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House hunting in Singapore with feng shui in mind

House hunting with feng shui in mind can be a mind-boggling task. Based on feng shui principles, first you have to consider whether you are buying a Singapore property for investment or for your own-stay, this is to calculate the “dynamics” of Earth’s luck energy.

For investment you have to consider the  progression of Timing or Luck and Earth energies 天运 地运. For simple understanding you can use 三元玄空飞星 San Yuan Xuan Kong luck period calculations. Period 8 Year 2004-2023 and Period 9 2024-2043. A period lasts for 20 years. As an example Period 8 Main Door ideally should be located in North-East sector and Water position in the South-West sector.

Find the Best Singapore Home – Calculate The DESTINY 宅命  of your Home feng shui FIRST

First thing first, buy the best Feng Shui House Destiny 宅命 derived from 坐向 the orientations of your House Sitting and Facing orientations.

If your purpose is for own stay buy the house’s destiny that is  “Good Health and Wealth” based on San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying star principles. Once you determined that the Destiny is good by calculating the orientation of the house with the help of a feng shui master in Singapore. The next step is to ensure that your home feng shui destiny are supported by External Environment Physical Attributes which includes the lift, the passageway leading to your house, roads, neighbourhood buildings, water etc. Then examine the Internal Layout of your potential new house with the help of floor plan. Look into the Main door location (Very Important), structure of the house square or odd shape, bedroom positions and lastly the kitchen / stove position. Once you get this correct you are almost certain to own a good feng shui house!

An Auspicious feng shui home NEED NOT match with your bazi or gua number

It is a common misnomer to match the House with your Bazi favourable elements and 8 Mansions’ Theory Gua number. The calculation of the Home Destiny precedes all that and is the Number 1 Priority, not bazi (birth profile) or gua number which are secondary!

The fact is if the DESTINY 宅命 of your home feng shui is good and matches with the surrounding external physical attributes and internal layout you have already scored Grade A! Bazi compatibility with your lucky elements can be fine-tune by choosing the bedroom, orientation, colour scheme and others.

It is myopia to choose a home based on 8 Mansion 八宅 Principle. It is of no consequence to match your Ming Gua with the House Gua Number. In fact you can completely ignore the principles of Gua Ming 卦命 (your life number) and Zhai Ming 宅命 (House number) 相配 compatibility, most parts of it’s principles are obsolete. For the benefit of die hard fans about Gua Ming and Zhai Ming compatibility, please allow me to explain further.

Feng shui 8 Mansion

Kindly see the chart above showing East family or East House and West Family or West House. You will notice that East-Family/House and West-Family/House is direct opposite. The sectors that are good for East is going to be bad for West.

Rationale 1:

Assume a family nucleus of 4 could it be possible that all 4 members below to the same Gua Ming East or West Family?

Rationale 2:

If a East family member say Mr. East bought a house that is a West destiny home then all the 8 sectors are unable to use. Why? West Destiny Home good sectors are W, NW, NE, SW and Bad sectors are E, SE, S, N.

Mr. East good sectors are E, SE, S, N  which are the bad sectors of West Apartment and his bad sectors are W, NW, NE, SW which are the good sectors of West Apartment hence even he possess a good class bungalow of 20,000 sq ft he got no “space” to live in because what is good for him are bad sectors of the house.

Rationale 3:

The 8 Mansion feng shui principle states that East apartments are

Sitting East faces West

Sitting South-East faces North-West

Sitting North faces South

Sitting South faces North

and West apartments are the 4 directions which are none of the above.

If this theory seek to match 命卦 Gua Ming WITH 宅卦House Gua Ming compatibility holds true then i suppose 50% of the World population are left homeless or staying in bad houses.

Rationale 4:

If you happened to be so lucky that all your family members belongs to either East or West family and you get the house that is same with your Gua Ming then you also left with 4 sectors that are unable to use? Does that make sense? 2000 sq feet house only utilise 1000 sq feet and the remaining 1000 sq feet of bad sectors use as toilets, storage etc. Most houses would then have huge toilets and huge store rooms?

By the way if you are an ardent fan of feng shui you will also notice that they state the 8 Mansion theory as “directions”; it should be “locations” 方位. The reason is fairly simple, location is usually impossible to move but direction you can change. Take for instance if your Master room happened to be in the North sector, one can’t change it unless you sleep in other bedrooms. However one can change the direction of your bed placement which still benefits you.

