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House hunting in Singapore with feng shui in mind not bazi

House hunting based on feng shui principles can be a mind-boggling task. Unlike wide propaganda of using your Birth profile (八字) to choose a house, it is very wrong! Let’s assume a standard family nucleus of 4 how is it possible that the house will suit all 4 birth profiles and lucky elements? Some feng shui masters will argue to use the “breadwinner” of the family to choose a house but then how about your wife and kids? If your wife or kids fall sick after moving in what good is your house that only suits you?

There are many feng shui principles that govern choosing an auspicious feng shui home. One of them is to consider the “timing of Earth energies based on 先天二元八运 or 后天三元九运” . Chinese feng shui classic 青囊经 state that “顺五兆,用八卦,排六甲,布八门,推五运,定六气”. For simple understanding one can use (先天为体 后天为用) 三元九运-玄空飞星 San Yuan Xuan Kong luck period calculations. Period 8 Year 2004-2023 and Period 9 2024-2043. A period lasts for 20 years. Take an example during Period 8 Main Door ideally should be located in North-East sector and Water position in the South-West sector.

Find the Best Singapore Home – Calculate The DESTINY 宅命  of your Home feng shui FIRST

First thing first, buy the best Feng Shui House Destiny 宅命 derived from 坐向 the orientations of your House Sitting and Facing orientations.

If your purpose is for own stay buy the house’s destiny that is  “Good Health and Wealth” based on San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying star principles. Once you determined that the Destiny is good by calculating the orientation of the house with the help of a feng shui master in Singapore. The next step is to ensure that your home feng shui destiny are supported by External Environment Physical Attributes which includes the lift, the passageway leading to your house, roads, neighbourhood buildings, water etc. Then examine the Internal Layout of your potential new house with the help of floor plan. Look into the Main door location (Very Important), structure of the house square or odd shape, bedroom positions and lastly the kitchen / stove position. Once you get this correct you are almost certain to own a good feng shui house!

Auspicious feng shui home NEED NOT match with your bazi or gua number

It is a common misnomer to find a House that matches with your Bazi favourable elements or 8 Mansions’ Theory 八宅 Gua number or personal gua number. The calculation of the Home Destiny precedes all that and is the Number 1 Priority, not bazi (birth profile) or gua number which are secondary!

Hypothetically speaking if you found a “Home DESTINY 宅命feng shui is excellent” and matches with the internal physical layout and external physical attributes you have already own an auspicious feng shui home! Bazi compatibility & lucky elements can be fine-tune later by choosing the right bedroom location, orientation, colour scheme and others.

It is myopia to choose a home based on 8 Mansion 八宅 Principle. It is of no consequence to match your Ming Gua with the House Gua Number. In fact you can completely ignore the principles of Gua Ming 卦命 (your life number) and Zhai Ming 宅命 (House number) 相配 compatibility, most parts of it’s principles are obsolete. For the benefit of die hard fans about Gua Ming and Zhai Ming compatibility, please allow me to explain further.

Feng shui 8 Mansion

Kindly see the chart above showing East family or East House and West Family or West House. You will notice that East-Family/House and West-Family/House is direct opposite. The sectors that are good for East is going to be bad for West.

Rationale 1:

Assume a family nucleus of 4 could it be possible that all 4 members below to the same Gua Ming East or West Family?

Rationale 2:

If a East family member Mr. East bought a house that is a West destiny home then all the entire 8 sectors are unable to use. Why? West Destiny Home good sectors are W, NW, NE, SW and Bad sectors are E, SE, S, N.

Mr. East good sectors are E, SE, S, N  which are the bad sectors of West Apartment and his bad sectors W, NW, NE, SW which are the good sectors of West Apartment. Therefore even Mr. East own a good class bungalow of 20,000 sq ft he got no “space” to live in because what is good for him are bad sectors of the house.

Rationale 3:

The 8 Mansion feng shui principle states that East 东四 apartments are

Sitting East faces West 震宅
Sitting South-East faces North-West 巽宅
Sitting North faces South 坎宅
Sitting South faces North 离宅

and West apartments are the 4 directions which are none of the above. If this theory seek to match 宅命相配 holds true then i suppose 50% of the World population are left homeless or staying in bad houses.

Rationale 4

If happened you are so lucky that all your family members belongs to either East or West family and you get the house that is same Gua Ming then you are left with 4 sectors to use and the other 4 unable to use? You pay 100% psf and can only use 50% of your house. omg

Rationale 5:

八宅明镜 also state that if your Main door does not match your Gua Number, you can use your bedroom placement, if not you can also change the orientation of your stove… So the Theory is rather accommodating don’t you think?

Avoid feng shui orientations that are totally bad

Bad orientations feng shui

These are the degrees to avoid at all costs. In chinese feng shui is call the Da Kong Wang 大空亡,  indicated as the yellow line. No orientation fall in between boundaries of Ba Gua sectors. The white lines are 大空亡 22.5°, 67.5°,112.5°,157.5°,202.5°, 247.5°, 292.5°and 337.5° Xiao Kong Wang 小空亡 are 7.5 degree 37.5 degree 52.5degree 82.5 97.5 127.5 142.5 172.5 187.5 217.5 232.5 262.5 277.5 307.5 322.5 352.5

Any bad things could have happen such as disaster, accidents, surgeries, sickness, suicide, lawsuit, disharmony, evil spirits that you possibly can imagine could happen in the above orientations.


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