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Job survival – feng shui tips

Some of my good old clients asked me for some 2014 feng shui job survival tips to prevent retrenchment. Rising business cost in Singapore has make it impossible for an employee to have their own roome. More often than one only have a table, a chair to sit on facing LED screen. Getting the right salaried job in Singapore is already not easy, even tougher to keep the job. Well let’s try these feng shui tips even if your work area is only 1 desk, 1 chair and a computer screen. It is almost impossible to do good feng shui but we must try! Desperate time, desperate feng shui measures!

2014 job survival feng shui tips

1. Try having a water-growing life plant on your desk, it improves the aura surrounding you. If space allows you consider splitting your working desk as if it is 9 imaginary square matrix, see picture above. Place a compass in the centre of your desk to find out the directions of the 8 squares. In this example the front of the desk is the south sector.

For year 2014, if you are job requires brain power, having a cup of water in the centre of your table helps. The alternative is to place a living water-growing plant or a cup of water at the south-west corner of your table.

As for those who are rely on hands-on skills (blue collar) for e.g. technicians, engineers, IT dept, military you can consider placing a metal object in the west sector. Lastly for those whose career depend on how well you network or socialise with people e.g. PR, marketing, artistes, you can consider water-growing plant in the North sector of your table.

As for those bosses or sales or marketing person that are involved in day-to-day sales, consider a glass of water at the south sector. These suggestions are only valid before 04 Feb 2015. After that date it will have no impact.

2. Avoid your back facing any doors, try making adjustment so that you are able to view (even side-view is better) who is approaching your desk. This is important because your 2014 job survival feng shui tip to prevent retrenchment depends on your superior.

3. Try avoid sitting under an overhead beam or razor sharp pillars. This can be easily done by adjusting your sitting position.

4. Avoid leaving a void at your back. Try using a high back chair for instance if not have at least a yellow cushion and hide your bazi favourable element inside the cushion.

5. On the left hand side of your table keep it as uncluttered as possible and if space allows have your own personal lucky talisman on the left hand side of the work station. Check out your own bazi lucky elements that i did for you. This could be plants, stones, musical box, perfume etc.

6. Ensure enough light on your desk. Having natural sunlight is the best but if that is not possible try to create artificial light for yourself.

7. Look around you in your small little personal space and see whether you are facing or back against any forms that makes you feel uneasy. For instance you maybe facing the direction towards the toilet door. Try having some plants to block out the view if you are unable to have a higher partition.

8. If you are given a choice of direction, choose the orientation that is favourable to your birth configuration also found from the feng shui report.

9. Try not to have your back against the mirror, if not just put down the curtain behind you.

These are just general rice-bowl keeping tips in light of the tight job market and the slowdown of economy in year 2014. Good luck in your career!


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