Rationale 5:

八宅明镜 also state that if your Main door does not match your Gua Number, you can use your bedroom placement, if not you can also change the orientation of your stove… So the Theory is rather accommodating don’t you think?

Avoid feng shui orientations that are totally bad

Bad orientations feng shui

These are the degrees to avoid at all costs. In chinese feng shui is call the Da Kong Wang 大空亡,  indicated as the yellow line. No orientation fall in between boundaries of Ba Gua sectors. The light blue lines not complete is the 小空亡

22.5°, 67.5°,112.5°,157.5°,202.5°, 247.5°, 292.5°and 337.5°

Degrees below are Xiao Kong Wang 小空亡 also to avoid

7.5 degree 37.5 degree 52.5degree 82.5 97.5 127.5 142.5 172.5 187.5 217.5 232.5 262.5 277.5 307.5 322.5 352.5

Any bad things such as disaster, accidents, surgeries, sickness, suicide, lawsuit, disharmony, evil spirits that you possibly can imagine could happen in the above orientations.

How to choose a lucky home base on the site plan general guideline

1. Start by studying the external feng shui attributes of your site plan that surrounds the new BTO flat or new office or new project. What are the infrastructure leading to your new home. Areas that you should concern yourself are roads, buildings, MRT, reservoir, shape of the building, junctions, shape of the roads concave or convex, expressways, smelly drains etc. Try to identify are there any sha qi or bad energies for example funny looking buildings, mirror-like reflections from buildings, construction works, empty plot of land and others.

2. Examine the floor plan carefully, how is the shape of the floor plan? Where is the position of the main door, on which sector? Where are the kitchen and toilet positions? Any serious missing sectors from the floor plan more than 20% of the house. In Singapore feng shui, there are no perfect home or business office that fits you like a glove unless your develop the home yourself base on an empty piece of land. Still you are limited by structural and technical constraints of the external environment feng shui attributes.

3. Find out the destiny of your apartment, this is via calculation of your house main door orientation unlike common belief of using the the balcony or main entrance of the condo. The main entrance of the entire condo impacts the developer if it is commercial and if residential it influences all the units within vicinity not solely to you. Assume that the apartment consist of 300 units, the destiny of the apartment will only affect you 1/300 or 0.33%. It is a common mistake to use the property fascade direction as the reference point. Once the destiny of the apartment is calculated, you will be able to tell whether this house is suitable for enterprising young couples to stay or elderly retirees or family man or unsuitable to stay.

4. Consult a good feng shui master in Singapore to understand your Bazi or Birth Profile 八字用神 to know your lucky elements which could be fire, water, wood, earth or metal. This is not crucial because it can be adjusted within your home i.e. bed positioning, colour scheme etc. You should have the expectation that a house cannot be compatible to all occupants. Most important the bed position and their active working area suits the occupants.

tilt door feng shui

5. Do not buy a house or office with tilted doors. The fact that some feng shui masters in Singapore are so obsessed to tilt the door for their clients is because they believed that the house contained “negative” energies so by tilting the door they hope that the energies will change to positive! It does not work and energies are not “changed” because of the tilt. Energies does not go sideways when you tilt the door. So if you see that the door is tilted it only means that the Destiny of the house is bad already. See the picture the red arrow indicates that the energies are straight no matter how and it will not “bend” like a football shot indicated by the yellow arrow. There are ways to change if the Destiny of the house is bad but not possible to “bend” the 气 or energies. Notice that from the picture the feng shui master also told the owner to paint the gate and door green in colour? i presume he is trying to activate “wood” energies where the irony is the door is already make of wood.

Study the physical environment that is surrounding your House

Just bear this in mind, the external landscape are fixed attributes so the emphasis is really to study your surroundings deeply. From a very general and layman point of view, if the house is free of Sha Qi or bad energies is relatively consider to be a great house. Examples of bad energies from “forms” are T-Junctions, expressways, convex roads. MRT/LRT directions, police stations, hospitals, constructions etc.

Whether the energy is consider good or bad depends on the distant of the view, if it is far far away and you need powerful binoculars to see then there is no danger. Don’t be unduly worry about what you hear about or find via the internet about bad sha qi, more often than not it is non-existing. After seeing so many houses over my past career, i have not really seen a house with very bad external landscape that cannot be diluted.

