience marriages that can last usually based on this “complementary” formula (whether intentional or accidental). Thus the husband and wife bazi lucky element usually differs. Take for example if husband need “fire element” and wife need “water element” then should you buy a house that sitting/facing North  (water element) or South (fire element)? Some feng shui masters will justify it by using the “breadwinner” of the family. Now here is the “kicker” so let your wife or kids suffer?

Misrepresentation 2 – 宅命相配 using Gua Number 东四命住东四宅、西四命住西四宅

It is a common misnomer to find a House that match with your Gua Number from the 8 Mansions’ Theory 八宅  Extracted below 天元五歌 蒋大鸿 


In short this classical principle “一元衰旺定真踪” state that one have to factor in “timing” i.e. the “元运 luck period” that we are in. Today we are living in Period 8 from 2004 to 2023. Take verse 5 as an example 五鬼绝命, 逢兴更昌隆 at the “right period-energy combo calculation” can be positive!  The luck period is derived from 玄空三元九运  and 二元八运

It is myopia to choose a home based on 8 Mansion 八宅 Principle. It is of no consequence to match your Ming Gua with the House Gua Number. Given so many feng shui principles to conform before buying a house, one can even ignore the principles of 八宅派-宅命相配matching Gua Ming 卦命 with Zhai Ming 宅命.  Please allow me to explain further.

Feng shui 8 Mansion

Kindly see the chart above showing East family or East House and West Family or West House. You will notice that East-Family/House and West-Family/House is direct opposite. The sectors that are good for East is going to be bad for West.

Rationale 2a:

Assume a family nucleus of 4 could it be possible that all 4 members below to the same Gua Ming East or West Family?

Rationale 2b:

If a East family Gua Number Mr. East 东四命 bought a house that is a West destiny home 西四宅 then all the entire 8 sectors are unable to use. Why? West Destiny Home good sectors are W, NW, NE, SW and Bad sectors are E, SE, S, N. Mr. East good sectors are E, SE, S, N  which are the bad sectors of West Apartment and his bad sectors W, NW, NE, SW which are the good sectors of West Apartment. Therefore Mr. East who bought a “西四宅 bungalow” of 20,000 sq ft, got no “space” to live because what is good for him are bad sectors of the house.

Rationale 2c:

The 8 Mansion feng shui principle states that East 东四 apartments are

Sitting East faces West 震宅
Sitting South-East faces North-West 巽宅
Sitting North faces South 坎宅
Sitting South faces North 离宅

and West apartments are the 4 directions that are not listed above. If this theory seek to match 宅命相配 holds true then i suppose 50% of the World population are left homeless or staying in bad houses.

Rationale 2d

If happened you are so lucky that all your family members belongs to either East or West family and you get the house that is same Gua Ming then you are left with 4 sectors to use and the other 4 unable to use? You pay $2000 psf and only use 50% of your house. omg

Rationale 2e:

八宅明镜 also state that if your Main door does not match your Gua Number, you can use your bedroom placement or bed room door, if not you can also change the orientation of your stove… So the Theory is rather “accommodating” to fit everyone, don’t you think?


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