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Living Hall feng shui

Part of Feng shui principle is to balance the “yin and yang” energies of your house. Overly “yin” or feminine energies affects your health and invites unwanted guests. Yin energies are common in low floors, dark color scheme houses, inadequate windows, insufficient sunlight especially the north and south orientation houses, long dark corridors.

On the contrary an overly “yang” masculine energies theme are colourful, vibrant colours and those with west direction windows. Having a house that is over vibrant makes your restless, agitated, unable to think clearly and in some cases “hot temper”. Chances are occupants cannot sit still and likes to go out frequently. The main bad effects are difficulty to accumulate wealth, unstable career, impatience, bad temper and discord among family members.

To quote the chinese fengshui classic about “yin yang dualism” it goes like this: 在风水古籍《雪心赋》中云:”孤阳不生,独阴不长”.
Just like we have day and night, sun and moon, male and female, endless examples etc “sole masculine energies do not reproduce, sole feminine energies does not lasts”

Main Door feng shui

The main door of your home determines almost 40% of your home positive or negative energies! The front door is symbolic to the “mouth” as it attracts either the positive or negative energies into your home. This energy the quality of energy brought to the house and the people who live in it. A house that has the best quality of energy will gain financial success, strong family ties, and good health for the people who live in it. For instance if the main door is blessed with Flying star combo of 6 being the mountain star and 8 being the water star.

Some tips for your main door to attract good feng shui

Identify the element that your main door is located

Understand the “direction” that your main door is facing

Draft out the destiny of your apartment and find out the “vibes” of your main door, is it good or bad like the combo of 2 & 5 flying star.

Dilute and cure the bad invisible energies of your main door based on the Destiny of your apartment.

Match the colour of your door mat to the energies or the element of the sector.

Ensure that your main door does not face any bad energies like staircase leading downwards or a 45 degree poision arrow.

The size and the dimension of the door does not matter so long as it looks proportional to your house.

Ensure that your main door is not obstructed in anyway. Having shoes or slippers outside is Ok so long as it is not smelly.

Do not be overly concern about matching the colours of your door and gate with the direction, it is very insignificant!  More important understand the energies of your main door.

Furniture and Fittings

In feng shui the placement of furniture and fittings are dictated by the destiny of the house calculation and birth profile analysis of family members. One of the misnomer about feng shui is that your living hall sofa should be backed against the wall based on “Forms” theory. However if you think about this principle deeper, you will find that there is not necessary so … what happen if you stay in a Good Class Bungalow in Singapore and your living hall length or width is 2,000 feet? You probably will need a high powered binoculars or get the biggest LED TV 110 inch to watch your favourite program because it is so far apart. “Forms 峦头 theory” recommends that your sofa should not be against windows as it does not provide benefactors support hence bad in feng shui. However if you living hall is small then scientifically one would definitely feel more secure with the back of your sofa against the wall as opposed to window ( which is exposed ) on our back.

Generally speaking you posture whether in a sleeping position or seated; left hand side is always the green dragon 青龙 (just figuratively does not means the real dragon), your right is the white tiger白虎 and your back is the 玄武 (xuan wu) symbolic to the “black tortise” and your front is 朱雀 (zhu que) Suzaku, a chinese vermilion bird according to mythology is the bird guardian of the South.

Based on only “Forms” principle of feng shui, the left represent your 贵人(gui ren) “benevolent individuals” that appears unexpectedly into your life when you face a crisis, the right symbolises wealth, the front open space are opportunities to attract wealth and your back “xuan wu” are people who support you for instance your mentors, superiors, elderly. Xuan Wu is a like “mountain” behind you.

This is just one of the many feng shui principles to spruce up your living hall, please don’t follow it like the gospel truth.

Living Hall feng shui essentials

Living hall is the connection between you and the outside world. Having a good feng shui living hall will enhance harmony and relationships in your home. This is the place where you spend quality time with your family members. A well audited living hall will improve your career, wealth and luck as this is the space to greet your guests, colleagues, friends and superiors.

1. The living hall should be regular in shape without any missing sectors. It should be clean and free from clutter, do not put your dirty shoes or unwanted household items in the living area, this will affect your wealth luck. If you house has a small living hall, use simple furniture and light colours.

2. The obvious wealth 明财位 sector is 45 degree diagonally opposite the main door. It should not be a passageway or door or window. This sector helps to accumulate the household wealth. You should keep this area bright, clean and “alive” – you can have potted evergreen plants like money plant or Rohdea japonica (万年青) or this can be your sitting area. However this is not as important as “driving wealth” to your home from the main door.

3. The living hall should be after the main door entrance, if the layout is such that you have to pass through a corridor before the hall, then should illuminate the corridor. A dark corridor before leading to the living room encourage sicknessess and “unwanted” guests. Also ensure that from the doorway to the main hall should not be obstructed unless through the advice of feng shui master to channel positive energies. It is important that the flow of “air” “qi” “chi” from the front to the back of your home is not hindered. Ideally, the chi is able to flow in a meandering, unbroken path and not in a direct line. If the back door is in direct alignment with the front, arrange a large plant or decorative partition screen between the two doors. This will help to prevent the chi from passing straight thru your home without circulating.

4. Please do not self create overhead beams on the ceiling be it for decorations or not.

5. There should not be sharp angular walls (not perpendicular walls) potruding towards the centre of the hall.

6. Do not place any ferocious animal paintings like tigers etc in the living hall nor swords or anything that is sharp. This will encourage violence and bad temper.

7. Use materials that is either suitable to the house destiny and more importantly suitable to the main breadwinner’s birth profile of the house.

8. Choose warm lightings, pastel colours scheme for your living hall, strong colours like bright red should be avoided unless it is a feature wall with special significance to a certain household member ( under the advice of feng shui consultant ). Neither should you choose cold colours or metallic colours unless under advisement.

9. Plants are generally encourage in the living hall as it represents “vibrancy” to the house. You can place it in the East or South-East Sector.

10. Some designers love to place mirrors on the walls to make the living hall looks bigger, avoid facing the doors and windows. In fact do not have mirrors unless it is absolutely necessary for certain feng shui reasons.

11. Do not have any clutter in your living hall. If really due to space constraint, hide it. Having a messy living hall, retards the circulatory system and affects the health of the family.

12. Do not have toilet doors facing the living hall, if the door cannot be relocated place some potted plants inside the toilet and close the doors often. Having a toilet door in the living hall will degrade the hygiene of the house.

13. Do not have your main door in the opposite direction of mirrors or clock. This will cause sicknesses and bad energies.

14. Do not have the kitchen door facing the toilet.

15. Ensure that your main door, room door and window are not in one straight line, it will result in wealth loss. However this is usually overplay, personally you must first have wealth in order to lose wealth. Thus the job of a feng shui master to “drive” wealth into your home is more critical that “saving” wealth. How much can one save these days?

16. Use the colour scheme that are favourable to your family’s bazi favourable elements.

17. Ensure that your main door is not block by any means.


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