Past history of the house don’t let it haunt you

Check out the house history and the destiny, has someone commit suicide or divorce inside the house? A period 6 house is different from period 7 or period 8? Understanding the past, merely give us the peace of mind before signing on the dotted line. If psychologically you are uncomfortable with the house don’t buy it in the first place because it will become a stigma when something happen. Let me tell you a true story, many years ago, i have this feng shui client who bought a divorce house. After doing the feng shui audit her husband was promoted as a regional director and has to station in Vietnam for 3 years under contract which is supposedly good news? They have no kids so his wife being alone and not working starts to have 2nd thoughts about their marriage and suspect her husband infidelity. “Absence makes the heart wander instead of fonder”. She got so paranoia thinking that her husband has a mistress overseas, that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy thinking that she have bought a divorce home hence the bad luck. Her husband told me that she will nit-pick on the most trivial thing in the world whenever he is back from overseas. What follows after a few years is no rocket science to the conclusion of their marriage. This incident illustrates that psychology and  perceptions does influence the outcome of things. It is the classic sales speech of seeing the glass half full or half empty. Divorce or not is not about the home feng shui but personality and tolerance. During our grand papa time one never heard of the word “divorce” now it is so rampant!

In Singapore the main reason for marriage breakout is finance and personality clash not house feng shui LOL. Moreover different periods of the house have different destiny. A period 7 house is different from a period 8 house! One thing for sure if the house is empty for many years or selling at a ridiculously low price…something fishy must be going on.

As a general guideline during this period 8 Year 2004 to 2023, refrain from seeing “artificial water” like roads, junctions, MRTs in the North-East Sector direction using your house centre as the focal point. Instead you should see tall buildings.

As for the water or roads it should be located in the South-West sector. Assume you intend to choose a unit from siteplan, which stack inside this condo are you able to see another stack (building) in the North-East and seeing Water e.g. swimming pool in the South-West. Generally if your concern is health seek the house having North-East buildings or south (9th period). If you are enterprising singles just started out your career go for houses that sees water in the South-West or North directions.

“山环水抱,气聚有情, 山管人丁, 水管财”

In a general sense, Mountain or tall buildings in today’s context equates health.

Water in feng shui equates Wealth (not because of the cantonese word shui is wealth) however water is not the only medium to activate wealth. Water can be divided into real which is actually water itself and “artificial” e.g. roads, walkways, expressways, MRTs

The next thing you should look out for and very importantly is your main door direction which determines the destiny of your house.

Main Door feng shui

In fact the Main door orientation determines the Destiny of the Apartment actually impact how good is the feng shui of your home. The important consideration to choose a feng shui home is the sitting and orientation reading must be auspicious. The main door orientation plays a very critical role in the influence of a  good or bad home feng shui. There is a classical saying in feng shui wisdom that goes like this “向首一星灾祸柄” or “入屋看门口,祸福知八九” it means just by looking at the door orientation and location we are able to predetermine whether this is a good or bad  feng shui home.

Feng shui principle : “阳宅首重大门,以大门为气口,纳气旺则吉,衰气则凶”。又云:“宅以门为吉凶,路为助,门向辨”.

Other feng shui house hunting tips

The yellow emperor doctrine of feng shui mentioned that there are five “compact” 实 that makes a house progressively rich and five “loose” 虚 that makes a house getting poorer. Some of these principles have to be modified in today’s context but i do see relevance in some of the fengshui principles to conform. The five “compact” are:

a. Small House Many Occupants (but this must be balanced too, an ideal ratio estimated base on modern living should be 1 is to 10-15 square metre) and the house should not be cluttered with belongings because of the number of occupants.

b. Big House and Small Door improve the opportunity of retaining the “Qi” or “energies”.

c. All walls should be complete not hacking away too many walls just to enlarge a certain room and causing imbalance in the home feng shui harmony. The walls should not show cracks and cob webs. Plaster and repaint your house if the walls are cracked.

d. A house feng shui should be populated with 6 animals  六畜:  马,牛,羊,鸡,犬,豕; this does not apply in today’s 21st century. In short you must own things with biological life, to increase the “Yang” energies ( but not too much ). Take for instance if you stayed in a Good Class Bungalow then you should probably invite more people come to your house for parties, gatherings and own some pets like dogs, cats, fishes, plants etc.

e. A house with the drainage in the South-East sector, this is not really applicable because there are other variables to take into considerations. This also relates to “water position” in the house.

