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Business feng shui – “Yin and Yang” Location

The selection of an address or location is fundamental to the success in business feng shui. A wrong address can mean closing down before it even get started. Certain retail offerings that are unique and specialised e.g. specialised ice cream/coffee outlet, tattoo, pet shop, organic food stores, casket palour, are suitable in the “ying” 阴 locations, where customers need to took for it. They can even be situated facing a park where the foot traffic is low.

Daily household items or mass-consume services or highly elastic items e.g. restaurants, supermarket are more suited to “yang” areas hot shopping areas like Orchard road, town centres are toa payoh hub, causeway point, Ang Mo Kio hub etc. Most of these town centres have various themes, for instance if you are selling upmarket branded goods, your best bet is in Orchard road and not in any of the Housing centre. On the other hand if you are doing an educational trade then probably you wanted to reach out to the masses in HDB satellite town centres. So choose an address that base reflect your trade and function. In short, you choose an address that you are “connected” with your targeted customers.

Different business types have their own unique signature and we can use the five elements theory of fengshui to enhance the top and bottom-line of the business. Each type of this business have their own niche auspicious sectors.

Matching business types with locations

Electronics, mobile shops, Telco companies, Electrical repair shops belong to the fire element so the best sectors are East, South and South-East. Places like Pasir Ris, Marina Bay, Marine Parade

Money Lending, Banking, Financial institutions, Money Changer, hardware, machining in the North-West or West sector e.g. Jurong

Restaurants, fast-food outlets, Food & Beverages, Kopi Tiam ( term in Singapore call coffee shops ) in the North Sector for e.g. Woodlands.

Paper business, stationery shops, book shops the best sector is in the South-East, East.

Fashion, apparels, artistic, modern art in the South sectors.

Pet Shops the best sector is in the  North-East.

Real estate, property the best sector in the centre e.g. Toa Payoh

Generally there are certain physical environment issues that you should avoid if you are opening a retail shop, for instance avoid roads that are narrow, small parking area, narrow road entrance, construction sites etc.

Solely on xuan kong flying star theory during this period 8 (2004-2023), go for the main door that is located (not orientation) in the North-East Sector. This will assist your office feng shui in recruitment and employees health.

Similarly if your Main door Entrance is located in the South-West sector and overlooking a swimming pool, playground, or road junction this would improve your business wealth till year 2023. Ensure that your wealth star lands at the door entrance.

Singapore Business feng shui

Something unique about singapore feng shui is that although our land area is very small, but we have MRT almost every corner of Singapore. Having an office or retail shop nearby to a MRT station can accelerate the 地运 good fortune of the “earth”.

Ensure that the frontage of your office building or retail shop is unblocked by any taller buildings than you. Similar to Feng Shui Home, it is ideal to have a taller office building behind you which act as a mountain of support, on your left and right ensure that there are buildings of equal in size and height. This balances the feng shui green dragon and white tiger solely based on “forms” principles of feng shui.

Your shop or office layout should ideally be a square without any missing sectors.

Do not choose an office or restaurant that is long and narrow, some of the sectors that are necessary are small relatively.

Do not choose an office or shop that faces staircases or escalators leading downwards.

One of the similarity of Business feng shui or Office feng shui with home feng shui is that you have to look into the birth profile or Bazi of the CEO and Key Personnel. Their bazi favourable elements the 6Cs, the 10 Gods or Stars and their bazi favourable five elements. This will in turn affect the Corporate logo colours, decoration the CEO office, Key staff rooms such as colour scheme, of the table and chairs.

In some businesses, individual table is also consider because of the highly competitive nature of the trade, for instance investment bank managers, property agents, insurance agents. i have clients who work as investment bankers and due to the highly strung nature, they even see feng shui for their desks.

The theme, corporate logo and the overall business nature are consider as factors in business feng shui.

Where should you locate your business in Singapore

Solely based on Xuan Kong flying star feng shui period 8, North East region in Singapore is the most booming areas like Sengkang, Punggol etc.

For those offices located in the south region try getting an office that overlooks water in the South-West direction.


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