The other five “loose” i would not continue because they are basically the opposite of 5 “compact”.

Choose a Good destiny that is suitable to your profile. Are you a retiree where health is of fundamental importance? Or are you single young professionals just started out in your career where wealth is the most important? If you are single then you have the extra option to to choose a feng shui home that is also favourable to your bazi lucky elements e.g. you need fire then go for one with “south” windows. The feng shui 5 elements are Wood-East and South-East, Water-North, Earth-NorthEast and SouthWest, Metal-West and NorthWest. Take for instance if you choose an office feng shui that is loop-sided on a particular element it will caused disharmony among your staff. As an example if the fire element is particularly strong and dominant in an office environment, than the excess of fire which represent politeness will end up with hypocrisy among the staff.

The building must blend with the rest of whole site area i.e. not a high rise building sprung up from a low-rise building area nor a tiny house overshadowed by surrounding buildings or an old house in the middle of new modern buildings.

The front of the building should ideally be an open space with a low building to captivate the Qi or energies or the front of your land surface slightly inclined towards you than your building. Hence when rain, it would be like water flowing towards the building. This layout would be conducive to attact wealth, however the open area should not be a vacuum as in not surrounded by lower infrastructures. The open space can be a park, swimming pool, sea, open space and the back of your building should be taller than yours by about 20%-30%. On the left and right of your building should be equal in size and height if not possible choose the want on your left to be slightly higher say by 20% than the right side of your building. The left represents good networking and people who will help you in your career.

In feng shui the  shape of the building must be regular in size like the 5-room HDB apartments (which are singapore government is not building anymore) , preferably square like some of the older estates in Singapore not sharp angular shape which is only aesthically appealing. In my opinion, it seems that with advancement in technology, buildings are looking unkindly odd which emphaise on the design element than the practical living feng shui values.

The cross-section of the building should not be toilet nor stove area. In other words the if you join the diagonals of the house floor plan, the stove or toilet should not land on the central-line and worse still if it is right smack in the centre sector.

Windows of your apartment should not face structures like a “satellite dish”, sharp corners of buildings, “noisy” environment like subway station, and other structures such as rubbish chute, graveyard, hospitals, temples, very glass like “bright” buildings etc

The illumination of the home feng shui must be balance. It should not be too bright nor too dim. A common misconception about feng shui is most people prefer the house to be bright, however If the house feng shui is too bright, occupants will feel agitated and lose their temper easily. In feng shui this is call 光煞, neither should the premise be too dim especially the lower floors to invite “unwanted guests”. The lighting of the house should be balance to conform the “yin and yang” principle.

Singapore feng shui due to space constraint has got lots of high-rise apartments. Staying in a place where is too windy especially on the high floors and near to the sea makes it difficult to accumultate wealth. If the home that you are staying where the door slam shut by itself means that the place is already too windy. Feng shui is about trapping the positive energies or “蕆风聚气”.

Check for missing sectors and what they represent. If it is 廉贞or bad energy sector then it is fine. On the other hand if the missing sector represent Wealth or Health or Career or Networking sector then it is consider as bad. The positive sectors should not be located in the toilet as well.

Please do not have the misconceptions that it is okay i can get a feng shui master to cure it. A sick body after surgery is still not as good as a healthy body without sicknesses.

a. North West – represents the fatherly figure or breadwinner, in iChing it represent the “heaven” body part is “head”; bad luck for the male breadwinner, disharmony in marriage, headache, migraine, undue stress.

b. South West – represents the motherly figure, iChing the “earth”; obviously it affects the health and luck of the wife, broken marriage.

c. East – elderest son, joint problems like arthritis, gout, etc.

d. South East – elderest daughter also similar to problems of the missing East sector.

e. North – 2nd son, problems like the ear and the kidney system.

f. South – 2nd daughter, problems relating to heart, blood and circulatory sicknesses.

g. North East – Youngest son, problems with digestion and intestines.

h. West – Youngest daughter, problems with the mouth, respiration system.

The above sectors and what it means are by no means general guidelines. The severity of the missing sectors also depends on the flying star combo and whether the energies are good or bad hence don’t go overboard about missing sectors.

Avoid units having their toilet or kitchen situated right smack centre of the house; The reason is simple, the centre controls the whole unit, like the heart of the body; so if the centre is the toilet it will affect the luck and general health of the household members. This kind of house generally have intestine and digestion problems. A kitchen that is located in the centre induces bad temper, tension among family members and cause illnesses relating to blood, heart, eyes and circulatory system.

Do not choose a house that is directly facing the main entrance of a hospital, fire station, mortuary or police station.

Do not choose a home that is the same orientation with your zodiac sign, e.g. if your are born in the year of rabbit 卯 (east) do not choose the house that faces the East.

Home that faces the sea. It is a common misnomer to assume that apartments that overlook the sea naturally means good feng shui homes. 水为财 Strangely east coast propery prices in the Singapore fetch a commanding price although it is not located in the core central business district. Base on xuan kong feng shui flying star 零神正神 (ling shen zheng shen principle) , if your windows or doorway overlooks the sea in the South-West or East direction in the 8th period of the flying star, your house enjoy pretty good feng shui. South-West for wealth and East orientation for corporate promotion. However for this 8th period if the water is found in the North East orientation it is bad. However this is just one of the basic rule to find a feng shui home in Singapore.

However one fact that is commonly ignore is that the degree of the orientation facing the sea is just as important, it has to fulfill a feng shui principle i.e. the degree must be conform to 零正 (zero or in-luck) principles. Base on Xuan Kong Da Gua 玄空大卦 or Yi Gua 易卦 theory, it is stated that “water” must be towards a shuai 衰 orientation and positive energies must be “in-luck” which for now belongs to the 8th period of xuan kong feng shui flying star. Therefore if the orientation is “in-luck” u should not be placing a water position or having a “water” orientation. What it means is that 正神 should be falling inside the water. i will not dwell on this “water orientation” concept further before it confuse you but the information is to let you be mindful that not all houses facing the sea are good feng shui homes. Let’s look at something that all of us can appreciate and that is from the “form” schools of feng shui:

No matter how beautiful the shape of condo and how many awards it has won, ensure the layout is regular in shape and squarish. A Square is always the preferred shape because there are no over size or under size or missing sectors. As you know any missing sector represent a member of our family members or a certain element or a certain part of our body etc

Before buying the apartment or office check out who are the previous owners. Please do not use the left-over bed and air-condition. If the house is vacant for more than 15 years, feng shui master singapore will advise you have to a complete make-over renovation.

If you are standing in front of the entrance of the building, ensure that in front of you the land is sloping slightly towards your building. This prove to be auspicious energies because Home feng shui (Yang Zhai) are in favour of Tian Qi ( Heavenly energies ) and tombstone are more in favour of Di Qi (Earthly energies). Ideally your building must have 2 bodyguards, one on the left and the other on the right of two more or less equal buildings in height and size. The left is symbolic to the green dragon 左青龙 and the right white tiger 右白虎. If you cannot get equal height and size, choose the left one to be proportionate taller and bigger but not overwhelming. At the back of your building should have a mountain or a taller building but in the 21st century this is more relevant to tombstone than today’s modern homes. Chinese feng shui call this mountain. These are just very basic guidelines.

Do not choose a house that the orientation that is true north 0 degree and south 180 degree, this orientation is meant for temples and emperors. This cardinal points are extremely strong and not many people are able to live with it not because it is bad. These houses are generally quarrelsome in nature.

If the feng shui of your house or office windows are facing towards street lights or neon lights advertisements/billboards then chances of traffic accidents happening is high to occupants.

The placement of electronics which are active energies and inactive energies like heavy furniture such as book rack should be balance base on the dualism yin and yang” theory. The theory of balance. The positive and negative energies of feng shui should not be directly opposite each other. It should be a fusion of active and passive energy. Take for example the main door is consider to be feng shui “yang” energies, you should not have HiFi, Audio equipments near the door way because electronics are also “yang” energies.

Avoid buying a house that is near to expressways. First is the noise and the other reason is that it is difficult to accumulate wealth on a straight road. Feng Shui “qi” should comes in the form of meandering like the rivers.

Do not over pay a property just because the Unit Numbers or Stack Numbers are 1,6, 8. Unit numbers are not influential in your home feng shui luck.


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